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WIN the coolest glass beverage bottle from Lifefactory!

Posted on March 22nd, 2010 by Alison Read 115 Comments - Add Your Own »

bottlesbeverageI am so excited to tell everyone about the new glass beverage bottles from Lifefactory, and do a giveaway to THREE lucky readers! I have been using one of the bottles (the orange one) for the past few months now and I LOVE it. I was privileged to get one before they were available to the public because (disclosure alert!) my husband works for Lifefactory, and I demanded that I have one!

So, let me tell you about these and why you’re going to want one…

In case you missed it, they are GLASS. Yes, glass. You are most likely currently drinking out of a plastic (need I say it?) or a metal (that tastes like metal) water bottle. Besides the great environmental and health reasons why this new bottle is a necessity, the #1 reason I like this bottle is TASTE. My water tastes like water! I would never choose to drink from plastic or metal at home, and now I get to drink from glass when I am in my car, taking a water break from a volleyball game, hanging out at the park with my kids, or attending an all-day conference. I also love that the bottle has a wide mouth so I can easily drop ice cubes in. (I hurt my hand trying to whack ice cubes into my old metal drinking container.)

You might still be wondering how a glass bottle is going to make it to all of these things without breaking. The bottle has a non-toxic tight-fitting silicone sleeve that protects it from breaking, and also gives you a good grip on the bottle. The sleeves are brightly colored with a cool, modern design. My bottle attracts attention wherever I go! You don’t need to take the sleeves off of the bottles — just put the whole thing in the dishwasher. My daughters have been using the Lifefactory baby bottles as water bottles (with caps instead of nipples) every day in their lunches to school for about two years now, and they still look brand new (and they haven’t broken them).

To win a 22 ounce glass beverage bottle from Lifefactory, please leave a comment choosing which color you would want. The colors are: Midnight Blue, Orange, Pearl White, Red, Sky Blue, and Spring Green. I will choose THREE winners at random. You have until Friday, March 26 at 5pm PST to comment (only one comment per person please). I will notify the winners on Saturday.

For those of you who don’t win, or would like to purchase more bottles, you can get 15% off the Lifefactory online store by using the discount code: go glass (with a space).


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  1. Love the Spring Green!!! These sound awesome!

  2. I love the spring green one! So adorable and it would match my minivan to the T!

  3. I love the Spring Green too! They are super cute!!

  4. How cool!!! No more yucky plastic!!!!
    Really like the Midnight blue glass beverage bottle!!!

  5. What a fantastic idea…. you are right. I don’t like the taste of the metal bottles…. I love the sky blue.

  6. Wow…I love the spring green one also. Must be spring fever!

  7. I love drinking from glass! Awesome giveaway, Alison. :-) I’d go for midnight blue. Thanks!


  8. Love Love Love the glass bottle idea!!!!!! Imagine how yummy my iced tea would taste from it!!!!
    p.s. love love love your website and I don’t even have gluten allergies :)

  9. I would love the spring green one! Best bottle idea I’ve seen yet! :)

  10. Love the midnight blue!! Glass – hurray!!


  11. Love the red bottle.

  12. Would love an orange one!

  13. What a great idea! Red to match my daughter’s beautiful red hair.

  14. I would love to have the midnight blue bottle…my favorite color.

  15. I love sky blue and spring green. The are both such great spring colors.

  16. These look great. Would love an orange one!

  17. Love the spring so I would also love the spring green bottle!!

  18. Gosh, I like all of them!! But, I would probably pick the orange, red, or light blue (since I have a baby boy). :) Also, I just read yesterday not to buy anything in a plastic with the recycle #7 on the bottom (bpa??) Is that was you have heard also?! Thanks for the contest. I have always wanted something other than plastic!!! Great idea.

