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Food Allergy Walk 2010 in San Francisco Sept 25

Show your support for food allergy awareness this weekend in San Francisco! I regret that I cannot attend this year, as I have the last two years, and though I have not asked for donations, I will personally be donating to FAAN and encourage you to do so also.

Walk Details:

To Donate:
Donate to a San Francisco walker or team or to anyone walking for FAAN all over the country.


According to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), more than 12 million Americans, or one in every 25, have food allergies. Included in that number are 3.1 million children. The incidence of peanut allergy doubled in children over a five-year period (1997-2002). For many, food allergy is more than just hives – an allergic reaction can be deadly.

Over the years, FAAN has been at the forefront of progress in food allergy research. Findings from research studies have been used to change federal and state laws, improve school policies, raise public awareness, improve the daily lives of individuals with food allergy, and provide education for patients, caregivers, and health professionals.

Please donate or walk to help raise money to advance FAAN’s mission of education, advocacy, research, and awareness.

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