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Martha disappoints

Last week I wrote about Martha Stewart’s competition that could potentially launch a magazine for people with food sensitivities.

The allergy-free magazine idea won 57% of the popular vote, but they declared a tie between it and a pet-centered magazine and pet products. On TV Martha practically brushed off the allergy-free idea (see the video), saying that they will include allergy-free recipes in their current publications, so clearly no new publication will be launched. Oh, except the pet one. With pet products. I guess we food-allergic and intolerant people aren’t viewed as marketable.

We are marketable, Martha and everybody else, we are! We pay more for our special foods, we buy allergy-free cookbooks, we buy online, we would gladly pay more for a special meal at a restaurant if it were offered. Do you have something we need? We’ll buy it! C’mon, Martha, you can think of some way to make money off of us, can’t you??

Martha chose the idea that would make more money — I suppose there are more pets than food-allergic people, and think about all those color-coordinated monogrammed dog collars that will sell like hotcakes! But I really wish, given her status in our society, that she had chosen instead to make a real difference in people’s lives.

But who needs Martha?

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