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A case of nut allergy karma?

Posted on August 20th, 2010 by Alison Read 3 Comments - Add Your Own »

nutsThis is amazing karma, but not the good kind…

Last year Joel Stein wrote an incredibly offensive piece about food allergies for the LA Times, to which I retaliated with my own article here, called What some (ignorant) people think about food allergies. Now, his own one year old son has been diagnosed with nut allergies.

There were many parents of children with food allergies who wished this karma on him. I didn’t, because I would never wish food allergies on anyone. Bluntly speaking (since this is how Stein likes to write), FOOD ALLERGIES SUCK! It is a burden for us as parents, for the kids themselves, and for pretty much everyone around them. As a parent of a first-grader with food allergies, I’m not sure how much Stein understands how challenging it really is yet, but at least now he believes food allergies are real!

He won’t be the last one that needs to be convinced about the reality of food allergies. Right now there is some kid sneaking peanut butter to school in his lunch because his parent packed it for him and told him to be quiet about it. We have more educating to do!

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  1. Well there you have it.

  2. Sharon,

  3. Shame on him and anyone that make a deal about allergies be it nuts or anything else!!!! I have to wear a braclet and carry an epi pen and read and check everything that goes in my mouth! It is hard and not fun, but you learn to live with it. What ever happened to being careful how we talk and treat others?

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