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Halloween Candy List – Gluten-Free Allergen-Free Status – 2010

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS FROM 2010. THE 2011 HALLOWEEN LIST IS HERE: Halloween Candy List Gluten-Free Allergen-Free 2011

Here’s the list you’ve been looking for… but first, you get to see the giant spider I made in my yard last year for Halloween! The Home Depot guys cutting the black pipe to my specifications thought I was crazy! The spider is coming out again this year with some modifications (furry perhaps?)

Now on to the candy…

Each candy shows if its ingredients contains wheat/gluten, milk (dairy), soy, egg, nuts, or peanuts (6 of the top 8 allergens — fish and shellfish are not included since I have not found this to be a concern with candy). I do not include coconut as a tree nut and have not listed coconut as an allergen. I called many of the manufacturers and/or checked their websites for gluten and allergen information,which I have noted at the end of each manufacturer’s section. To print this list, click on the Print icon above the title. If you don’t see the print icon, click on the title of the article first.

Note: Please, as always, double check ingredients and also check with the child’s parents before giving them any candy or allowing them to eat anything! I will not be held liable for any accident occurring due to the use of this list. It is meant as a guide only.

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NOTE for bloggers: If you are going to post or share this list, would you be so kind as to give me credit and link to me? This took many hours of my life and I even got kicked out of Walgreen’s for taking notes in the candy aisle, so please be considerate of my hard work! 🙂

Mainstream candy listed by brand, in alphabetical order:





Gluten-Free info (via phone Sept 2010): The only guaranteed gluten-free candy is the 2 oz. (regular size) Big Hunk. For all other candies, including the mini Big Hunks, there is the possibility of contamination from flour that is used on the belts. While there is no flour used specifically for the Big Hunk minis, there is flour used on the belts for the manufacture of the Look bars.

CADBURY ADAMS (now part of Kraft Foods)

Gluten-Free info (via phone Sept 2010): If there is gluten in a product, it will not be hidden and the words wheat, barley, rye or oats will be called out on the label.


Allergen Statement (via web Sept 2010): Smarties® and our entire line of products are free from all the known allergens, and they do not appear anywhere in our manufacturing facilities. Our new item, Bubble Gum Smarties®, may contain minute traces of soy lecithin. We sell our products to many different classifications of trade, including “re-baggers.” A “re-bagger” buys products from many different companies and re-bags them in their own packaging. We cannot verify whether their manufacturing plants are free of nuts, soy, etc. If the UPC number on the packaging begins with “0 11206”, you can be assured that it was manufactured in one of our facilities and that it is allergen free.
Gluten Statement: Smarties® and our entire line of products are gluten free. If the UPC number on the packaging begins with “0 11206”, you can be assured that it is manufactured in a facility that is gluten free and safe to eat if you have Celiac Disease.


Allergen Info (via phone Sept 2010):
The following Farley’s and Sathers candies contain gluten: Malted Milk Balls , Bridge Mix, Caramel Creams, Red Laces, Red Twists, Black and Red Bites.

(via web Sept 2010): For product specific information regarding the Big 8 allergens and cross-contamination associated with these allergens, please contact Farleys & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. Consumer Relations at 1-888-247-9855 or complete our Feedback form to receive information. Due to changes that may occur in the manufacturing and packaging environments, Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. does not provide allergen or gluten free lists.


Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010): Do you process and pack products that contain allergens? We manufacture and pack products made with Peanuts, Almonds, Milk, Egg and Soy in our facilities. We have common use lines which means we process and pack products which contain allergens on the same lines on which we process and pack products which do not contain allergens. Ferrara Pan has established an Allergen Policy which calls for the segregation of allergen-containing products from those products which do not contain allergens. The Allergen Policy also calls for the segregation of different allergen-containing products and ingredients from each other.

Ferrara Pan’s Allergen Policy requires a thorough, monitored cleaning of the common use lines when switching from allergen-containing products to non allergen-containing products, and requires multi-departmental inspections as well as stringent verification procedures. The precautions and procedures which Ferrara Pan has implemented are in place to assure our customers that Ferrara Pan manufactures its food products in a safe and responsible manner. However, because Ferrara Pan recognizes the serious challenges which people with food allergies face when making their food choices, we disclose to our customers that certain allergens are used in our facilities and those products containing allergens are manufactured and packed on the same lines as products which do not contain allergens.

Gluten-Free Info: No Ferrara Pan products are packed on equipment that is also used to pack a product that contains wheat, oat, rye or barley gluten. No Ferrara Pan products contain wheat, oat, rye or barley. No Ferrara Pan products are made from derivatives of wheat, oat, rye or barley. No Ferrara Pan products are made with wheat, oat, rye or barley gluten. No Ferrara Pan products are made on equipment that is also used to make a product that contains wheat, oat, rye or barley gluten.

