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And the gluten-free cereal giveaway winner is…

Posted on June 5th, 2009 by Alison ADD A COMMENT »

Before I tell you the winner of the gluten-free cereal giveaway, I want to thank Erewhon for their generosity, not just with this contest, but because they send me boxes of cereal to give out whenever I do a talk or have a GIRG meeting.

And now for the winner…

But wait! I want to share with you some of interesting (and not so interesting) ways that people eat cereal, as shared in the comments on the contest post. Here are some ideas, but read the comments for more recipes and details!

How to eat gluten-free cereal:

  • with milk — cow, rice, almond, soy, coconut, hemp!
  • in yogurt
  • dry, out of a ziploc bag or straight out of the box (in a car, on a bus!)
  • mixed with other cereal to make a new kind of cereal — get really daring and mix 3 or even 4!
  • in homemade trail mix or granola or “snack balls”
  • in crispy marshmallow treats — variations include: adding peanut butter, chocolate in or drizzled on top, died red & green for the holidays, cut into different shapes, with brown rice syrup instead of marshmallow, and more!
  • used in a topping for a fruit crisp or crumble
  • with stuff dipped into it — banana, spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter, anything sticky
  • in cookie bars
  • on top of an ice cream sundae
  • made into a bar for the top and bottom of an ice cream sandwich treat
  • used in a cookie pie crust
  • as a coating when baking — chicken, chicken nuggets
  • as a coating when frying — more chicken!
  • share it with your cat!
  • give it to your dog!

Okay, noooowww I can tell you that the randomly selected winner is…

Alison! Wow, does she have a great name! And with 3 kids, it sounds like she could really use 3 free boxes of cereal. Congratulations Alison and thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to sign up (in upper right) to get updates on new articles and more giveaways!

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