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Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles (Win Stuff Wednesday!)

Posted on April 27th, 2011 by Alison Read 154 Comments - Add Your Own »

Lifefactory Bottles 16 oz.If you don’t have a Lifefactory glass water bottle by now, you really need to get one! About a year ago I did a giveaway of these bottles when they were brand-new and nobody had even seen them before. Now, a year later, I am seeing them everywhere! Why? Here are some reasons:

  • They look cool. Who knew a bottle could be so stylish?
  • They make things taste good — well, they make things taste like they are supposed to taste, without a plastic or metal flavor added.
  • They are made from quality, safe ingredients. It really does matter what you put in your body (hopefully you know that already!)
  • They get clean! Seriously, I have been using the same kid bottles now for 3 years and my big ones for over a year and they all look brand new.
  • They come in a variety of sizes: small 4 oz and 9 oz for babies and kids, medium 16 oz (new this year) and large 22 oz for adults.
  • They look cool — oh, did I already say that?

win-stuff-wednesday1And now, what you’ve been waiting for… the giveaway. My husband (who works for Lifefactory) has authorized me to give away 3 bottles. Oh, what the heck, I’m sure he’ll let me give away 4. Let’s do 4! To enter to win, please leave a comment (one per person) with the size you choose (either 16 oz or 22 oz) and the color you want. Now this is tricky — the 16 oz has some different color options than the 22 oz, so pay attention:

  • Lifefactory Bottles 22 ozThe medium 16 oz colors are: Raspberry, Spring Green, Pearl White,Turquoise, Royal Purple, and Graphite (see picture at top of post)
  • The large 22 oz colors are: Red, Orange, Spring Green, Pearl White, Sky Blue and Midnight Blue (see picture to right). Matching color caps are new this year!

You have until Sunday, May 1 at midnight PST to post a comment. I will choose the winners at random. UPDATE: Extended til Monday, May 2 midnight PST!

Even if you don’t win, you lucky readers of Sure Foods Living get a special online discount of 20% at Lifefactory.com if you use the code surefoods20 at check out (good until June 30, 2011).


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  1. I would LOVE the 16 oz bottle in the turquoise color! These look so cool!!

  2. I love these! I have never seen them and would love to have a 22 oz Red one. I am new to your website and am currently trying to figure out what exactly is going on with my sytem – whether I am gluten intolerant or allergic to gluten. I have allergies that I get 3 shots for every week. My food allergies include wheat, milk, egg, and peanuts. I am a little overwhelmed and am trying to learn as much as possible. Thank you for your great website!

  3. The 22 oz Pearl White bottle looks great to me….I had not seen these before. I really like the idea of having a glass bottle! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I want (no I NEED) the 16 oz in royal purple. It would match my yoga mat!

  5. The 22 oz Sky Blue water bottle looks great. I’ve never seen these before either but they look awesome.

  6. I love the purple 16-ounce! So pretty!

  7. These are so cool! I would love the 22oz midnight blue.

  8. What a great idea! I would have to go with the 22oz blue – I love the color!

  9. i would love a turquiose one! These are awesome!!

  10. The 16 oz turquoise one is Ms. Popular. It’s my favorite too! Thanks Alison!

  11. I would love the 22oz in orange! They look so pretty. Thank you for all the wonderful information my father and sister in law are gluten free and I am able to make stuff without the fear they will be sick afterwards.

  12. I would love the red 22oz bottle…or well, any of them!

  13. Awesome – thanks! 22 oz. red looks dreamy to me.

  14. Love the new colors! I esp love 16 oz turquoise. Thanks for all of your great reviews.

  15. I’d love the 16 oz. spring green!

  16. 16oz turquoise! that’d be so great.

  17. I would love to have the 22oz orange one!!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. Hi, I would love to have one of these. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go. So I like the larger 22oz. size. I am also a blue person. So either of the blues would be great.
    Thanks for this great opportunity.

  19. 22oz in Spring Green! (Though, really, I’d love to have any of the 22oz ones. I’ve been eyeing them for a while.)

  20. So cool! Thanks.

    I’d like a 22oz in spring green

  21. I would love to win the 16oz royal purple bottle!

    I have several 22oz and love them!!!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I would LOVE an orange 22 oz Lifefactory bottle please!! You’re the best Alison!

  23. I would love one of these in the dark blue , 22oz. These are definitely unique…I’ve never seen them before and would really love to have a glass one where there is no after-taste to it. Thanks for the chance at one!

  24. Hurray for safe bottles! Either size is great – I love spring green :-)

  25. What a great site! Thanks for your posts! Keeping my fingers crossed for a midnight blue 22 oz:)

  26. These are all beautiful….I would love the 22oz in red.

    Thanks :)

  27. 22oz Red all the way! Kiddos and I will stay super hydrated this summer. Been eying these for a while. What’s Cooking sent me over.

