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Holiday Giveaway of Pamela’s Gluten-Free Products

Posted on December 10th, 2014 by Alison Read 41 Comments - Add Your Own »

Pamela's Prize PhotoAs a Pamela’s 12 Days of Gluten-Free Cookies Baking Partner, I am offering my readers a prize pack that includes baking mixes, baking utensils and an apron signed by Pamela herself. All you have to do to enter is add a comment telling me your favorite holiday treat! Enter to win for yourself or for a gluten-free friend!

You can enter until 5 pm PST on Friday, December 12.

Check out all the cookie recipes over at Pamela’s Products, including my recipe for gluten-free, egg-free Chocolate-Dipped Scotch Shortbread.

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  1. My all time favorite treats are chocolate chip cookies! The gluten free options have been pretty good but still looking for the taste of cookies past.

  2. Muddy Buddies

  3. My favorite holiday treats are rum balls! Made with gf ingredients, of course 😉

  4. I love everything peppermint, especially peppermint bark

  5. my favorite holiday treat is a mid-morning steamy mug of Mocha with a frosted sugar cookie dipped in and nibbled slowly

  6. I always made oatmeal date bars for my grandpa each Christmas. Now I make them with GF oats and they are just as good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Sugar cookies with frosting.

  8. For cookies: peanut butter blossoms! Or soft ginger cookies!

  9. My husband’s favorite holiday treat is Scottish shortbread using his family’s recipe. I think I might dip some of them in chocolate, this year, like in your recipe. My favorite holiday treat is my son’s flourless dark chocolate cake. Mmmm!!!

  10. My Mom always made chocolate macaroons at Christmas and to this day they are my favourite gluten-free cookie. She is in her late 70s now but still makes them every Christmas!

  11. I adore baking for the holidays, and over the last few years have come to find Pamela’s to be my saving grace! I’ve made my own ‘blends’ mixing hers and had fantastic results. I think my favorite holiday treats are cutout cookies, snowballs, and coconut walnut bars- I can’t choose just one!!

  12. shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate

  13. My favorite holiday treat is called Frasa, it is a French dessert that my Mother-in-law always made. My whole family loves it I am going to make one right now.
    Using the Artisian flour. I feel it is the French version of Biscotti but it is only baked once.

  14. My family’s favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies. My son is gluten free so this is an awesome prize pack!

  15. Hi Alison,
    My granddaughter and I, who are both gluten-free, love Saturday mornings when we treat ourselves to my favorite gluten-free pancakes made from Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix. She likes to decorate them with fresh fruit to make it fun.
    Keep those “Sure Foods Living” emails coming!

  16. sugar cookies with frosting!

  17. Anything with chocolate. Thanks for the shortbread recipe. Next on my list.

  18. my favorite holiday treat is potato latkes

  19. Sugar cookies decorated with holiday themed sprinkles!

  20. Definitely chocolate pie!!

  21. My daughter makes a cheesecake with a gluten free crust and that might be my favorite, though peppermint bark is right up there … 🙂

  22. a combination pumpkin/apple pie yummmm

  23. I love pizzelles at Christmas time

  24. pecan pie!

  25. Gluten-free waffles for breakfast, gluten-free latkes for dinner!

  26. Magic Cookie Bars!!!!! Simply Magical!!!!!!!

  27. Love mom’s Christmas cookies.

  28. Anything with ginger. Love, love, LOVE ginger. Gingerbread, ginger cookies, gingersnaps – gimme gimme gimme! Is it the spiciness, the tingle on the tongue, the exotic catch at the back of the throat? The smell that permeates the house and sings “Christmas”, the olfactory equivalent of Jingle Bells? Or the smoky-soft coloring that strokes the eyes and tempts the tummy? Dunno, but ginger is the spice of Christmas to me.

  29. Love russian tea cakes…most favorite cookie ever!!

  30. Chocolate pumpkin cheesecake swirl.

  31. I agree with peppermint. Peppermint everything. And I love peppermint bark.

  32. My favorite is gluten free chocolate chip cookies, shortbread and snicker doodles! 🎄

  33. Molasses cookies. Just a classic holiday flavor.

  34. Sugar cookies cut into shapes and frosting decoration. It is a family activity for all my grandchildren now. My oldest daughter has celiac so we convert all reciPes to GF.

  35. My favorite products

  36. my favorite cookie is pferreneuse, or pepper nuts. I haven’t had any since I’ve been GF. That would be fun to replicate!

  37. Magic cookie bars, trying to find a way to make the traditional cookie gluten free and healthier but still decadent.

  38. The sugar cookies are so good!

  39. I’ve never had these before!

  40. And the winner, chosen by random drawing, is… Jo-Anne Smith! Congratulations Jo-Anne!

    To the rest of you, thanks for entering and for sharing your holiday treats – I do not think I’ve ever had Muddy Buddies, or Frasa, or Magic Cookie Bars or Pferreneuse, or Pizelles, or Russian Tea Cakes! I guess I have a lot to try, gluten-free of course!

  41. Thank you so much, Alison! Hoping you and your family have a very happy Christmas and a new year filled with good things.

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