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Product Review: Tinkyada Pasta JOY


Product description:

Rice pasta by Tinkyada:


Yes, Pasta Joy is really what they call their pasta! If you can’t eat wheat and are looking for a pasta replacement, look no further than Tinkyada. This 100% rice pasta tastes great, has a good texture and comes in a variety of pasta shapes.

Tinkyada rice pasta, made in Canada, strives to be like a wheat pasta and succeeds. Its texture allows for replacement in any pasta recipe. And because Tinkyada comes in so many shapes, you can replicate any of your old favorites. Shapes include spaghetti, fetuccini, lasagna, shells, penne, spirals, fusilli, elbows, and little dreams — a kids’ favorite!

What I like:

What I don’t like:

Where to buy:

I buy it in Whole Foods, or other natural foods stores. You can buy it online in my Amazon gluten-free store.

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