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Win a Laptop Lunch System!

Posted on June 27th, 2008 by Alison Read 69 Comments - Add Your Own »

I was sick of using plastic bags. I felt guilty creating such waste every time I made a lunch for my daughter to take to preschool, plus I didn’t think the lunch looked very appetizing — piles of plastic that had to be opened to get the food out. I thought, “there must be a better way” and lo and behold, I spotted it: a lunch box that opened up and had compartments for the different foods. I only saw it from afar at a playground, but it caught my eye and I never forgot it. “I must get one of those lunch systems” I thought to myself, and then, there it was again — my sister had a Laptop Lunch System for each of her boys (ages 5 and 7). She gave my girls each a set as a gift.


It was a gift to me, really, as it made my life easier and made my daughters excited about their lunch! And no more plastic bags.

Here’s why I like Laptop Lunches so much as a mom:

  • It comes as a whole system, with carrying case (that looks like a laptop computer case, hence the name Laptop Lunch), water bottle and fork and spoon. I didn’t have to add a thing to start packing lunches.
  • You can choose from various color options. Kids love color!
  • It forces you, the lunch-maker, to be creative because there are 4 little compartments to fill, 5 with the little dipper one (it’s actually kind of fun!)
  • It is so easy to wash!

Here’s why I like Laptop Lunches so much as a mom of kids with food allergies:

  • Allergic children have to bring their own lunches ALL the time, so anything that makes it easier to pack a lunch is great.
  • Most prepackaged foods are filled with allergens — think packs of cheese and crackers, little packs of goldfish, peanut butter and ritz crackers — so these aren’t an option to throw in a lunch. These little compartments make it possible to put in healthier foods and serve them like you would a meal at home, like beans or olives or fresh corn or gluten-free pasta salad.

  • Food looks so appetizing when served this way, the allergic kid will not feel he’s missing out on a thing!

Here’s a lunch I made recently. It’s nothing fancy, but somehow looks a lot yummier than if it were in plastic bags.


Don’t have kids? Want to eat healthier? The Laptop Lunch is great for adults too. There are some mellow color options if you don’t think hot pink will work in your office!

You can win a Laptop Lunch System!

This is very exciting… one lucky reader will receive a complete Laptop Lunch System, courtesy of Obentec, Inc., the company that makes them. Just leave a comment below with an idea you have for what to put in the Laptop Lunch before July 4 and I will randomly select one of you as the winner.

For more information and to purchase Laptop Lunches, visit

CONTEST UPDATE: A winner has been announced… go here to see who the lucky gal is!

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  1. I would put cottage cheese w/ raisins, sunflower seeds & cinnaomon in one compartment, pretzel crisps in another, seasonal fresh fruit in another compartment (apricots this week! figs soon!), and cut up crunchy veg in another (like carrots, bell pepper sticks).

    Lego has v v cute individual salt/pepper shakers, for above commenter.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get one for each of my kids – maybe I’ll win one for myself. I’m a little partial to the pink! :)

  3. Oops forgot to leave an idea. Fruit, carrots and dip in the little dipper container, and a sandwich or pasta.

  4. When I worked I made little bento-type lunches every day, because the food sold on-site wasn’t always safe for a tree-nut allergic like me. To inaugurate my laptop lunchbox, I’d make some Vietnamese-style salad rolls in rice paper wrappers with rice noodles and lettuce, carrots, cukes, and peppers at least! plus some baked tofu triangles for protein drizzled with sesame oil, and a little peanut sauce for dipping in the covered container. Round it out with sliced mangos and berries and it’s a huge meal!

  5. Oh those are really cool!!! We could use them when taking our daughter out to restaurants since she’s allergic to basically all food served (corn allergy). So I’d probably do one of my simple emergency take out dinners:

    Pieces of chicken
    Brown rice
    Seasonal vegetable (carrot sticks, tomato slices, etc)
    Seasonal fruit (right now it would be strawberries)

  6. No allergies here- just a health-nutty Mom who doesn’t buy processed pre-packaged foods with crazy additives. My daughters would probably go for carrot sticks in one, grape tomatoes in another, fruit salad in the third, and a turkey/cheese/ totilla wrap in the 4th.

  7. My son who is allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts would love this lunchbox full of little boxes! I would pack pita, hummus, cucumbers and strawberries.

  8. I think the laptop lunch sounds like a great idea! i’d fill each compartment with a different food group.

  9. This is great! thanks for the tip
    it’s like a bento box, so my suggestion will be:

    sushi, edamame, noodle salad and fruit for dessert!

  10. Would love a second for my younger daughter… we have one & sometimes we do “rainbow” day where I put a dip in the small container & fill each section with foods (fruits & veggies) that are colorful like the rainbow.

  11. This is a fab lunch box!! My DS is allergic to eggs and milk (all forms) and this would make it easier on the days I want to send a sandwich for his lunch, with pretzels and grapes and baby carrots for sides. It gets all mashed up in his current container, because I don’t want the daycare staff to miss more than one container!! Thanks for the chance to have one of these as our own :)

  12. I asked my Celiac daughter what she’d want to put in it, and her choices were —

    grilled cheese sandwich
    carrots and broccoli
    Annie’s cowgirl sauce for dipping

    My daughter with Autism/Celiac said:

    Ener-G pretzels and peanut butter
    yogurt dipped raisins

    (she’s not very adventurous with food…)

    My Celiac/peanut/egg allergic 3 year old would eat:

    squash muffins
    soynut-butter cookie

  13. For my dairy-free babies:

    Applesauce or a CrispyGreen Crispy Apple
    Carrots with Organicville Dairy Free, Gluten Free Ranch
    Turkey or Ham roll-ups
    Snackimals GF oatmeal cookies

  14. I’ve been meaning to work on the more “bento-style” lunches so I would put in:

    Tofu-rice pockets
    Cut-up strawberries and blueberries
    Yogurt dip for the fruit.

    It would be so much easier to encourage good eating habits, if the food looked pretty too! Thanks for this post!

  15. Oooh, this looks good! I’d probably pack a soy-butter sandwich with strawberries and carrots with some dip and some pasta!

  16. ooh i love this giveaway, thanks! i would totally go to my vegan-lunch-box cookbook and use all of her ideas! they are so awesome. of course, my kid will only be happy with the soynut butter sandwiches. but a mom can dream, eh?!

  17. I need to send the kids to camp with lunches, so this would be wonderful. I’d probably do raspberries or strawberries, a bagel, and some carrots.

  18. My two boys are going to be in a camp in a couple of weeks that required trash-free lunches. This would be perfect. I have no idea what to pack though. Got some ideas from the comments though.

  19. what a fun giveaway!!!

    My kids are also at camp so this would be just perfect. Plus I am trying super hard to cut down on all the waste (bags, etc) that I used to use for their lunches.

    snap peas
    plums or other summer fruits
    cheese slices

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