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My TV debut speaking about gluten and food allergies!

Posted on October 10th, 2011 by Alison Read 14 Comments - Add Your Own »

I am so lucky — I got to talk about celiac disease and food allergies on TV! It makes me happy that over the past 9 years I have been able to share my story in so many ways — through my blog, in newspaper and magazine, in person, in groups and now on television. Cheryl Jennings of ABC 7 in San Francisco was as nice as can be, as was everyone I met at the studio. I also enjoyed meeting and listening to the others interviewed for this segment. I have already received some emails from those who saw it, so I know it has reached some people out there! 🙂

I hope you will watch the whole show, but if you are short on time, my interview starts at 18:18 (I’m the last 4 minutes of the show).

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  1. Alison!!! Congrats! I’m so happy about your TV spot! What a great spokesperson!:) Way to “represent” haha

  2. Thanks Kelly!!

  3. Congrats Alison! That is fantastic!!

  4. Awesome job, Alison! Off to share with others in a second. I have two members of my group with vitiligo. One has seen her pigmentation return after going gluten free. She is thrilled to be wearing skirts again for the first time in many years. Another has not experienced any progress with her vitiligo since going gluten free. However, her family does travel and eat out a lot and also eats a fair number of “gluten-free” products. So I wonder if she is still getting gluten somehow or has additional food issues that are contributing to her vitiligo. Not asking a question per se, just pondering out loud. I love hearing about folks’ asthma disappearing, too. Anyway, really great job on covering gluten issues and food allergies, Alison!


  5. Wow Shirley! Encourage your group member to add her experience to my post about vitiligo.

  6. What a great show. You were poised and articulate and I’m glad you are a spokesperson and advocate for those of us living gluten free. Thanks for all your efforts.

  7. Thank you Sara for your very kind words!

  8. Look at you, Ali! What a great interview! Clearly you were born to be in front of the camera : ). So informational.

  9. What a professional. You looked like you had done this many times and it was your very first time on TV….good job…MIL

  10. I thought the segment was really great! I especially liked what you said about the perception of parents w/ allergic children. I feel it is true and that it’s difficult to convey the seriousness of such things as cross contamination to those who have not experienced having a food allergic child/relative first hand. I have one daughter w/ celiac disease and one w/ multiple food allergies, so I do gluten free/egg free/dairy free cooking as well, and esp. w/ baking the frustrations can be great. It helps to see someone else who is going through the same experience.

    Good luck.
    Twitter: @glutenfreemaven

  11. Thanks Amy, I will check out your blog!

  12. I kist found out I have celiac but the gluten free diet has not worked for me I cant keep anythong down and or in. I have lost over 100 lds in less then a yr. I dont no what else to do. The only thing that dont mess with me is corm chips that are gluten free.from alds. Please help

  13. I stumbled across your blog today and just watched this interview. I love what you said about misconceptions with food allergies. My son has severe food allergies and my daughter has Celiac Disease. People treat me like a hypochondriac all the time and it really frustrates me. It’s sad that this is a common thing in the world. Food allergies and sensitivities are so scary and never ever would I have chosen this for my children. Thank you for proactivity in making people aware!

  14. Thanks Evelyn – It’s bizarre how people would think we are making this stuff up!

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