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Win Stuff Wednesday: A sweet deal!

Posted on March 23rd, 2011 by Alison Read 46 Comments - Add Your Own »


Looking for allergen-free Easter candy or candy without artificial dyes?

Surf Sweets Jelly BeansI’d rather give my kids candy with natural flavorings and colorings over candy with artificial dyes, so I am happy to have found a great resource: I love their tag line: “All the FUN without the FUNNY stuff!” For Easter, they have added a whole section of Easter candy, categorized by allergen, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and Feingold. There is something for everyone!

I am pleased to announce that the first Win Stuff Wednesday prize comes from the nice people at who have offered one of my readers a $30 gift certificate! To win the certificate, let me know in the comments what your favorite candy was when you were a child. I used to sneak to the corner store to get my sugar fix — Tootsie Pops were my candy of choice. So, what was yours (and do you still eat it now)?

Contest ends on Saturday, March 26 at midnight PST. I will choose one winner and announce it on Sunday. Good luck!

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  1. When I was young my favorite candy was gummy bears. I do eat them on occasion still, but I’ve developed a love for dark chocolate!

  2. My friend and I would eat Twizzlers by the bagful. They were a weekend staple. 🙂

  3. Atomic Fireballs!!! They were 5 cents each from the corner store – Now that I have become a sissy in my old age “wink”…my 11y/o carries on fireball tradition 🙂 Now I like jellybeans, licorice & chocolate! Great contest – thanks for the chance!

  4. For Easter, my favorite was always Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs (and YES, I still eat them!) My mom always made me the BEST Easter baskets. They would last months. 🙂

  5. My favorite has always been anything chocolate! I still eat chocolate (too much!) but dark chocolate is my favorite.

  6. My favorite candy as a kid was and still is jelly rings, however, there are many others who follow close behind, milkey ways, snickers, basically anything chocolate.

  7. As a kid, I loved anything that stuck in my teeth: JuJuBees, Bit-O-Honey, gummy bears … and I still do! I was so relieved to hear that Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish are gluten free, because I can’t imagine giving up my chewy candies!

  8. My memory instantly brings me back to Easter baskets filled with yums that we would devour before breakfast.. but always dug deep in the fake grass for the robins eggs(malt balls) that we licked and my sisters and I would color our lips with the coating like candy lipstick. Makes me smile just remembering it! However makes me sadder that I cannot share this fun with our grandson as I have YET to find any GFCF robins eggs and soy free is the worst with candies.

  9. My favorite was robins eggs, malt balls which we
    know are now a big no-no!!! I still miss them on
    Easter morning.

  10. As a kid, my two favorites were Whoppers and the Whatchamacallit candy bar! I can no longer eat either one since I found out I have celiac disease, and I have to say, I really miss those malted milk balls!!!

  11. Oh my goodness, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups were my absolutely love as a child. I would eat the chocolate outside first and then the peanut butter. So delicious!

  12. My favourite candy as a child was anything I could get fromthe ice cream truck with the coinage I would find inbetween the couche cushions or outside in the street. Generally, that meant I was in for Now & Laters or Bazooka gum.

  13. My favorite used to be malted milk balls,the Robbin eggs at Easter and Nestle Crunch. These are taboo now but, there are other really good things like M&M’s!

  14. My favorite candy was caramels, Reese’s peanut butter cups, milk duds and slow pokes.

  15. I loved sour patch kids. I’ll admit- I still do!

  16. I could never choose just one, but I did (and do) love Peeps… When I was about 4, I thought the inside of Cadbury Creme Eggs was made of real (raw) egg. It took a while to get over that!

  17. Caramellos and Rolos were always my favorite candy growing up. I still eat them on occasion, but am trying to stay away from sweets for my health. I am a mom and wife to four Celiacs who LOVE Reese’s, tho. We go through A LOT of those!! 🙂

  18. I loved Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, but I don’t eat them anymore. No peanuts in this house!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. Then – Jolly Ranchers and Jelly Bellys!
    Now – Runts and Jelly Bellys!

    I haven’t grown up much yet 🙂

  20. My favorite and still is, is Candy Corn. My grandma had a candy dish at her house that we could get into when we were visiting. The usual candy was – you guessed it – candy corn. My grandma was a wonderful, gracious woman and eating candy corn is like having a little bit of her with me still.

  21. oh, I was a candy freak growing up. I still could be, if I let myself! I LOVE swedish fish, but the red ones are the best! Now I treat myself to a bit of dark chocolate a few times a week to keep my sanity 🙂

  22. Jelly Bellies. No doubt. I loved them with a passion – I loved mixing them, eating them solo, trying new flavors, making my own combos. I saved up my allowance to buy them. In 9th grade I even asked for Jelly Bellies, and only Jelly Bellies, for my birthday. I ended up with jars and jars of them – they lined my windowsills and took over my desk. And I never got sick of them. I’m surprised I had no cavities!

