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WIN the coolest glass beverage bottle from Lifefactory!

Posted on March 22nd, 2010 by Alison Read 115 Comments - Add Your Own »

bottlesbeverageI am so excited to tell everyone about the new glass beverage bottles from Lifefactory, and do a giveaway to THREE lucky readers! I have been using one of the bottles (the orange one) for the past few months now and I LOVE it. I was privileged to get one before they were available to the public because (disclosure alert!) my husband works for Lifefactory, and I demanded that I have one!

So, let me tell you about these and why you’re going to want one…

In case you missed it, they are GLASS. Yes, glass. You are most likely currently drinking out of a plastic (need I say it?) or a metal (that tastes like metal) water bottle. Besides the great environmental and health reasons why this new bottle is a necessity, the #1 reason I like this bottle is TASTE. My water tastes like water! I would never choose to drink from plastic or metal at home, and now I get to drink from glass when I am in my car, taking a water break from a volleyball game, hanging out at the park with my kids, or attending an all-day conference. I also love that the bottle has a wide mouth so I can easily drop ice cubes in. (I hurt my hand trying to whack ice cubes into my old metal drinking container.)

You might still be wondering how a glass bottle is going to make it to all of these things without breaking. The bottle has a non-toxic tight-fitting silicone sleeve that protects it from breaking, and also gives you a good grip on the bottle. The sleeves are brightly colored with a cool, modern design. My bottle attracts attention wherever I go! You don’t need to take the sleeves off of the bottles — just put the whole thing in the dishwasher. My daughters have been using the Lifefactory baby bottles as water bottles (with caps instead of nipples) every day in their lunches to school for about two years now, and they still look brand new (and they haven’t broken them).

To win a 22 ounce glass beverage bottle from Lifefactory, please leave a comment choosing which color you would want. The colors are: Midnight Blue, Orange, Pearl White, Red, Sky Blue, and Spring Green. I will choose THREE winners at random. You have until Friday, March 26 at 5pm PST to comment (only one comment per person please). I will notify the winners on Saturday.

For those of you who don’t win, or would like to purchase more bottles, you can get 15% off the Lifefactory online store by using the discount code: go glass (with a space).


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  1. Midnight Blue. Depending on my test results, I might be a newbie. Thank you for a great site, it is really helping to understand CS and the wealth of information is excellent!

  2. Red, please. I can’t wait to get myself one.

  3. The red one is my favorite. Thanks for your great blog!

  4. These sound so cool! Midnight blue please!

  5. Oooh! I had no idea your husband worked for them! I saw their company at the Natural Products Expo and talked to them about cross promotion with DooF, my other gig… I love the green and sky blue bottles 🙂

  6. After much deliberation and waffling, would love the midnight blue. I love the idea of these bottles, especially as the silicone sleeve will help protect me from a cold bottle, part of why i hate the metal ones. Crossing my fingers.


  7. oooo these are must haves…..hoping i win one, but now know what everyone is getting for christmas this year!!!

    this would be great for my addiction to iced tea as well….tea just gets odd in the metal travel cups….love glass!!!!

    I love the green and the orange….so hard to pick… if I happen to win, just surprise me!!!

  8. I’ve been waiting for something like this ! Surprise me with any color !!

  9. thanks for your website–it’s such a wonderful resource. These bottles look great–I love the red.

  10. The contest has ended! I will post the winners tomorrow. Good luck! And thanks for the all the nice comments! 🙂

  11. Spring Green Please!!!!!

  12. Alison- just found your website and I am so tickled to find Lifefactory bottles! I have looked high and low for a sleek glass bottle (or one at all!), as I don’t use plastic anymore and my stainless bottles taste gross and are impossible to clean. THANK YOU (and your husband) for letting your readers know about this awesome company! I am off to buy several of the orange bottles (GO VOLS!)

  13. Trying to be non-toxic while trying to conceive! Love the blue!

  14. I bought a glass “love bottle” last year after I decided I could no longer tolerate the taste of my distilled water in my klean kanteen water bottles. Sure I rinse them out with a water vinegar solution once a month but it’s a temporary solution.

    Now I gotta say that I’m soo excited about life factory’s new water bottle. One main reason is because I was looking for a glass beverage bottle to take with me that isn’t “made in china”. Life Factory’s bottle is Made in Switzerland, from what I can see and this is awesome news for me. I just placed an order for one of their bottles and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  15. I do get an aftertaste from my plastic water bottle. Thick glass is a great idea.
    Sky Blue (Dean).

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