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Whole Foods new gluten-free baking mixes

Posted on September 24th, 2007 by Alison Read 25 Comments - Add Your Own »

365glutenfreebrowniemix.gifGood news! Whole Foods has released their 365 Everyday Value Gluten Free Baking Mixes for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Some of the new products are sandwich bread mix, pizza crust mix, white cake mix, chocolate cake mix, brownie mix, muffin mix, and pancake/waffle mix.

This is a private label product which means that Whole Foods contracts an outside manufacturer to make the products and package it as Whole Foods brand. On one celiac forum, someone said that they confirmed with their local Whole Foods store that the mixes are produced by Gluten-Free Pantry for Whole Foods. When I emailed the corporate office of Whole Foods asking if the same, the response was this: “…the identity of these manufacturers is proprietary information. The manufacturer produces for their own brand as well as for other companies. Divulging this information is a breech in contract and jeopardizes the integrity of the manufacturer and their clients.” I actually don’t agree that anything is being jeopardized here – in fact, people are happy to have Gluten-Free Pantry’s mixes more available and at a lower price.

I am hoping that the 365 Chocolate Brownie mix is the same Gluten-Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix which is my favorite gluten-free brownie mix. The ingredients seem to be the same, just listed in a different order. If anyone has any positive or negative experiences with these mixes, please add comments.

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  1. I’ve made the Whole Foods Gluten Free brownies twice now and they’re delicious. I followed their advice and put them in the freezer for an hour after they cooled off a bit. I think that’s a great idea–helped make them more fudgy, chewy. They remind me alot of Pamela’s GF brownies.

    Also tried the WF’s GF white cake mix. Used it to make cupcakes. I’d say that it was just “ok”–not moist enough. I’d definately play around with this mix, maybe using GLuten Free Guide’s recipe:

  2. I did just learn that Whole Foods is pulling Namaste out of their midwestern stores and replacing it entirely with their 365 line of gluten-free products. I wonder what the response will be to this?

  3. “Divulging this information is a breech in contract and jeopardizes the integrity of the manufacturer and their clients.”
    It might be true for diapers or car engine oil. But regarding food allergies, what WE buy is not a brand, a disney bonus toy, or a recipe, but a garantee that the product WAS “assembled” in such or such factory that we trust.
    And the reverse is true. We do not buy some products because they might have been assembled on a not-trusted line.

    I’ll wait for a few more hyper sensitive people to guinee-pig for us as I’m not willing to guinee-pig on my own son. Reader, please let us know of any reaction to those products (gluten, dairy, egg, nuts or other cross-contamination.)

  4. I wound up in the ER after eating these brownies.
    I’m not a celiac by any means – def. gluten intolerant.

    I had 2 brownies and then about an hour or two later was doubled over in breath-taking-away abdominal pain. I thought maybe it’s just gas…so I left it alone. (this was last Tuesday evening) – by Thursday morning my other half convinced me to go to the ER.

    Of course, they found nothing. So something in them gave me a reaction. I haven’t felt like that in about 7 yrs. It was awful…and 8 hrs. in the ER wasn’t any fun either.

  5. Just don’t buy the GF Pancake and Waffle Mix if you have dairy allergies! It has buttermilk in it. Most of the time, if pancakes are Buttermilk, it will say it on the cover of the box, but I made the mistake of not double checking!!

  6. I made the chocolate 365 cake mix as cupcakes. It was way runnier than other mixes I have used. It also bugs me that they don’t give instructions for making cupcakes on the box. I wasn’t sure how long to bake them or how full the muffin cups should be. With GF it is hard to tell how much they will rise. I filled them almost to the top and they bubbled over a bit, so I will probably go for 3/4 full next time. Chocolate mix seems good, other than being difficult to work with. I’m trying the white mix today, and hoping it is a little less runny. My kids are pretty sensitive and did not react to the chocolate mix at all.

  7. i just found these mixes recently since I don’t usually go to whole foods–I was really happy to see how much cheaper they were than any other mix I’ve found at any other store. I made the chocolate cake and it turned out extremely well, and my family liked it as well. I made the sandwich bread today; had a few problems, but they’re the same problems I’ve had with other bread baking so I think I’m doing something wrong. Tastewise though, better than other mixes I’ve tried…

  8. I just made the pizza crust mix. The flavor was good. But it did not crust up, especially in the center. I cooked it for an hour (40 minutes more than the instructions). I also found the directions very confusing. I had to wing it at time. I plan to try it again with modifications, though.

  9. The pizza mix is primarily white rice flour, with smaller amounts of potato starch and cornstarch. I’ve found that any gluten free mix which is mostly white rice flour will have an identifiable, gummy rice texture which I just don’t like. did not like this mix at all for that reason. I much prefer Bob’s Red Mill mix, which was so good and “normal” that my family didn’t even realize was gluten free! Bob’s mixes whole grain brown rice flour, potato starch, millet, sorghum, tapioca flour and potato flour, which much improves the taste and overall texture. Not as great as wheat unfortunately, but a pretty good substitute.

  10. Just got glutened on the 365 gluten free bread!!! Have been
    sick for a week with abdominal pain and many bathroom trips.
    Be Careful!!! I eleminated everything and figured out it was
    the bread. It does taste wonderful though!

  11. I tried to make the 365 GF Brownies using Ener-G egg substitute – no dice! Just as with non-GF brownies, the oil separates out. Anyone know how to make a GF eggless brownie? It would make a 3 year old’s week!

