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Ask the Doc: Celiac and lactose intolerance

Q. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after a surgery for hip replacement three years ago. I had previously been diagnosed with Collagenous Colitis. I can handle the wheat restrictions, but as a result of the damage, I have a problem with even minute amounts of dairy. I have read about LACTAGEN recently. Is there any chance that it might help the lactose intolerance?? I really miss cottage cheese, and cheddar cheese, and yogurt and….you get the picture!! I am 72 years old.

A. Dear Septagenarian with celiac: It is not uncommon to be lactose intolerant if you have celiac disease. With the history of collagenous colitis, it suggests that the gluten intolerance was present for a long time before the diagnosis of celiac disease was made. The lactogen is not a bad idea, but you may also need to be reasessed for inflammation in the colon, as the addition of an aminosalicylate may help. You may also be getting hidden gluten in your diet, so review your make-up, watch out for envelope and postage stamp glue,and other culprits.
Health and happiness,
Dr. Aron

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