  28. 22 oz spring green! But it looks from your many responses that I’m already too late 😉 P.S. Baby Joey LOVES his lifefactory teether. Thanks lifefactory.com !

  29. I would love the Midnight Blue 22oz one for my husband! Please please please!!!

  30. Wow these look awesome. I would love the 22oz red one! :)

  31. I would love the 22 oz in Spring Green! Thank you!

  32. I would absolutely be thrilled to win the 22 oz. red one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I would love a 22 ounce Spring Green! I’ve never seen these before; they’re very stylish. And we could all use more hydration!

  34. These look cool! I just got home from surgery and had to see what you had going on today! Hope you are doing well.

  35. Oooh – the 16 oz in Purple please :) Wish the large came in purple 😉

  36. I love the medium in Spring Green! If I win, then my water bottle can match the other GIG of M gals’ bottles!

  37. I would love to win the 22 ounce bottle in Spring Green. I need to replace the nalgene bottle in my office. I’m trying to drink more water and get away from more chemicals.

    thanks for the great opportunity and the great blog!


  38. These look Great I have never seen them before. Would love a 16 or 22 oz in Spring Green. Thank You for the chance!

  39. I would love a 22 oz. in Sky Blue. Thanks!

  40. I have never seen anything like these around my area.. Would love to have a Raspberry 16 0z. The graphite one is nice also

  41. Wow! Those are cool. I’d love to have a 16oz Spring Green bottle. Thanks!

  42. The 22oz Orange one would be wonderful! Thanks

  43. Thanks for offering this giveaway! I would love to stop drinking from plastic containers; the 16oz one in graphite looks like the perfect vessel!

  44. 22 red! For my mother in law for mothers day. She admired mIne in spring green – her favorite color is red.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. 22oz Orange. This is a wonderful site – just discovered it. Really appreciate your experiences and insights and recipes!! Thanks so much!

  46. A friend of mine at work has one of your bottles and I showed her that she can drop it and it won’t break. She was amazed. I would love to have an orange one.

  47. Nice. Great giveaway!

  48. I’d never heard of these. They look fabulous! I’d want the 22 oz in Spring Green. Thanks for the contest and for letting us know this great product :)

  49. Oooo – the 22 ounce orange one to replace the orange metal one sitting on my desk. That would be totally awesome!

  50. These are awesome…I would love the 16 oz in Raspberry.

  51. I have never seen these before, they are great! I love the 16 oz turquoise one. I carry a thermos water bottle everywhere I go and this looks so much cooler!

  52. I would love a 16oz Royal purple one. They look awesome!

  53. I’ve had my eye on these. I’d love a 22oz in midnight blue sent to Ohio ASAP.

  54. Found your website through my chiropractor (maximized Living)and found a lot of interesting articles. Am trying to convince my son to change his diet to help with allergies, ADHD and hope a fun new water bottle will help, too. Any color but orange would be fine. Thanks.

  55. These are the coolest bottles. I keep meaning to get one. You have a very cool hubby! Oh and purple is my favorite color but I am getting hooked on red since it’s the color of my nutrition school. If I get lucky and you draw my name I’ll take any of them. They are all cool.

  56. Would LOVE the 20oz in the midnight blue, love that color. Perfect to take along to school with me too.

  57. I would love love love the 22oz in Orange. Sounds like happy hydration to me!

  58. i have the 16oz purple one and have been wanting to get myself the 22oz midnight blue one — I would be soooo happy to win one! thank you!

  59. Love them! I gave up carting my Sigg around b/c of the metallic taste and didn’t think there was a suitable replacement. The 16oz in any color would be lovely, though I’m partial to the turquoise.

  60. I would love the 16 oz bottle in raspberry. So pretty!

  61. I have never seen them before! But I would love to have the 22oz Orange one please. Thanks!

  62. As an artist I love the colors!!! So hard to choose one color, but I would like a red 22 oz bottle.

  63. I would love the raspberry 16 oz bottle:)

  64. I would love the 22 oz orange bottle. I go through a lot of water so the bigger the better! And the brighter the better so I won’t lose it! :) thanks!

  65. I’d love the 22 oz. midnight blue one !. A great idea ! tried metal but has a bad aftertaste..going for glass! thanks !

  66. Awesome! I’d love to win the medium in Royal Purple! Thanks for a great blog!

  67. Hi Alison!

    I just started my sons on gluten-free, and my toddler is already sleeping soooo much better, after 18 months of constant screaming at night!

    I love the green 16oz bottle!



