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Rice Chex is now gluten-free!

Wow – a mainstream cereal company changed their formula for little ol’ me (and you)! General Mills has taken the barley malt out of Rice Chex and replaced it with molasses. I really think this represents a growing awareness about celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Maybe other cereal companies will catch on!

This cereal is delicious — so light and crunchy! I have never seen my child eat a bowl of cereal with such vigor and ask for more… and more. We have eaten “chex” cereal from Health Valley called Rice Crunchems and Corn Crunchems and they are good, but lately I have had a difficult time finding them in stores near me. Plus, the Rice Crunchems contain corn too, whereas the Rice Chex is pure rice which is good news for corn-sensitive people out there. Another thing I like about this cereal is that it is fortified with vitamins and minerals — most gluten-free cereals are not.

Because this cereal is so new, make sure to check that you are buying the right one. I found the gluten-free version at one store, but the old version was still on the shelves in another.

Thanks to General Mills! I look forward to making some Chex mix soon. Check out all these recipes!

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