  19. OOOO I would love the red one! what a great product :)

  20. OOOOH, they are all so pretty. I would love a midnight blue one! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  21. Green, red, white, orange, or blue, drinking from glass is the very best one can do! They all look great, so it’s hard to pick a hue, but I’d have to say my favorite is that striking Midnight Blue.

  22. I LOVE the spring green one and the midnight blue. Both are such beautiful colors. I have been going the stainless route, but I would love a bottle that didn’t add a metalic taste to my water. Sounds like an amazing decision to come out with these!!!

  23. This is awesome!! I hate drinking out of anything but glass!!
    My husband thinks I’m weird, he will drink out of anything! Any color would work for me. My favorite is the red one. Thank you..

  24. What a great idea! They look so cool, especially the sky blue one.

  25. Love the idea. I would pick the red.GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Love, love this idea—and finally, a water bottle that looks good! The orange color is fantastic. Thank you!

  27. Cool,
    If I win I would like the Midnight Blue Color Please.

  28. The red one looks great!

  29. Love your website! Just discovered it – very informative. Love the midnight blue glass bottle! Great concept! Thanks!

  30. Love this! Love Glass! Why did we ever go away from it to begin with? Plastic…too good to be true! I would love the red one.


  31. Ooooh! All of the colors are fab! I’ll take the Midnight Blue one though – matches my jeans!

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pleeeeeeese! :-)

  32. oh i would like one–i had a stroke in tibet almost 14 years ago-
    since i found out i’m gluten and dairy intolerant -i’m getting all better!!!!!!!

  33. These are awesome!!!! I would love any one of them, they are all great colors! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these great water bottles.

  34. I threw away the plastic water bottles a while ago and started using the metal ones and you are so right, they taste like metal…this is a great ideal!! I would love the spring green color and it would be great B-day gift since my birthday is on the 26th.


  35. I love the spring green one.

  36. Orange. I love the idea that my water could taste like water again!

  37. These look awesome! The green is lovely.

  38. Finally! A water bottle that doesn’t change the flavor of my water! Lucky you, to get a preview. I would love an orange one. Thanks so much!

  39. I love these bottles!!! I agree drinking out of glass is much better than plastic and/or metal! I love love love spring green. I believe green is the color of the Celiac Disease awareness bracelets!
    : > )

  40. Love the midnight blue!

  41. The red one would be great for taking water with me to school! I have to keep ceramic mugs in my classroom because I hate drinking tea from a plastic or metal travel mug.

  42. Any bottle you would choose to send I would be happy to have. They are so futuristic looking. And they look like they would fit in the side pocket of my purse. Thank you. Sandy

  43. Wow, these are cool. A glass bottle would be great because you can put water, tea, juice, iced coffee, anything! I would love to have a midnight blue one.

  44. My teenage daughter is a soccer keeper and a newly diagnosed celiac. He favorite color in all the world is green and a water bottle is her constant companion at every practice!

  45. Midnight Blue looks nice! Just discovered your site…was googling recipes for a very dejected husband who can’t face rice for lunch again. Finding it hard to keep his diet interesting so this site is a great help.

  46. Just what I have been looking for. Red, green, or orange would be my fist choices. But I’d be happy with any color.

  47. Red sounds great!

  48. These bottles sound great. I have not used plastice for a couple of years. We changed over to the Swiss bottles, but do not like the metal taste. I would love any colour, but I do love blue.

  49. What a great giveaway!! The colors are awesome but I would love the pearl white one. I hope this idea of glass grows like wildfire. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  50. I have been waiting for this day to come. I love love the orange. Very cool!

  51. I love the Midnight blue it reminds me of the ocean in the evening. I really like the idea of glass that you can carry and it won’t break. I use the metal ones now.

  52. Love the glass bottle – midnight blue is my fave!

  53. I love the red Lifefactory bottle! I am so glad to see glass “coming back”. I hate plastic food bottles and have been waiting to see glass jars etc return so thanks for letting us know about this new product.

  54. love them all but especially the orange one.

