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Ask the Doc: Food allergy test vs. celiac test?

Q. I just had food allergy testing (FOODstats Elisa test for IgG and IgE) and have been searching for information regarding IgG response to foods. So far all I can find is that an IgG response does not prove I have a food allergy. My reactions were high for the following foods: wheat, wheat gluten, gliadin, whole wheat flour, white flour, spelt, all dairy including milk yogurt, casein, eggs yolks, egg whites, bananas, pineapple and I even tested positive for sugar. I had a blood test for celiac about a year ago and it was negative. Do I take these results with a grain of salt or could there be some validity here? My husband has almost identical allergies although he had several IgE reactions.
Thanks for your insight!

A. Whenever you have multiple food allergies, this suggests that your gut is leaky: that is, the junctions between your intestinal lining cells have been disrupted. Protein fragments from wheat, barley and rye, that cannot be completely digested by your own enzymes can cause the disruption, and do not have to go through the classic celiac disease mechanism that depends on genetic factors, antibody generation (anti-tTG or anti-gliadin antibodies). Thus, you will test negative to standard blood tests (which in commercial labs may only be 45% sensitive) for celiac disease. You must get HLA DQ2 andDQ8 testing, and consider an intestinal biopsy. You may have NCGS — non-celiac gluten sensitivity. My advice: get HLA tested, get an intestinal biopsy, then go on a gluten-free diet.

Health and happiness,
Dr. Aron

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