Gluten-free products: All Gummies Ferrara or Black Forest, All Jellies (Gum Drops, Orange Slices, etc…), All the Headlines (Lemonhead, Applehead, Grapehead, etc…), All Jujus, All Jelly Beans, Sour Jacks, Cherry Sours, Boston Baked Beans, Atomic Fireballs, Jawbreakers (Jawbusters), Red Hots, Chewy Lemonhead & Friends, Chewy Atomic Fireballs, Fruit Snacks, Chocolate (Almonds, Peanuts, Raisins)-Dairy





Gluten-Free Info (via consumer representative on phone Sept 2010):
If there is gluten in the ingredients, including wheat, rye, oat, barley or malt, it will be listed on the ingredient label.

Allergen Info (via phone recording and web  Sept 2010):
How does The Hershey Company manage allergies? The Hershey Company strives to provide its consumers with accurate, reliable ingredient statements upon which consumers can make their purchase decision. The Hershey Company has an Allergy Task Force that ensures that the ingredient statements are always accurate, and that any allergen statements placed on the label is understandable. Do your products share plants & equipment? We take food allergies very seriously at Hershey and have strict procedures in place to prevent crossover of allergens into other products that do not contain the allergen. In instances where we have a concern about possible crossover by an allergen we take the added precaution of including an allergy information statement on the label.



Gluten-Free info (via web Sept 2010):
All flavors of Jelly Belly beans are free of gluten. We do not use any wheat, rye, barley, or oats in the basic recipe for Jelly Belly jelly beans. The modified food starch listed on the package is cornstarch.

Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010):
We work very closely with all of our ingredient suppliers to ensure that all ingredients are free of dairy.

Please continue to carefully check all ingredient statements on packages and bulk bins for peanut ingredients.  We discontinued Peanut Butter flavor of Jelly Belly beans (this flavor contained peanut butter and peanut flour) however, it is possible this flavor may still be included in packages sold in retail stores until inventories are depleted.

None of the other flavors of Jelly Belly beans contain peanuts as an ingredient.  We no longer process peanuts in our manufacturing plants.


Gluten-Free Info (via phone Sept 2010):
All of our candies are gluten-free. The modified food starch that we use in our candies in corn starch.

Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010):
Do your candies contain any of the top 8 allergens? (Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat)? Because product formulations can change at any time, we encourage consumers to refer to our package labels for the most up-to-date ingredient and allergen information.  We are required by law to declare major food allergens as defined by the FDA on our label.  Moreover, we voluntarily add advisory statements to our packages to alert consumers to potential cross contamination risk.



Gluten-Free Info (via phone recording Sept 2010): The following products do not contain gluten: All M&Ms products with the exception of M&Ms pretzels, all Milky Way products with the exception of Milky Way Bar, Snickers and Snickers Dark Bars, all Dove chocolate products, Munch Bar.

Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010): read their policy on allergen labeling


Gluten-Free Info (via web Sept 2010):
We make the following products which do not contain gluten from wheat, rye, oats or barley: Necco Wafers, Mary Janes, Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses, Sweethearts Conversation Hearts (Valentines only), Canada Mint & Wintergreen Lozenges, Haviland Thin Mints and Candy Stix. In addition, Clark Bars, Skybars, Haviland Peppermint & Wintergreen Patties, Necco Candy Eggs (Easter), Talking Pumpkins (Halloween), Squirrel Nut Caramels and Squirrel Nut Zippers, Banana Split and Mint Julep Chews, ULTRAMINTS are also gluten free.





View all Palmer Halloween treats.




Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010):

We have contacted our suppliers on the ingredients we use, including sugar, corn syrup, citric, malic, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, artificial flavors & colors, starch, release agents, and processing aids. These products do not contain the gluten protein that causes a problem for people with Celiac Sprue.

*A note about soy. Our products, except Circus Peanuts, may contain trace amounts of soy oil, a processing aid in making candy. The soy oil has been refined, bleached and deodorized, a process that removes the protein that can cause an allergic reaction. Because individual sensitivities vary, however, we have chosen to list the soy oil.

5 ways we make sure our products are allergy free.

  1. Our manufacturing facilities are 100% free of gluten (from wheat, barley and rye), dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish.
  2. All Spangler Candy products are made on dedicated manufacturing equipment.
  3. We thoroughly clean every manufacturing line, every day.
  4. We notify all of our suppliers about our allergen standards. We also request an annual allergen report from each supplier to verify that the ingredients they provide are allergy free.
  5. At least twice a year, all of our products are tested for allergens by an independent food lab.

