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6 gluten-free lunch ideas for work

Posted on September 12th, 2007 by Alison Read 8 Comments - Add Your Own »

When I began my gluten-free diet, I worked at a startup tech company. Many days I ate lunch at my desk (I wasn’t really a computer geek, but pretending to be one). I could easily run out and grab a sandwich from the nearby cafe or a bowl of udon soup from a market down the street. But when I found out that the bread and the noodles were the culprits in my stomach pain, I was left scrambling for something to eat at lunchtime. I eventually found stuff to eat (obviously). Here’s what I came up with — standard work kitchen appliances (a frig and a microwave) required:

1. thaikitchennoodlesoupbowl.gifThai Kitchen instant meals

Thai Kitchen clearly marks their gluten-free products (not all are gf). Their microwavable Instant Rice Noodle Bowls, Instant Rice Noodle Soup (bring your own bowl), Noodle Carts, or Take Out Meals can be made in minutes in the microwave or with boiling water. If you want a little more substance (and nutrition), add chopped vegetables or meat to the noodle bowl before microwaving. Trader Joe’s sells bags of chopped veggies if you don’t feel like chopping your own.

2. ricecaketurkeymelt.gifRice cake turkey melts

Take 2 rice cakes, top with cheese and slices of turkey. Put in the microwave or toaster oven until cheese is melted. Eat as is or top with sliced tomatoes, avocado or salsa.

3. Wraps

Read my posts about gluten-free wraps and how to steam them.

4. Tamales

If you can buy fresh tamales, these are an easy and yummy meal. Tamales come in different varieties, are almost always gluten-free and can be microwaved. Eat them plain or add your own salsa, sour cream or guacamole. I love Primavera tamales from Sonoma, CA, found in Bay Area markets and Whole Foods.

5. Homemade Tex-Mex bowl

Rice and beans can be a satisfying meal – take some cooked rice and throw it in a bowl with any kind of canned beans (I like black or pinto), add salsa, meat, olives, peppers, cheese – whatever you like. Take the bowl to work and microwave it all together. Bring tortilla chips to scoop it up.

6. Frozen meals

amysglutenfreelasagna.gifAmy’s Kitchen has a great selection of gluten-free meals, including enchiladas, lasagna, bowls (in case you don’t want to make your own), and even Indian.

Rice Expressions makes microwavable bowls of rice for people who really don’t like to cook!

See, you don’t have to starve!

And here are 4 more gluten-free lunch ideas.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this info! It is so wonderful to start finding things to eat “on the go”! Thanks again – your site is very helpful!

  2. I am so impressed with your site. I think breakfast and lunch are really hard! When I worked I ate a lot of Thai Kitchen Meals at lunch time!

  3. LB,
    You’re welcome!

    Thanks – breakfast and lunch are definitely harder than dinner, but getting easier with more and more products coming out.

  4. where can I find these?


  5. Melissa,
    You can find Thai Kitchen and Amy’s products in many stores, including Whole Foods and mainstream supermarkets.

  6. I’m a new Gluten Free intolerant. I have been impressed with your site and appreciate all the excellent information. I have also passed it on to my daughter who I feel is also GF intolerant.

    Thanks for all the hard work

  7. Thanks Jody! Good luck!

  8. Thank you the text Mex is awesome…thanks for the ideas….

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