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Fluffy gluten-free egg-free pancakes

Posted on June 6th, 2010 by Alison Read 7 Comments - Add Your Own »

cravingsplacepancakemixIf we had to be just gluten-free in my family, that would be easy with so many great gluten-free products on the market now. But my older daughter is allergic to eggs, and many gluten-free products contain eggs or call for eggs in their recipes. Making good, fluffy gluten-free and egg-free pancakes is one of the biggest challenges.

One mix that I have found to work really well is The Cravings Place All-Purpose Pancake and Waffle Mix. None of the mixes made by The Cravings Place contain nor require the use of eggs. This mix is easy to use — you just pour out as much mix as you want, then add water until it is the right consistency for pancakes. I usually make little pancakes and they always turn out light and fluffy.

Lately I have been adding teff flour to the dry mix before adding the water. I don’t measure — just dump some in. The teff ups the nutrition of the pancakes, and amazingly, the fluffiness isn’t compromised. It turns the pancakes from white to brown with the teff added in, but my 5 year old daughter didn’t mind, especially when I told her that teff makes people run really fast! I tried adding quinoa flour this morning, but the taste and smell of the quinoa was too strong. I’ll stick with teff.

From the company’s website:
“This mix was designed especially for children so the flavor is very mild. This is a great thing so depending on your dietary restictions add your favorite ingredients such as fruit, nuts, oats or flavorings to create your own yummy recipes.”

BROWN RICE FLOUR, WHITE RICE FLOUR, VANILLA BEAN POWDER (vanilla beans, corn based dextrose), SEA SALT, XANTHAN GUM, NON-ALUMINUM BAKING POWDER (sodium acid pyrophosphate, bicarbonate of soda, corn starch (from non GMO corn), calcium acid phosphate), BAKING SODA.

The Cravings Place mixes are produced in a dedicated allergen free facility. I buy the mixes 6 at a time on Amazon.

If you know of any other good gluten-free egg-free pancakes, feel free to leave the info in a comment!

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  1. Sounds like a great allergen mix. I will definitely try this one!

  2. Vanilla bean powder seems to be a great replacement for vanilla extract.

  3. We LOVE everything The Cravings Place offers! We buy in BULK from Amazon! 🙂 My son is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts and tons of tree nuts. So, you can only imagine why we like these.
    When it comes to pancakes, we actually use Cherrybrook’s Pancake Mix but I have GOT to start using this one too.
    You are going to laugh but when I do my “sneaky” pancakes (or waffles), I add to the mix pumpkin, applesauce, bananas, ground flax seeds, oats, OJ, and instead of water, I use Apple Juice – anything that I can sneak in. I don’t add all of this at once but some days I add most of it. I have also found that I can buy the Plum Tots pumpkin and banana Mash Ups and add that. It’s intended for babies but it makes a perfect texture to the pancakes (and it’s organic – and no wasted pumpkin!) Just some thoughts.

  4. We use Cherrybrook too – but I always add mashed bananas and some flaxmeal and they still end up kind of gummy. I think I’ll try The Craving Place’s pancakes again on your recommendation. I can’t remember why we didn’t like them the first time we tried them! I’ve been a dedicated Pamela’s pancake fan but my son can’t eat them because of almonds and dairy and eggs….so….always on the lookout for good vegan gf pancakes.

    I use The Cravings Place brownie mix to make birthday cupcakes and they are great. I don’t use the chcolate chunks they include in a separate bag when I do this, just mix up the batter without them and put them in cupcake papers in a muffin tin. Yummy!

  5. Becca,
    They’re not as good as Pamela’s, but my daughter’s can’t have them either because of the almond meal. The Craving’s Place mix makes good waffles. I don’t like Cherrybrook Farms pancake mix.
    Thanks for the tip about the brownie mix to make cupcakes — I wouldn’t have thought of that!

  6. Just found out I have many food allergies. Looking forward to having pancakes soon!

  7. Kathryn,
    Let me know how the pancake search goes!

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