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Allergic to wine?

Posted on May 30th, 2007 by Alison Read 9 Comments - Add Your Own »

redwineallergy.jpgWhen I was first told that I had to give up beer (due to celiac disease), I thought “at least I can drink wine!”  Well, lately I’m not so sure.

I sometimes feel uncomfortable effects of wine (and not just when I drink too much!). I have heard about sulfites, tannins and even allergens in the barrels – I don’t know which of these things is causing my symptoms. I don’t know if I have an allergy, an intolerance, or something else. In my search for answers I have found these interesting articles. Cheers! (Or not.)

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  1. You may want to try a Champagne I came across this summer. It’s called Dreamweaver by Tobin James Cellars in Paso Robles, California.
    I met the owner, but was unable to get his “secret” to why his alcohol was the only one I could drink. Must be the lack of corn.
    I was able to drink this without any side effects, unless I indulged in more than a bottle!
    Jan. of 2010 thru blood and skin tests I found I had over 70 food sensitivities, also 5 chemical, 5 food dyes, molds, grasses, dust etc.
    Corn, gluten, dairy, tapioca, vanilla and potato are some of the 70 foods.
    I am glad I just found your sight – the restless leg story was insightful!! Thank you for sharing such a wealth of information,
    56 year old woman from California

  2. Einy,
    I love champagne — and sparkling wine! 🙂

  3. I stopped eating gluten about a week now, and mid-week stopped dairy… just to out of curiosity to see if I would feel better… as I don’t suffer from stomache ailments, just some congestion and cough, and achy joints, and muddled brain. Immediately, my congestion cleared up, and my co-workers have noticed I am not coughing every day and have so much energy that I am zooming around the office and during my evening walk.

    I also found it isn’t that hard to do! There are lots of food choices available at the grocery store. I can still make a delicious brown rice pasta, yummy gluten free toast with almond butter, use brown rice bread in sandwiches, and almond milk to add to my tea. I don’t miss wheat or dairy a bit.

    I highly recommend that everyone, regardless of their maladies try this. It may be a huge and wonderful surprise!

    Have a blessed day!
    Doris from the Bay Area

  4. As a short alcohol history, when I turned 21 I drank wine coolers for a period, no big deal, then I stopped drinking altogether. I was dx w/CD in 2006 at almost 45 yrs old. I decided to try resveratrol, an antioxidant, last winter. I had about an ounce w/lemon juice in water in the morning. I broke out in hives, but not until the next day. It took a couple more times with worsening symptoms before I figured it out. I broke out in itchy hives on my thighs. The second time I broke out on my thighs, then back and arms as though it were working its way upward. I was wheezy, my eyes and lips were puffy.

    I have a history of using lemon juice in my salads or water, no problem.

    Another IgE-type reaction I had was to IV dye during a CT scan: racing heart, throat closing, and dizziness.

    Both times I used Benadryl, was drowsy, and fine afterwards. I understand there are different quality brands of Resveratrol.

    I’ve never had allergic reactions like this, until later life and after the CD dx.

  5. Personally, I have numerous food allergies/intolerances – Corn, Gluten (Celiac Disease), Rice, Oats, Oats, Potato, Vinegars, Citrus, Tannin (I’m assuming, because it is shared in Coffee, most Teas and red wine), and something that’s on non-organic produce (bisulfites?), as well as swelling from farm raised fish (but not wild caught) and non-grass fed red meat. Oh… and can’t have chicken that is injected with anything (probably the corn thing). I have to be careful with eggs too.

    Anyway, I noticed, that for me, I could tolerate white wine, but not the red (and I love red)… Tannin is the culprite, I suppose – just wanted to put that out there, in case anyone else noticed a similar connection.

  6. I have thought for a while that I had a wine sensitivity- both red and white. Recently I was introduced to hard ciders from the Brittany and Normandy regions in France which are very different from those produced in US. I don’t get any of the adverse reactions to these imported ciders that I always get from wine. I recommend sampling a few. We find them at Whole Foods and other nicer markets.

  7. Do you guys know that most wines are done in oak barrels which are soaked with a paste made of flour? I will tell you how I found out?
    I went to visit my sister, and she is not a drinker, the 3 weeks I spent with her and her family I did not have any gluten reaction, my skin burns with gluten, when I came back I had a glass of wine with my husband and bang! the burning… I google the question “is there any gluten in wine? and the rest is yes, I guess I am extremely sensitive to gluten and my inmune system reacts to even the smallest particles, I tried a gluten free beer the other day, 2 sips and I felt sick, it was made of malt, yuck!
    I found out that wines done in stailess steel are OK, but you have to make sure they don’t use a clarifying agent made of wheat, I have not find a good wine yet but Julio Gallo’s wines they claim are gluten free and other few brands which I have not been able to find yet. Good luck!

  8. I gave up red wine too, for a while, but not all wines give me a headache. There are organic and sulfite-free wines too. Keep trying!

    I had no idea that some could be processed with flour. I’m only gluten intolerant…a little gluten gives me an instant stomachache, but usually nothing more, but I can tell within seconds if I’ve had gluten. Will make note of this when I try new wines. Thanks to everyone for sharing this info.

  9. It sounds like you are describing “Latex Food Syndrome”. The name has been changed to oral allergy syndrome. Latex cross reacts with many foods. For me, my brain swells when I eat a toxin, such as latex. My brain doesn’t work so well. I actually end up with symptoms of dementia. I People are being diagnosed with, Early onset dementia, when the issue is food allergies. Latex has several synonyms, such as black mold. Google brain allergy/latex, stem rust in wheat and in rubber trees. Mycotoxins/ latex, Is interesting topic to explore. Latex food syndrome is also called latex fruit syndrome. Most medical doctors are unaware of the true dangers of latex. They fail to receive warnings from the FDA. Be your own health care advocate. Good luck! Jeanne

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