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About This Site

Welcome to Sure Foods Living!

IMG_7837My name is Alison St. Sure and I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002 (you can read about my whole celiac story). I also have a couple other food sensitivities. My 10 year old daughter is severely allergic to peanuts, nuts, eggs, lentils, shellfish and avocado. When she was younger she had an intolerance to dairy and soy, which we still limit today. My 8 year old daughter was tested for food allergies and has none. Both my daughters, my husband, my mother and father (a retired pediatrician) are all living 100% gluten-free, and other family members are living either gluten-free or dairy-free or both.

I started Sure Foods Living to help people who are living with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, and/or other food allergies or intolerances. I hope to educate and increase awareness about food sensitivities while maintaining a positive attitude (but I do cry sometimes!)

Thank you to the following people who helped inspire this site:


Lynn is my mom. The day I was diagnosed with celiac disease and went to the grocery store to find gluten-free food, I called my mom crying on the phone. She told me that she was going to go gluten-free with me, and she did that very day. We have been on this journey together since the beginning and that has made it so much easier. She never expected that the gluten-free diet would change her life as much as it did. She encourages me (and nudges me as only a mom can) to continue writing and speaking and making this website better. To find out how her life changed, read Lynn’s Story.


Lan-Ping was my colleague when I worked at a startup tech company (I never realized this tech stuff would come in so handy!) She was there during my agonizing months before my celiac diagnosis, and also during my recovery. She realized that her husband’s health problems might also be due to gluten… she was right. Lan-Ping became my partner in my first gluten-free venture, an online market called Sure Foods Market. She and her husband now are living gluten-free in Melbourne, Australia, where she says “gluten-free” is no big deal – they can find a big selection of gluten-free foods everywhere. She is happy that the spirit of the original website lives on with Sure Foods Living. To find out how she and her husband became gluten-free, read Lan-Ping’s story.


Leslie is my sister. She is a registered dietitian and the mother of three children. One of her sons is intolerant to dairy and she herself lives gluten-free because she believes it is preventative (given that her sister has celiac disease). Leslie lives in Berkeley, CA. She enjoys cooking and does an amazing job accommodating all food allergies. To find out how Leslie discovered her son’s dairy allergy, read Leslie’s story.

Disclaimer: I hope that I have been able to educate and increase awareness of food allergies and intolerances and celiac disease. Sure Foods Living does not intend to provide specific medical advice. Please consult your physician regarding your health.

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