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Chicago restaurant creates allergy-free dinner series

Posted on March 20th, 2008 by Alison Read 1 Comment - Add Your Own »

This is so cool…

The chef at a Chicago restaurant, himself a father of children with food allergies, has created four special nights in 2008 for diners with food allergies.

bistro110.gifRestaurant information:

  • Restaurant: Bistro 110
  • Chef: Dominique Tougne
  • Cuisine: French American oven cuisine
  • Address: 110 East Pearson St., Chicago, Illinois
  • Phone: 312-266-3110

Allergy-Free Dinner Schedule:

  • March 24 — nut-free menu (featuring nut-free sole fillet “almandine” and faux peanut butter and mousse parfait)
  • May 12 — gluten-free menu (featuring dough-less “quiche lorraine” and gluten-free tagliatelle with ragout of mussel, clam, shrimp and tarragon)
  • September 29 — dairy-free menu (featuring cream-free “cream of lentil” soup and roasted chicken breast with corn flan)
  • November 17 — shellfish-free menu (featuring shellfish-free seafood soup and an uncannily lobster-esque monkfish ragout)

If you live in Chicago – enjoy! If not, this is a start — suggest the idea to a restaurant near you!

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  1. wow, that is awesome. I wish I was there.

    another great resource is they offer a free searchable database of gluten-free friendly restaurants, bakeries, and more.