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Allergy clothing and accessories

Posted By Alison On May 24, 2007 @ In Food Allergies,Products | 6 Comments

If you have a child with food allergies, you have probably had the uncomfortable (and scary) experience of people wanting to give your child food. It may have been a teacher at school, another mother or kid at the playground, or a store owner offering a piece of candy. If your child is old enough and well-trained, he will decline the offer, knowing that the food could make him sick, or worse. If your child is young (like mine), you can’t be sure that the words “no thank you, I can’t eat that” will be uttered every time, especially if it’s a sweet treat. It is pretty easy to keep an eye out for a potentially unsafe situation when you are present, but what do you do when your child is on his own, say at daycare, school or camp?

There are a number of companies (most created by moms) out there that are solving that problem with wearable warnings and even fashionable ways to carry around medication. Here are some that I have found (and like!):

  • Kristin over at AllergyMama.com has designed hip tote bags with an easy to access bottom compartment for medications. She also offers customizable belts, hats and bibs that can display allergy warnings. Fun colors and groovy prints make her products cool to wear.
  • Karina, the Gluten Free Goddess, has created a line of sassy t-shirts, sweatshirts, onesies and bibs for the gluten-free crowd, both adults and children. You can go with “Gluten-Free and Fabulous” or for kids “gluten is yucky” or a bunch of other fun sayings. I love her signature “Gluten Free Goddess” cupcake design myself.
  • Allergators, started by Shayr & Jimmy Guthrie, offers cute, stylish clothing for kids and a lunch tote with allergy warnings.
  • Ria at Check My Tag has developed cool and simple clothing with a noticable “Check My Tag – I have a food allergy” label stitched to the outside of the clothing and an inner tag with specific allergy information and instructions. This makes the information readily accessible even to people who may not know the child.
  • Denise and Le Ann at Lauren’s Hope offer a huge selection of medical ID bracelets. You can choose from many different styles (beaded, leather, braided) and then have an engraved medical ID tag that can be unhooked and interchanged with any of their bracelets, allowing you to change styles day to day.

If you have any other allergy-wear that you like, please let me know!

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