  55. Great idea! Loving the Orange color!

  56. I love the midnight blue and the orange. I really prefer to drink water from glass rather than plastic or metal. I would love to have one.

  57. I love the tip for the lunch box, and such a safe way to tote glass. I’ve braved it a few times. I would love to advertise in blue or orange. Thank you.

  58. Oooooh, how ’bout that pearl white bottle? I think it’s got my name on it! No kidding, — the word “margaret” is Latin for “pearl,” so I think it’s intended for ME! And it’s almost my birthday (April 7). Feelin’ lucky…!

  59. Orange for joy, white for purity… cuz I’m going to be so joyful sipping my pure water! LOL. Thanks, this is great!

  60. What a fabulous idea! It would be great to know that you were always drinking from a clean bottle. I love the midnight blue. I plan to purchase one for my daughters, who are constantly drinking from water bottles and trying to get me to do the same.

  61. Just in time for summer! What a geat idea.
    P.S. Your website is fantastic!

  62. Love — Love — Love the red!

  63. Ooooh- just one? I really like the spring green but I think the Pearl White is more my speed. Thanks!

  64. oh wow! i love the midnight blue or orange. ali, great job with the site!!! xoxo homme

  65. These look so cute!! I love the spring green!

  66. I love baby blue! I’m so excited to see glass bottles like these. If I don’t win one I’m going to buy one!

  67. Red for me please!

  68. LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I can’t wait to try it. Looks like quite a few peeps thought it was a great idea before me. I love the orange, so where can I buy it? Rainbow?

    Great article!


  69. A safe way to have clean crisp water without the nasty plastic or metallic taste, How great is that? Midnight Blue – it goes with most anything – and I’m a guy.

  70. The sky blue is the same blue-gray of the Seattle sky – love it!

  71. I am lovin the Spring Green. It would go great with my salad for lunch! Thanks for the discount, if I don’t win one, I am going to definetley look into buying one!

  72. It is Springtime so my choice is Spring Greene.

    I have been looking for a bottle like this. I tried a stainless steel one and it tasted like metal.

  73. I love the midnight blue, but would be happy with any color you have. :) Thanks so much for the offer!

  74. Red is one of my favorite colors!

    What an awesome giveaway – I only drink water from a glass for a lot of the same reasons that are posted above, and I am tired of taking a sharp curve in my van and dumping water everywhere! This would be awesome!

  75. I like the orange. It would be a nice replacement for my Ball Jar!

  76. I love the Sky Blue!

  77. Very cool concept and a great alternative to the metal water bottle for sure.
    I’m liking the colorless / silver -ish one.
    Keep up the Livity!

  78. Ooooohhhhhh! What a great idea! I have a 1.5L Sigg bottle but I hate that I can’t see the contents (to clean it well). And things DO start to taste funny after a little bit :( I would love to enter the contest! I like the Dark Blue or the Red, I’m flexible! Thanks for the info about the site, I’m going to check it out now!


  79. Orange. Go Tigers! Thanks!

  80. Oh Spring Green would be my choice, and just in time when my current bottle is wearing with age. Great idea!

  81. Red! I’d give it to my husband to use at work instead of his Sigg.

  82. sky blue baby! how amazing…

  83. Spring green – match my garden!

  84. Just found your website and I am so excited!!!I love your website, so clean and fabulous information. Thank you for being out there and providing this information to so many of us.

    I am super excited about the new water bottles. My husband has asked me to look into the BPA free ones and just found something even better. The midnight blue one is awesome. Also, the red and orange ones are great bold colors!

    Hope they flood the market because of demand 😉

  85. I would love to drink out of something that doesn’t taste like plastic when I am out and about. And I love the color red, very cheerful. Thank you for the free offer and if I don’t win I will be ordering. I love all the information that you provide….

  86. This looks like a great product. Any color would do, but the red seems to be getting my attention today. I may have to get some baby bottles for my kids.

