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Gluten-free Crockpot recipes

Posted on March 30th, 2008 by Alison Read 6 Comments - Add Your Own »

crockpot.jpgDo you have a Crockpot? (I don’t). Do you want to get one? (I do!)

Why do I want a Crockpot? Because I have found a hilarious blogger called the Crockpot Lady. On her blog she has vowed to use her Crockpot EVERY DAY for a year. And bonus — almost all the recipes are gluten-free!

She has made everything from pasta, to fish, to bread, to bananas foster, to rice krispy treats in this throw-back appliance! I have got to get one soon. (Birthday coming up in May, if anyone is curious…)

Really, whether you are gluten-free or not, visit A Year of CrockPotting — you will enjoy the recipes that make your life easier, and you will laugh as you read them!

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  1. Thank you, Alison, for the link and for your kind words! I am having a ball with this challenge, and am learning so very much.

    Incidentally, I made the *best* GF bread in the crock last week. It rose better in the crock than it does in my oven or a bread maker. It was such a nice discovery for our family.


  2. I think that a crock pot is great for people with Celiac Disease. You can make healthy, nutritious, GF meals in quantity, freeze them and be set for a week!
    I have used mine for stew, stuff peppers and other yummy meals. I buy plastic containers that will hold one serving, freeze the stew and defrost as needed.
    You always know what is in the meal–no gluten worries!

  3. Hi! I need a good gluten-free brisket recipe – got any?
    Thanks- Marilyn

  4. Single mom for 11 years now. Learned I have celiac when the Dr. apologized when he told me a month later that I really do have it. So here I am, I was just now able to get a rice cooker and a crock pot from some people who found out my dilemma only issue is here: I have NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT. And so here I am reading this website in search for some HELP. Thank you for taking the time to write this information on the internet or I would be having an awful time. I hope my son likes what I make and if I get good enough then my future husband (When I find him) wont have an issue with the life style change cuz I will learn from you guys and others. Woot Woot here we go!!!

  5. Go Kristie!
    Good luck to you — cooking gluten-free can really be easy if you just do the basics: meat, fish, veggies, fruit, rice, potatoes, corn. It gets more challenging when packing lunches, going out to eat, and finding snacks to go. But it is getting easier with so many more people, restaurants and food companies becoming aware. There is also a lot of help here on the web!

  6. I suspected I had Celiac disorder 3/90, as we were moving from large city (over 1 million)to small town of 4,500 stomach problems were wearing me out, went to family dr for this JERK to tell me “You can’t have Celiac, you’re not anemic (without testing). I was speechless, bowed not to return to him.
    Finally 2/2004 I met a very caring dr that suspected from day 1, that I had serious food allergies within 2 weeks we found out my allergies are wheat, gluten, beef & peanuts. Our adult son has mild Autism & we have been Gluten Free since 2/2004,a great improvement for both of us & diabetic husband as well.
    Glad to be part of this encouraging/helpful group
    carmen aka keenpetite

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