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Where are the GF restaurants in SF?

Posted on July 26th, 2007 by Alison Read 9 Comments - Add Your Own »

goldengatebridge2.jpgYesterday an article came out in the New York Times called “For the Gluten-Averse, a Menu That Works.” The article talks about all the New York City eateries that are creating gluten-free menus. Not only have these restaurants made people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance very happy people (what city couldn’t use some more smiling faces?), but they have all seen a spike in business since offering gluten-free menu choices.

Here in San Francisco, we are supposedly cutting edge when it comes to food, yet there are no restaurants that I know of in San Francisco that cater to the gluten-free crowd. The national chain restaurants P.F. Chang’s, Outback Steakhouse and Carraba’s Italian Grill all have gluten-free menus but no locations in SF, only outside. The only independent restaurant I know of in or near the Bay Area that has an extensive (and intentional) gluten-free menu is Mangiamo in Windsor, located about 60 miles north of SF. In Berkeley, there is Pizza Rustica that has gluten-free pizza crusts made by the “I Can Eat That” Bakery. While they will cook it on a separate surface if requested, they cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination from airborne flour in the kitchen. Mariposa Baking Company, known for their delectable gluten-free brownies and biscotti, has opened Cafe Mariposa and Bakeshop in Oakland. Initially they are serving gluten-free (and some dairy-free) baked goods along with beverages, and plan to add more items to the menu.

Is that it? If anyone knows of any other restaurants in the Bay Area that intentionally cater to the gluten-free crowd, please post your comments here. (For those of you planning to visit SF and must dine GF, don’t worry – there are many great restaurants here that can accommodate your needs if you communicate with the waiter and chef.)

Lucky New Yorkers!

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  1. Hi All – I am a San Mateo restaurant, and yes, I agree, we need more more GF restaurants throughout the Bay Area. However, I am thrilled to eat at the San Francisco Soup Company every time I’m in the city for business. I can always eat safely there, as they consistently have several gluten free soups on the menu.

    But lets get more active as a community to increase the number of Celiac friendly restaurants in the Bay! My plane tickets to NYC to eat at Risotteria are adding up!


  2. Jenny,
    Thanks for the info about San Francisco Soup Company. I checked their website and they even mark a “G” for gluten-free and a “D” for dairy-free on their soups! Here is the link: SFSoupCo

  3. A few tips, in addition to the SF Soup Co, where I go for lunch regularly:

    There’s a great new Vietnamese restuarant in the Castro called Zadin that has an extensive GF menu. The Zadin fish rolls are fantastic!

    There is also a “gluten sensitive” menu at Betelnut in the Marina.

    Dosa in the Mission now has a special menu/binder that lists which items are gluten free.

    I know Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley now uses wheat-free tamari in their food, which means almost their whole menu is now gluten free. Does anyone know if this is also true at the SF locations?

  4. Thanks Emily!
    Steph also emailed to say that Crepes Cafe in Menlo Park has gluten-free crepes. I called and confirmed that their savory crepes are made from 100% buckwheat flour and that they cook them on a separate surface from the wheat crepes. The website is Has anyone tried it yet?

  5. Jeff emailed to say, “I know that these are upscale places but…….Foreign Cinema, Michael Mina’s, and Fleur de Lys are places that specifically ask if one is gluten sensitive, and will make a gluten-free meal for you.”
    Thanks Jeff – I HOPE I get to go to one of these fabulous restaurants soon! (hint hint – husband are you reading?)

  6. I too am envious of GF New Yorkers–I dragged my husband and children all over Manhattan where we found several pizzerias as well as Risotteria with gluten free pizza and an awesome upper East Side coffee shop (Joe’s Gourmet Diner) that even offers GF hamburger and hotdog buns as well as GF pancakes and toast.

    Last time I visited Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco, our waitress said the entire menu was gluten free.

    Greens is another bet for an upscale restaurant that knows gluten and how to avoid it.

    Does anyone know why Pasta Pomodoro took GF pasta off their menu? Shame on them!

  7. Hi..
    I thought it might interest you to know that we have a gluten (and casein) free cafe, bakery and pasteria in Davis, which is just about 1 hour east of San Francisco on Highway 80. Our menu is extensive, always changing with the seasons, and can be viewed at
    We would love to expand to SF. In the meantime, come for lunch or dinner and bring a cooler, as we have an entire line of frozen baked goods and entrees for you.
    Rose Anne

  8. Spica Coffee in Mountain View (on Castro) has GF items on their menu. It’s a small, independent coffee shop that serves GF sandwiches and other items. I’ve had their GF biscotti, which is delicious. The owner eats GF as well so she is knowledgeable and sensitive about special diets. It’s a bit tricky to find it the first time you go (park behind Le Boulanger, walk through to the front of the building, and you’ll see it). My only complaint is that I wish they were open later.

  9. Has anyone tried Zest Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe in San Carlos?