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Tanka Bars and Bites (Win Stuff Wednesday!)

Posted on April 13th, 2011 by Alison Read 33 Comments - Add Your Own »

If you haven’t tried Tanka Bars or Tanka Bites yet, you might think buffalo and cranberry is an odd combination, but let me tell you — it works! Think beef jerky, but softer, moister and sweeter. The tanka-bitescombination of buffalo and cranberry is based on a centuries-old traditional Native American recipe, and is surprisingly good together.

In addition to the bars and bites, there are Tanka Wild Sticks (contain wild rice) and Tanka Dogs. Free of gluten, dairy (except for the Tanka Dogs which have milk powder), nuts, soy, and nitrates, Tanka Products are made from 100% prairie-fed buffalo meat sourced from as many Native American ranchers as possible. This is a great source of lean protein.

And the mission of the company is so lovely: “to heal the people and our Mother Earth by building a company that innovates real food products based on the traditional values of Native American respect for all living things by living in balance with mind, body, and spirit.” If that statement doesn’t move you, watch this video — these are real people behind this product. Such a great story.

win-stuff-wednesday1Now the fun part — you have a chance to win a variety pack of Tanka products! Just leave a comment about how you get protein in yours or your kids’ diets. Giveway ends Friday, April 15 at midnight PST. I will announce the winner in the comments.

If you don’t win, you can purchase Tanka Bars and Tanka Bites online or ask for them in your natural foods store.

Remember to check back every week for Win Stuff Wednesday!

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  1. String cheese…lots of string cheese. Good thing I love cheese.

  2. Yum, the buffalo bites sound interesting. My 2 year old loves beans and braised meat but not much else… we roast garbanzo beans with a little soy sauce and he eats it for snacks all of the time.

  3. Nuts, seeds, and meat.

  4. Almond butter, cheese, almonds and other nuts, and eggs.

  5. Green smoothies, sunflower seed butter, and anything else I can make out of sunflower seeds since it’s the only thing in the nuts/seeds category that my son can eat. I just soaked some sunflower seeds, tossed them with Coconut Aminos, and dehydrated them until crunchy. Yum!

    The Tanka Bars and Bites sound interesting. I love that they’re nitrate-free!

  6. My uncle is an avid hunter and we have a freezer full of overflow, so right now we’re working our way through venison, elk, buffalo and pheasant in addition to our usual chicken and ground turkey. We also eat eggs, cheese, nuts and nut butters, plenty of beans and almond milk when I can get a good deal on it.

  7. As a busy dad who loves to cook healthy meals for my family, we try to eat local meats and produce as much as possible in our meals.

    Our 3 year old daughter loves farm fresh free range eggs for breakfast, for an after dinner dessert we like to use Greek Yogurt to make a healthy sundae, mixed with fresh berries and crushed walnuts with a little shaved dark chocolate!

  8. I love to eat Tanka bars, Tanka bites and lots of nuts..also lots of green grandchildren love the Tanka’s theie favorite treat at Grandma’s house!!

  9. Tanka products are amazing not only in quality and flavor but in their commitment to their community. The bars pack a powerful punch nutritionally that can not be topped! A 100% natural product that is convenient to carry on trips or hiking. I love the product and the company mission!

  10. Hi there- I am the chief cook here and I have been making lunches and dinners..and of course breakfast fo-eva..I am a Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle person and my family and friends love the simple and yet super tasty meat things I make..I hunt and fish and have made my own home made dried meat and fruit balls similar to Pemmican of old..I am currently going to try THE REAL DEAL Pemmican made from grass fed beef fat and dried deer,cow, or elk meat…I cant stress enough how the brain responds to the omega -3’s in good yellow fats from grass or wild fed critters…Fat!…it’s what the brain uses and needs the most..and protein from good meat is the original form of MUSCLE BUILDER.

  11. fish!

  12. Protein isn’t usually the issue with our kids (it’s more fiber and veggies) but we do meats, eggs, and occasionally beans (fiber!)! I love Tanka Bars – they’re so tasty.

  13. I just tried the Tanka bars and bites recently. They are very good. Those, yoghurt, and nuts are my favorite protein snacks.

  14. These sound wonderful, because we have a hard time with protien since my daughter is allergic to dairy and eggs. Lots of nuts, especially sunflower seed butter.