  68. Ooooh, I would so love to win one of these, especially the 22oz in orange. I was just thinking that I wanted a new water bottle for the summer. I’m going to be working for a conservation organization on a prairie and a reusable water bottle is a must for me anyway, but will be extra valuable then. The (crappy plastic) loop on my metal one broke and it’s sort of a pain to lug around now because it’s so big. Thanks for doing this!

  69. Hi there….a 55 year mom that just started working out again after about a 21 year hiatus would just LOVE the 22 oz in Spring Green. I’ll be the coolest looking person in the gym. Thanks for your offer!

  70. I’m very excited to find your blog! Not only was I looking for recipes and advice on living allergen-free but I have been searching for an environmentally friendly way to always have water handy (without a metallic taste, blech). Thanks!!

  71. 22oz in Orange!

  72. These look great. I’d love the graphite. Thanks.

  73. Hello,

    I would love to win the 22 oz. Midnight Blue. It sounds like a great product! Good luck to all.

    To peaceful, kind and healthy day to all.


  74. The Royal Purple would be great for when I’m out on my daily jog!!!! Thank you so much for your website, as it has been such a GREAT help to me! :-)

  75. I have a 22 oz in Pearl White and love it! I would pick the same size in Spring Green and Sky Blue to share with my husband and three sons.

  76. Royal Purple 16 oz for me, please…these are great bottles. My large one got broken but the plastic sleeve kept the sharp pieces from causing any trouble. I highly recommend these.

  77. 22 oz Midnight Blue for me. I’m replacing all my plastic water bottles with glass since I ofund out BPA can be stired in fat cells.

  78. I would love the Spring Green in 22oz! Actually I would LOVE them all! They look fabulous :-)

  79. I would love the 22 oz. red one. I’ve never seen the glass bottles before. I was doing gluten free for my twin girls with autism some time ago but their dad won’t follow so it isn’t effective. I still limit gluten on my side & try to eat clean more often. Thanks. :)

  80. I would love to have the 16 oz. Pearl White! Thanks for the great site!

  81. Oooooo I <3 the 22oz orange!

  82. I have never seen these bottles before.I would love a 22oz. orange.

  83. I would love a 16 oz in Graphite!

  84. …just to quote George in Harry Potter…”holey”…water….
    Great product, dependable, and crisp!

  85. What a great idea for spring…go green. So I think the spring green is a perfect choice and Alison, thank you so much for giving your time to such a good cause. I think I speak for everyone that your website is definitely a safe haven for all. You are doing a great job.

  86. I would love the 22 oz Sky Blue – the color reminds me of my son’s eyes. He’s nine and has multiple food allergies. This site is very helpful to both of us. Thank you!

  87. I would love the 16 oz. turquoise. Thank you for offering the giveaway (and your husband,too (: ).

  88. 22oz Spring green!! Spring has officially sprung where I live in Texas! Live to have the bottle to dehydrate after running.
    Thank you for your site!! I love the info, inspiration & good reading.

  89. The 22oz in Midnight Blue would be my choice. Thank you so much for offering the give away, but even more, just helping those of us who have challenges. Your site is great!

  90. They say timing is everything. Friday after work my glass water bottle tipped over on my counter and cracked into about a million (slight exaggeration) pieces. I would absolutely love and appreciate one of these amazing glass water bottles. The 22 in sky blue is my only choice. Our dog’s name growing up was “Skye Blue.” TOO IRONIC!!!
    I’m just starting my gluten free journey and will be starting the elimination diet in a couple weeks with my ND.
    Wish me luck.

  91. These bottles look great. The 22 oz Midnight blue is my favorite. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

  92. I would love to tote around the 22 oz. in midnight blue, and proudly tell all it is an awesome Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle!

  93. I have a 22oz and it’s great. A 16oz Graphite one would be nice when I don’t want to carry such a big bottle around.

  94. I love all the colors but I would say blue would work best for my family. Any of the blues :) I love blue and that is a color the boys would be okay with using too.

  95. I would love to win the 22 oz in orange! I’d love one in each color but today, I feel orange. :)

  96. The 16oz raspberry would be great. It reminds me of my daughter’s favorite fruit.

  97. I really want to get some of these!!! I like the 16oz. green…not sure that my little guys would appreciate the pink, LOL!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway Alison…and thanks to your hubby too!

  98. Would LOVE the 16 oz in Graphite! We are always on the go with sports activities, and this would be awesome! How fun!

  99. I’d love to win the green one! 😀

  100. I would love the 22 oz in midnight blue!

  101. What an awesome giveaway! I’d love the 22 oz. in any color – I love them all!

  102. Love it! Such a great idea I have never seen these. I would love either one not picky. But I do love the sky blue 22oz.

  103. I actually got to see some of the Lifefactory bottles being used by folks at the Expo. Loved them! :-) I’d love the larger size in midnight blue.