  87. I like the green, light blue or red. What a nifty idea! I am am always toting my mason jars around with me and I am sure one will break someday without some kind of protective covering on it. The metal bottles are fine for some things, but I do like glass ones better.

  88. these bottles look amazing…I would love an orange one!

  89. i really love all the colors, but i guess i would pick the red one.

  90. I Love theses bottles. Finally a glass bottle that looks kool too. I would really like a orange, green or red would be ok

  91. Red. Definitely red!

  92. Down with plastic and metal. Let’s go with glass. Midnight blue works for me.

  93. That’d be fantastic! The midnight blue is so gorgeous. Hey, thanks for this opportunity. It’s kind of you and your husband to do a giveaway.

  94. Yay…glass bottles! I absolutely love the green!

  95. I love these bottles… have already bought 4 9-oz. and 4 4-oz. baby bottles from Lifefactory for my son, due at the end of June!! I would definitely choose the sky blue. Thanks!!

  96. I would love a Midnight Blue one. They are unique.

  97. I am so excited to finally find something that will not leach any chemicals into my water!!

    I would love to win one (I like the white one).

  98. I’ve been using a Kleen Kanteen,……but Spring green is super cute!!!!

  99. Thank goodness these are being made!

    We’ve been getting rid of as much of the plastic in our kitchen as possible. Our water bottles have been one of the last things we’ve held onto, because we’ve been holding out for glass.

    All of the colors are pretty, especially Sky Blue.

  100. Sky blue would look great with my high school soccer/golf uniforms. I would be the first on my teams with the cool looking H20 glass bottle.

  101. Midnight Blue. Depending on my test results, I might be a newbie. Thank you for a great site, it is really helping to understand CS and the wealth of information is excellent!

  102. Red, please. I can’t wait to get myself one.

  103. The red one is my favorite. Thanks for your great blog!

  104. These sound so cool! Midnight blue please!

  105. Oooh! I had no idea your husband worked for them! I saw their company at the Natural Products Expo and talked to them about cross promotion with DooF, my other gig… I love the green and sky blue bottles :-)

  106. After much deliberation and waffling, would love the midnight blue. I love the idea of these bottles, especially as the silicone sleeve will help protect me from a cold bottle, part of why i hate the metal ones. Crossing my fingers.


  107. oooo these are must haves…..hoping i win one, but now know what everyone is getting for christmas this year!!!

    this would be great for my addiction to iced tea as well….tea just gets odd in the metal travel cups….love glass!!!!

    I love the green and the orange….so hard to pick…..so if I happen to win, just surprise me!!!

  108. I’ve been waiting for something like this ! Surprise me with any color !!

  109. thanks for your website–it’s such a wonderful resource. These bottles look great–I love the red.

  110. The contest has ended! I will post the winners tomorrow. Good luck! And thanks for the all the nice comments! :)

  111. Spring Green Please!!!!!

  112. Alison- just found your website and I am so tickled to find Lifefactory bottles! I have looked high and low for a sleek glass bottle (or one at all!), as I don’t use plastic anymore and my stainless bottles taste gross and are impossible to clean. THANK YOU (and your husband) for letting your readers know about this awesome company! I am off to buy several of the orange bottles (GO VOLS!)

  113. Trying to be non-toxic while trying to conceive! Love the blue!

  114. I bought a glass “love bottle” last year after I decided I could no longer tolerate the taste of my distilled water in my klean kanteen water bottles. Sure I rinse them out with a water vinegar solution once a month but it’s a temporary solution.

    Now I gotta say that I’m soo excited about life factory’s new water bottle. One main reason is because I was looking for a glass beverage bottle to take with me that isn’t “made in china”. Life Factory’s bottle is Made in Switzerland, from what I can see and this is awesome news for me. I just placed an order for one of their bottles and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  115. I do get an aftertaste from my plastic water bottle. Thick glass is a great idea.
    Sky Blue (Dean).

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