    Imagine my relief when I got diagnosed and then realized a few months later that my favorite candy was gluten-free. So many doors had shut for me that year, but this one stayed wide open. I don’t eat them much anymore, but they still make me smile.

  23. When I was a kid I loved Jolly Ranchers, Twix bars, and loved jelly beans on Easter. I will still sneak any of these if I can get my hands on them. I wish my food allergic son could enjoy these, but we are also avoiding corn, which involves most sweets.

  24. Cadberry Cream Eggs at Easter. I remember walking to the store each year with my friend to get my fix. Now as an adult it seems so filling. Now I simply enjoy a chocolate kiss each and every day. The kids know it is my stash and what brings a smile to my face.

  25. I get nostalgic when I see unusual candies from childhood, like those little wax coke bottles with syrup inside, but I have never been a huge candy fan. One of my favorite Easter sweet treats wasn’t really edible: a hollow sugar egg with a beautiful scene inside- I saw some mini ones at Cracker Barrel last week but would love to find a more elaborate one… In my tween & teen years, I liked Jelly Bellies and Mars Bars. But my son is drawn to sweets like a moth to a flame. I would like to have an alternative like this for Easter for him!

  26. Ooooh, Butterfingers for sure.

  27. My favorite was the tiny size Chiclet gum. When I was 5 I snuck out the house and went to the store by myself to get some of this gum. In my mind the store was just around the corner, but it was 4 blocks away! My mom came looking for me (freaked out!) and found me at the store. She asked “Why???” and I said “I wanted Chiclets.”. Oh the things we do for our favorite candy.

  28. Sugar babies and Junior mints were a favorite when I was younger. Thanks for offering a chance to win goodies on Wednesdays!

  29. My favorite candy, as well as all of my friends’ favorite, was Warheads! Black Cherry was the most sour, and the BEST. I don’t think I could handle them anymore though! My other favorite was Snickers bars, but alas my wheat and dairy allergies prevent me from eating them more than once or twice a year.

  30. Was, and still is jelly beans! Love ’em, and can’t get enough of them this time of year to last me throughout the year.

  31. Reese’s peanut butter cups. Thanks for the link to this site, it’s always hard for me to come up with good ideas on holidays like Easter for my gluten free, dairy and egg allergic son.

  32. I have always loved Peeps! They have to be a bit stale tho. I open the package and let them “ripen” for a few days. Just disgusts people who don’t understand! 😀

  33. this is great! for me it’s smarties!

  34. I have always loved chocolate! Now I mainly eat dark chocolate. Thank God it’s gluten free!

  35. Mmmm, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and and a Three Musketeers bar. Both are personal non grata in our house because of my kids food allergies.

  36. Ahh, back then it was Charleston Chew all the way and I loved to put it in the freezer until it made that great *snap* when you bit into it. Now I am more of a jelly bean, gummy bear fan…guess my teeth don’t have the strength for Charleston anymore 🙂

  37. Chocolate was always my favorite. At Easter my mother would buy a large chocolate rabbit for the table centerpiece. My sisters and I would fight over who got the ears as they were solid chocolate and were definitely the best tasting part ;)Dark chocolate is my favorite now!

  38. how awesome would this be to win! My favorites as a kid were peanut butter cups and smarties.

  39. I used to love to walk up to the corner store for penny candy and sweedish fish.

  40. Ooh, let’s hear it for Circus Peanuts! You remember, those orange, spongy, delicious monstrocities!? Mmmm.

  41. my favorite candy as a child – honest to goodness- was Red Vines – one of the very few items that they haven’t been able to duplicate well GF. When I think about trying gluten again and what I would blow it on- Red Vines are always at the top of my list!

  42. I loved Smarties as a kid. Back in the 1960s I remember they had a fizz to them. Or maybe I’m thinking of a different candy that looked like Smarties? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

    I do not eat them now because they give me a headache. Well if someone has them in their candy dish I might sneak one or two but I still pay for it with a headache

  43. Almost anything chocolate and I loved jelly beans. I still eat chocolate but haven’t had jelly beans in ages because of all the food dye.

  44. Dark chocolate; so delicious and yummy. I love your gluten free blog…it’s wonderful.
    Keep up the great work.

  45. i was just feeling horrible that my children were only getting toys and no candy for easter this year. thanks for the tip!

    my favorite candy was a snickers bar, but sadly my son has a very high peanut allergy so we don’t even allow them in the house anymore…

  46. Nora,
    You won! Congratulations!