  12. Robin,
    You daughter sounds like mine! I think having egg allergy is harder than gluten in a lot of ways… even if you find gluten-free substitutes, many have or require eggs. You might try The Cravings Place for their brownie mix, cookie mixes,
    pancake mix. No eggs required. You can order on Amazon in case of 6.
    Also, Cherrybrook Kitchen makes a Gluten Free Dreams line and no eggs required.

  13. I live in Mexico, have a box of the 365 GF brownie mix and the directions are illegible (long story . . .!). Please please, if someone has the time to send the recipe to me I’d be so grateful. It’s pretty rough being celiac down here and these cherished mixes I brought down save my sweet tooth life. Thanks!!

  14. I just made the Whole Foods brownies and I am extremely disappointed. I followed their recipe to a T and ended up with a pan of chocolate gunge swimming in oil, I couldn’t even pry a piece off of the pan. Next time, I’ll shell out the extra $2 for a superior brand.

  15. I just made the 365 Brownies – havent tried them yet – still very hot! The recipe is–grease 7″x7″ or 8″x8″ pan. Preheat oven 350 deg. 1 box choc brownied mix, 2 large eggs, 7 T melted butter, 1/3 c coarsely chopped nuts (optional). Bake 25-27 minutes. Beat eggs for 2 minutes, add mix and beat until moist. Slowly add melted butter and mix for 1 minute. Fold in nuts if desired. Mix will be very thick. Spread into prepared pan and bake. Cool for 10 minutes. Cuts better if you freeze for 10 minutes. Hope this helps.

  16. where do most of you shop for quality Gluten Free products…I just found out I have food allergies and celiac ….reading the info about whole foods is scary..I just got over a horrible reaction…that identified my need to change my diet asap.

    where can I go for great tasting foods?

    thanks in advance

  17. I just made the 365 Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Mix, following the instructions to the letter. The loaf looked beautiful when I pulled it out of the oven, but when I sliced it, I found a great big hole in the middle. A slice of bread with a hole in the middle does not make for a good sandwich. Also, while the outside of the bread is lovely and brown and appears to be completely baked, the area around the hole in the middle is still very raw and gooey. To try to salvage it, I wrapped it in foil (to keep the outside from getting too dark) and put it back into the oven to see if I can get the middle to finish baking. I will not buy this product again. If I want unpredictable results, I can make my own bread from scratch rather than pay $4 or so per loaf for a mix.

  18. Wow… the Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Mix is really great! I replaced the water with milk and used rapid rise yeast (because I am a novice at bread rising) and I got a soft textured loaf with a nice crisp outside and it doubled in size! Way to go Whole foods… I didn’t use a bread machine on this since I wanted to have a normal loaf for the kid’s sandwiches… will be getting this one again!

  19. I highly recommend Jules Gluten Free All Purpose flour – it’s the best Gluten free flour around! You can use it as a 1 to 1 replacement for wheat flour recipes! Here’s the link…

    She also has a gluten free grahm cracker mix that is really awesome…

    Instead of driving to all kinds of grocery stores for flours to blend… I simply buy hers online.

  20. I’ve just received my second issue of Delight magazine for GF diets. There are recipies for twinkies, (Mary Jane’s Farm has one too, and she adds special tips that helped her only have to make THREE batches to get it right! Sounds familiar)HOstess-like chocolate cupcakes with the white swirls, the best choc. chip cookies in the world and a rating of the major GF baking mixes. Whole Foods ranked number 1. I usually make my own mixes, and use three consistantly. But I sure want to make the Whole Foods mix. Can anyone find the recipe?
    Kinnikinnick hasd a great personal size pizza crust product, but at almost $8.00 per box of four, it’s only a very special occasion purchase. We use them to make hot sandwiches, not pizza. Delight Mag. has a recipe for pannini bread that I’m going to try to see how it measures up.

  21. Renee,
    I just heard that Whole Foods is discontinuing their 365 line of gluten-free baking mixes, but you can find the same thing from Gluten Free Pantry!

  22. Alison, I am hoping to get the recipe for the flour mix so I can make the mix at home, instead of purchasing it. So many recipes call for particular mixes, and we all know what happens if we don’t use exactly the same amount of the exact same ingredients called for in the recipe…..Yesterday’s Toll House cookies are a case in point…. Surpisingly, mine didn’t look like the picture at all. BTW, I love GF pantry. It saved my skin when I was first diving into the murkey waters of GF cooking. My family would probably be thankful if I began using the mixes again!

  23. To the mommy struggling to make Gluten-free & egg free cakes I know I’m responding almost a year later! Hope this answer helps you & future mommy’s searching for an answer. Flax seed seems to be my miracle egg replacement. I use 1 Tbsp ground flax seed plus 3 Tbsp water per egg needed. It is important to mix well in a separate bowl before adding to you mixture. Depending on the mix, I sometimes add a half teaspoon of baking powder to help it rise. (I have tried apple sauce, bananas & ener-G. These don’t seem to work well with Gluten-free.)

  24. Sheri,
    I agree that flax is a good egg replacer!

  25. I personally have not had much luck with egg substitutes or replacers while baking gluten-free.
    Try They have baking mixes which are allergy-friendly (free of 17 common allergens) and gluten-free. They also have an egg replacer.

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