  15. I would LOVE for my son to try these, because he is pretty reluctant to eat meat. Right now, he gets most of his protein from yogurt and nut butter-right now for lunch he is eating carrot slices with an almond butter/honey dip, and for breakfast he had an apple and a mango smoothie made with goat’s milk yogurt.

  16. My daughter loves string cheese, in fact, any cheese works for her, hard boiled eggs and chocolate covered sunflower seeds…. …. these new snacks sound delicious.

  17. I love the Tanka products, it is better to pack one of these instead of a granola bar when I need on the go food. The protein keeps me satisfied and I (who does?) don’t need the extra sugar and calories of granola bars. This is my favorite way to get protein.

  18. My kids love cheese, yogurt, organic grass fed beef, Organic chicken & turkey. Flax is a big player in our household too. I mix it in their milk, applesauce, bake with it & add to pancakes & waffles. Flax has protein & good fats & omega threes. Love your site!!

  19. Meat, seafood, eggs, some nuts/nut and seeds/seed butters but not much, vegetables, fruit. No dairy, no legumes, ie Paleo here. LOVE LOVE Tanka bites when I can get them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. I mix protein powder into homemade gluten free muffins, pancakes and just about anywhere it can be “hidden”…I also add ground flax for an additional boost of healthy omega-3 fats and it gives the foods a real great nutty flavor (especially the pancakes-the kids LOVE them!)

  21. We are eating chicken, grassfed beef, ground turkey, and I just found a recipe for some bison breakfast sausage (patties) so I was going to start trying ground bison meat. We would definitely be interested in giving the Tanka Products a try. We also incorporate the ground flax seeds in buckwheat pancakes.

  22. We have free range, cage free eggs and lean, preservative free canadian bacon on Udi’s toast for breakfast. Fresh, ground dry roasted peanut butter on rice crackers or celery for lunch. A handful of natural nuts like almonds and walnuts for snacks. We keep gluten and dairy free Kind bars in the car for a quick snack to an appointment. Extra lean ground beef (4-7% fat) or chicken breast with gluten free pasta makes a nice dinner and sometimes we make your recipe for gluten free turkey meatballs with bread crumbs we make toasting Udi’s gluten free bread in the oven and putting in the food processor. I am excited to try this new product. It sounds great in every way! Thanks Allison.

  23. I give my daughter as much raw milk as she will drink, crispy nuts (Nourishing Traditions), cheese and I try to sneak eggs whenever possible. She’s going through an anti-egg stage. Thank goodness she loves steak!

  24. I picked up Tanka years ago when they were just a start-up and loved it. Besides being one of my favorite foods, the people that work there really care about the community and their customers. They’ve stuck to their mission and it shows.

    For protein I’ve started adding non-fish seafood like eel and squid in to my diet.

  25. These sound Fabulous… a Nutrition Professional and Paleo advocate- these sound like the PERFECT snack for my family and clients. Have to locate these in my area. Thanks for sharing the review.

    In Health,
    Melissa H
    The Primitive Diva

  26. I love Tanka bars, but I also supplement with grassfed beef jerky chews from Sophia’s Survival Foods as well as eggs on a daily basis.

  27. We <3 Tanka Bars at my house! Even my toddlers enjoy them.

  28. I’ve never had tanka bar products before but I would like to try them. I’ve eaten a lot of luna bars, cliff bars, and fiber one bars to try to get enough protein. I also try to eat meat but good quality meat tends to be expensive. All the best-tasting stuff seems to be bad for you! I hope that’s not the case for tanka!

  29. I’ve always had a problem getting enough protein in me, as I love carbs. However, after discovering my Gluten Intolerance 2 years ago, I can no longer eat those things I used to love. I get my protein from eggs, nuts, cheese (my favorite!), turkey, and the occasional piece of decent salmon (hard to find). I am adjusting… Would love to try the Tanka products!

  30. I am completely addicted to Tanka bars. It’s evil.

  31. Beans as in soup,refried, Nutella and grilled cheese sandwiches. Been meaning to try the Tanka bar but economy has me pinching pennies.

  32. My favorite proteins are grass fed beef and wild caught salmon.

  33. Thanks everyone for the great comments about protein! I got some good ideas and hope you did too.

    The winner of the Tanka variety pack is Carrie Elsass! Congratulations Carrie!

    The contest is now closed, but feel free to comment about Tanka products or getting protein in your diet.

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