Dum Dum Gum Pops and Dum Dum Chewy Pops made in the USA are free of peanuts, tree nuts, egg, gluten, and milk. Dum Dum Gum Pops and Dum Dum Chewy Pops made in Brazil are manufactured in a facility where peanuts and milk are used in the manufacturing of other products. Please check the back panel for country of origin.



Allergen Info (via consumer representative on phone Sept 2010): None of the above products contain gluten or the top 8 allergens (except for soy lecithin in gum) and there is no cross contact with the top 8 allergens, except for Altoids Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints, which contains a warning for nuts and wheat.


Allergen Info (via email Sept 2010):
All of our Wonka® Exceptional Chocolates do not contain gluten , however they are made on shared equipment.

Labeling regulations require that if any of the eight recognized known allergens, such as gluten, are in the product, they must be listed in the ingredient statement. We always list the allergen by its common name.

Additionally, our factories, that use any of the recognized allergens as an ingredient, take all precautions to avoid cross contact of products that do not contain them. We always add a cautionary statement at the end of our packaging ingredient listing if a product is made on the same line or factory of those products containing a recognized allergen. It is recommended that you always check the label before purchasing a product.

Here is a list of natural and specialty candy companies – great for kids with food allergies!

AMANDA’S OWN CONFECTIONS (www.amandasown.com)

Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010): All of our products (chocolate and non-chocolate) are dairy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, egg-free, gluten-free and sesame-free. Our suppliers have certifications from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stating that their
facilities are dairy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, egg-free, gluten-free and sesame-free.
There are no other products in our facility, so there is NO chance for any cross contamination from any other food allergens. Our chocolate contains soy lecithin, however, the soy protein has been removed.


Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010):
This product does not contain the top eight allergens and are not made on shared equipment with wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustaceans/shellfish, and egg.

CHOCOLATE DECADENCE (www.chocolatedecadence.com)


DIVVIES (www.divvies.com)

Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010): Divvies candies, frosting, and sprinkles are certified by their manufacturers to be peanut-, tree nut-, milk-, egg-free, and sesame-free and are packaged in Divvies Bakery. Divvies conducts routine testing to minimize the risk of any cross-contamination in their certified allergen-free ingredients.

ENJOY LIFE (www.enjoylifefoods.com)

INDIE CANDY (www.indiecandy.com)

PURE FUN (www.organiccandy.com)

SURF SWEETS (www.surfsweets.com)

Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010):
Are your products gluten-free and casein-free? Yes, all of our products are both gluten-free and casein-free. Casein is the protein found in dairy.
Are your products peanut-free? Yes, all of our products do not contain peanuts and are produced and packaged in a facility free of peanuts.
Are your products produced and/or packaged in a facility with other common allergens? No, our products are produced in a facility free of: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, nuts, fish, and shellfish.
Surf Sweets products are made with natural colors and flavors, organic fruit juice and sweeteners, and provide you with your daily allowance of Vitamin C. We are also one of the only candies made without corn syrup.

VERMONT NUT FREE CHOCOLATES (www.vermontnutfree.com)

Allergen Info (via web Sept 2010):
Our entire selection is completely safe for those with any tree nut or peanut allergy but can also be enjoyed by anyone who loves fine chocolates.
Regarding dairy: Although our solid dark chocolate items do not contain any dairy ingredients, they are processed on shared dairy equipment and are labeled as such. Additionally, most of the items that we make are in milk chocolate and we always have lots of dairy ingredients around in the same production area so we could not consider our solid dark chocolate items to be truly dairy free. If the dairy allergy in question is more than a mild one and you have concerns about possible dairy traces, we would not recommend our solid dark chocolate items.
Regarding eggs: We do make some products that contain egg ingredients. The Orange-Apricot truffles, orange creams and the raspberry creams as well as our fudge and candy corn all contain eggs or egg products as an ingredient. All of our other filled (boxed) chocolates as well as the mini twist pretzels are processed on the same equipment. All of our solid chocolate items, in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate, are processed on different equipment than is used for the egg containing chocolates. Our solid chocolate items include the chocolate bars, pops, coins, drops, chips, bugs and holiday novelty items.

YUMMY EARTH (www.yummyearth.com)

Allergen Info (via web Oct 09): Are any of the major allergens, including peanuts or tree nuts, used in your product? No, plus our plant does not produce anything
with tree-nuts or peanuts. YummyEarth’s organic lollipops and drops are enjoyed by corn sensitive people around the world.

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