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Dizzy memories

Posted on July 19th, 2007 by Alison ADD A COMMENT »

dizzymemories.jpgI was at the zoo yesterday with a friend, who mentioned that she had been having light-headedness and almost-fainting episodes. It sparked a memory – hey, I used to have that too. I remember that if I stood up quickly, I felt dizzy, I couldn’t see and I would almost fall over. I usually had to sit right back down or hold on to furniture and wait it out.

I also remember being at the top of a ski run and going blind for a few minutes, white spots drowning out my vision. When my sight returned, I was ready to barrel down the mountain and go back up again, that is as long as I wasn’t having excruciating leg cramps inside my ski boots.

For some reason, at the time, I didn’t think anything was wrong with me. Now I know that my body was suffering the effects of undiagnosed celiac disease/gluten intolerance. Once I changed my diet, these problems went away. These were just a couple of my symptoms – I invite you to read them all (oh, fun!). In fact, make a game out of it – see how many symptoms from the list you or someone you know has now! If anything looks familiar, it may be time to stop monkeying around with your health, and go see about this gluten thing.

Incidentally, all the animals at the zoo were quite lethargic – maybe it was the fog (ah, San Franciso in the summer), or maybe they need to change their diets!

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