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Will your child outgrow egg allergy?

Remember the slogan “the incredible edible egg”? Well, not so incredible or edible in my household since my child is allergic to them. I have hopes that she will outgrow her egg allergy, but really, in the back of my mind, I am doubtful.

Kids with egg allergy can become egg tolerant, but the rate that children are developing tolerance to eggs is slower than in the past when it was thought that most children outgrew egg allergy by age 5 or 6. An egg allergy study published in December 2007 concluded the following:

They found that a patient was less likely to outgrow the allergy if they had high IgE antibodies when blood tested for egg allergy, if they had other atopic disease (like eczema or asthma), or if they had other food allergies.

So I guess I will just keep on baking without eggs until things (hopefully) change.

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