    Thanks, Alison!

  104. I would love one of these. Hard to decide which one. I love the 16oz purple on and the 22oz orange one. =)

  105. I’d love to win a 22 oz orange one!

  106. I have thrown out all of my daughters plastic water bottles that she uses for soccer practice. This would be a great thing for me to give her to stay hydrated and drink SAFE water. We live in Idaho and I am sure no one has seen these.

  107. Hard to decide what color…..the 16 oz. raspberry is nice. Would love to win one. I take a water bottle with me all the time.

  108. I love Life factory products! Would take any size or color!

  109. I would love to have the 22 onces in red .Thanks

  110. I currently rotate between a couple of metal bottles, but I would love to try this one. It has an awesome look too. I’d like the 22oz. bottle in RED. Thanks! so much for this opportunity.

  111. 22oz sky blue~would love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. I would love one of these bottles, don’t really care about the color..

  113. I would love a 22oz midnight blue bottle. My son loves to have a water bottle but I hate to give him plastic or metal bottles. Thank you for the chance to win!

  114. I love the 22 oz orange…might even match my orange Crocs. 22 oz allows enough for me and the sips my kiddos take.

  115. I’d LOVE the 16 oz. raspberry one. This is a great give away! So cute!

  116. I love the 22oz Spring Green! I HATE using plastic bottles and would love to win this!

  117. I love these, they are so neat! I would like a 22 oz orange one if I win :)

  118. I drink water all day long at work but am terrible on the weekends. If I had one of these, I would be sure to keep guzzling!!

  119. 16 oz graphite please! :-)

  120. Oooh, they are gorgeous! I’d be jazzed with a 22 oz bottle to tote along with me to the gym and work. Surprise me with the color :) I love a fabulous water bottle, and these are so clever! I’ve never seen them!

  121. Sky blue 22oz is to DIE for!!!

  122. The 22 ounce sky blue is gender-neutral enough to share with my girlfriend.

  123. Oooh I love the 22oz pearl bottle!!! Soooo pretty!!!

  124. My daughter would love the 16oz royal purple bottle <3

  125. 22 ounce red bottle… go Sun Devils!

  126. 22oz red Go Cougs!

  127. The 22oz pearl white would be spooktacular for toting along on ghost walks 😉

  128. 16 oz Royal purple one is really pretty.

  129. 22 oz Midnight Blue!!

  130. I like the 16 oz… Turquoise one! I am NEW to the website and love all the recipes,tips and amazing support! I have never seen these before but I love them! Would love one!

  131. please pick me. i would love any of the 22 ounce bottles. i have severe asthna so i drink a lot of water to quiet my coughing spells. blue or red. thanking you in advance for selecting me. ;- )

  132. 22 oz., red please!

  133. Thank you for the opportunity!! I would love the 22oz sky blue.

  134. 16 oz in pearl white! I would love it!!

  135. i love them all but I’d pick 22oz sky blue!

  136. I would be thrilled to receive any of them, but my favorite is the 22 oz red. Thanks for the discount code as well!

  137. I’ve never heard of these and I think they all look awesome!! I like the 22oz. Midnight Blue!

  138. Pearl white is out of sight.
    Make me a winner
    And my day will be bright.

    (16 oz.,j please)

  139. We use 5-gal glass bottles with a dispenser for our drinking water, but need glass for travel also- love this!

  140. I am slowly getting my family away from all
    plastic, we use Some
    stainless but these glass are
    really cool. Never seem them before . Would
    love a 22oz orange. Thanks

  141. I would love the 22 oz midnight blue!!

  142. i would love the green one of the22 oz size , tx

  143. this is amazing!! I try to only drink out of glass. my favorite is the 16oz in Royal Purple.

  144. I like the 22 oz. sky blue one. Haven’t seen these before until I stumbled upon your post.

  145. These are too cute! I would enjoy the 22 oz. spring green one!

  146. I’d love to win ANY color of the 22 oz bottle for my wife — anything to get her better at rehydrating herself more than she does now!

  147. Hi There- midnight blue 22 oz please. I just bought my first 22zo bottle, and I think my daughter would really like one to take to when she leaves to study abroad in Chile. She is leaving in July and will return briefly for the holidays, and she will return to Chili or another South American Country for a second semester.

    thank you’

  148. Wow! Great looking SAFE water vessels! Would love the largest size for me and my family!!

  149. The 16 oz sky blue is lovely!

  150. I love the red 22 oz! These would made drinking water so much more fun!

  151. Thanks for all your informative posts about allergen-free living. So helpful! (16oz/rasp.)

  152. I would love the 22 oz. In red. So pretty.

  153. A blue 22 oz bottle would be awesome! My current bottle has had a lot of use and could really use a new one.

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