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Peanut butter on the playground

I took my girls to the playground today and my 2.5 year old daughter made a new friend. Some kids just hit it off, and these two girls were giddy with each other. They giggled, tackled, and hugged. Both were cruising around with remnants of their lunches in their hands (I can feel the mothers of food-allergic children cringing right now) – my daughter had a last piece of gluten-free tortilla and her friend a piece of bread with jelly. Right after the hug, the little girl’s mother told her daughter to be careful because her hands were messy… with peanut butter.

Alarms went off in my head – peanut butter! I felt like I was seeing one of those TV programs where they go into the hotel rooms with a black light to see where the… um… “mess” is. Anyway, I was imagining peanut butter everywhere – on the playhouse that sits in the sand, on the sides of the slide where kids run their hands as they spiral down, on the chains holding the swings, and on the handle of the bathroom door.

Luckily for me, my kid isn’t allergic to peanut butter (according to tests). Cashews yes, and I have seen kids with baggies of cashews on the same playground, but I don’t worry about cashew butter around the place (maybe I should?)

So today I am asking the question – do parents of peanut-allergic children bring their kids to playgrounds? If so, how do they keep their kids safe? Please comment below and help the other mothers out there!

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