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I got kicked out of Google

Posted on May 26th, 2008 by Alison ADD A COMMENT »

Dear Readers,

I just want to let you know that if you are having a hard time finding my website through Google’s search engine, it is because my website got hacked into. Without getting too tech-y, I will try to explain what happened…

Someone out there (be it a person or a machine) hid a bunch of spammy words in the code of my website (the kind of annoying/offensive stuff that you get in junk email). When Google’s robots came to automatically “index” my website (put all my pages into its search engine so that people can find it), they discovered the hidden text and found it to be “outside [their] quality quidelines.” So they kicked me out of their search engine. No warning, just an email.

Being kicked out of Google is like internet death. Great for the true spammers out there, but for me? Ouch. To Google’s credit, I had no idea that my website contained all that spam until they told me and I have made and am working on changes to prevent this from happening again. I have submitted the site for reconsideration, but don’t know how long it will take. So, in the meantime, please still visit the website and refer others to it via other search engines or by typing out the url: in your web browser.


UPDATE: I am back in. It took a month.

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