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Tips for traveling with celiac disease or food allergies

Posted on July 22nd, 2008 by Alison Read 1 Comment - Add Your Own »

Going on a trip? Whether you or your children have celiac disease, gluten or other food intolerance or food allergies, travel is something that requires extra meal planning and safety preparation.

As an example, this is what I bring when we travel by airplane:

  • Food
    • sandwiches placed in a small, soft cooler pack with an ice pack
    • dry snacks (so it isn’t messy) like chips, crackers, dried fruit, beef jerky, cereal, bars — these will also last if needed during the vacation or to save for the plane trip home
    • rice milk in no-spill cups for my daughters (airlines allow passengers to bring milk for children — just let the security guards know)
    • a few lollipops (either Yummy Earth or Dum-dums for any child-bribing that needs to be done!)
    • I also bake a loaf of bread before the trip and bring the rest of the loaf (after making the sandwiches) to my destination. It can be used for more sandwiches or toast at breakfast.
  • Medicine
    • Bottle of Benadryl
    • Epi-Pen and a doctor’s note
  • Wipes, wipes, and more wipes for hands, the seat tray, the armrests and the windows (depending on the severity of the allergy)

We never eat any airport or airplane food. The big treat for my daughters is that they get to have apple juice on the plane (and sometimes a goodie that I have brought as a surprise).

This is our routine and my daughters know what to expect with regards to food. They have become quite the little airplane travelers… see my daughter’s first time by herself on the “people mover” (as my husband explains it)!


My travel list above is a quick one, but many others have written extensively on traveling with food allergies and traveling gluten-free. Here are some articles with great tips to get you going on your next trip!

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If you would like to go on a gluten-free getaway, check out Bob and Ruth’s Gluten Free Dining and Travel Club

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  1. Loved meeting and talking to you. Your site is terrific. I will definitely do a bigger post about it at BabyCenter. Let me know if there’s certain posts you want me to highlite for you. Meanwhile, I did a little drop in linky love for you at the end of my second Blogher post here. Hope that’s okay and talk soon!

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