The Who Needs Martha recipe roundup

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cupcake1.jpgThanks to everyone who sent in recipes for the Who Needs Martha online recipe exchange! I have decided that rather than post all the recipes at once, I am going to create a new feature on the website called Recipe Share. These recipes will be the ones that you, the readers, send in to me. Whenever there is a Recipe Share post, you will see a blue cupcake icon.

I do want to mention and thank the following blogs that posted recipes for this exchange:

Stay tuned for readers’ recipes to come…

If you have a recipe to share, email it to along with (if you wish) your name and a picture of either the food you created or of you or your family. My only request is that they be at least gluten-free but can also be free of any of the common allergens.

Start your online shopping at Sure Foods Living

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presents.jpgJust a reminder that if you are doing any Amazon shopping this holiday season, consider clicking through to Amazon from the Sure Foods Living website. Amazon will pay a small commission that goes directly to this website — this helps pay for monthly fees to keep it going. There is no extra cost to you, and all you have to do is come here first, then click on the Amazon link in the right sidebar before you start your shopping — that’s it! Thanks for your support!

Also, if you are stumped for gift ideas for someone that has a dietary restriction, consider a gift certificate to an online grocery store, like the Gluten Free Mall, The Allergy Grocer or Gluten Solutions. Even Amazon now has a wide selection of gluten-free products to choose from.

Ask for a gluten-free menu

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Just in case I have any loyal fans out there (anyone? anyone?) who are wondering why I haven’t been writing as many posts as usual, it’s because I am extra busy at the moment.

I am doing a consulting job with a food distributor who is going to launch a gluten-free product catalog (and possibly dairy-free on my suggestion) for the restaurants who buy from them. Why are they doing this? Because restaurants are asking them for gluten-free products. Why are restaurants asking for them? Because customers are asking for them! So keep going to restaurants and asking for a gluten-free menu — even if you know that the restaurant doesn’t have one. Your voices are being heard!

And, if you are a manufacturer and think that your products would be good in the foodservice industry, please let me know via email:

Tell a friend!

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sflcardsmall.jpgIt always makes me happy when someone tells me that they gave out my website address to a person in need of help. So, to make it easier to tell a friend about my site, I created business cards that you can print yourself, cut and keep with you just in case someone starts talking to you about their ill health.

To print my cards, just click here to open a page of cards and then print from your computer. They will look fuzzy, but they print clearly. They are not exactly quality business cards, but it’s all I’ve had time to do for now!

Thanks for sharing my information about celiac disease, gluten intolerance and food allergies with others!


Your Stories

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yourstories.jpgNew to my website is a collection of Your Stories, experiences of diagnosis and recovery told first-hand by you!

I have heard a lot of amazing stories about people who were able to turn their health around with a change in diet. I think that these testimonials can be the most convincing evidence of how food can be the culprit in a host of health problems. Most of the stories I hear are about cutting out gluten, probably because that is what I talk and write about, but also because I think it results in the most dramatic changes.

A diagnosis of celiac disease, gluten intolerance or food sensitivities can occur at any age and in a variety of ways. I hope that you will consider sharing your story to help others in their diagnosis and recovery. If so, please email me at Let me know whether or not to use your real name. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to Sure Foods Living!

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Sure Foods Living is a website and blog dedicated to helping people who are living with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, and/or other food allergies or intolerances.

Some of our features include (or will include) diet guides, Ask the Doc, product reviews and information, news & research, personal anecdotes, recipes and more. Subscribe to the website so that you are updated when new information has been added, and email me with information, comments or ideas.

If you need to be sure about the foods you eat, welcome to Sure Foods Living!
Alison St. Sure

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