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Ask the Doc: Can celiac cause other food allergies?

Posted on January 6th, 2009 by Alison Read 1 Comment - Add Your Own »

questionmarkgreen1.jpg Q. I had my gall bladder removed just over a year ago and then went through a series of tests because I wasn’t feeling better after the surgery. After much pushing on my part, I had the blood test done for Celiac and tested positive on one of the antibodies. My doctor sent me to an allergist who has done RAST tests on me and found allergies to numerous other foods. I am now on a very restricted diet. I know the Celiac is here to stay but is there any possibility that as my gut heals some of the other food allergies will resolve themselves? Should I be re-tested for these other allergies at some point or are they here to stay too? I’m frustrated and struggling to find safe foods. I feel so much better but I’m tired of rice and broccoli!

A. It is not uncommon for latent celiac disease to be activated by abdominal surgery. Celiac disease is often the primary cause for many other food allergies, but these secondary or “downstream” allergies all improve on a gluten free diet. I would recommend staying on the restricted diet for two months to allow the GFD to heal the gut, and then eliminate all the other restrictions but stay on the GFD for life.

Health and happiness,
Dr. Aron

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  1. At the ripe age of 49 I’ve been diagnosed with 10 more food allergies (Broccoli,Califlower,Carrots,Muskmelon,Watermelon,Honeydew,
    Lobster,Milk and Egg white). Four years prior I was told I was allergic to peanuts and most recently my Gallbladder has been acting up,they tell me it has sludge and a polyp. I’ve also been tested for Celiac’s with a negative result. Guess I’m wondering if all things may be conected and why at this age why all the sudden all the allergies?

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