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Consulting Services

Sure Foods Speaking and Consulting Services

If you or someone in your family has celiac disease, gluten/wheat intolerance, or food allergies, or if you are a professional who works with people on specific allergen-free diets, you will find my consulting services to be invaluable. Learning how to live with gluten intolerance or food allergies can be overwhelming and confusing, but I can help. I combine my years of living with celiac disease and having a child with multiple food allergies to create lessons that will help you, or your patients, quickly embark on a new diet with confidence. My philosophy is to take a positive outlook on the gluten-free or allergen-free diet, while addressing the difficult challenges they present. I am available for speaking engagements for students and professionals and for individual/family or restaurant consultation.

Call 415-785-4980 or email to sign up or find out more information.

“Living Gluten-Free” Lectures to Students or Professionals

Lectures to students or professionals are adapted for the audience, but typically include:

  • Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity Basics
  • Gluten-Free Ingredient Guide
  • Products and Labeling
  • How to Handle Challenging Social Situations
  • Where to Shop
  • Basic Gluten-Free Cooking Tips
  • Recommended Resources

Individual or Family Consultation

Individual or Family Consultation takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area and can be adapted to your needs, but a great way to start is with The Supermarket Tour, which includes:

  • Learning how to read labels
  • Looking for hidden ingredients
  • Finding the best tasting products available
  • Learning how to cook gluten-free or allergen-free

Gluten-Free Foodservice Consultation

Foodservice consultation typically includes:

  • Defining and Finding Gluten
  • Learning What it Means to be Gluten-Free
  • Identifying Gluten-Free Items on Menu
  • Adapting a Menu to be Gluten-Free
  • Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • Product Recommendations


“Living with celiac disease and/or counseling those with celiac disease need not be an overwhelming feat any longer, not as long as we have Alison St. Sure to help shed light on what’s in store for us. Speaking from her own real life situations, Alison was able to highlight the mysteries behind the diagnosis, what to eat, where to shop, and how to live with celiac sprue. Alison brings an enlightening perspective on all aspects of the disease. I now feel that much more comfortable and confident in knowing how to guide my patients and clients living with Celiac Sprue. Thank you Alison!” — Nicole, RD, CDE Outpatient Clinical Dietitian, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco

“Alison did a wonderful job of presenting valuable information about a largely undiagnosed disease for a group of health care providers. It was especially powerful to hear of her own experience of lifelong symptoms and difficulty in receiving accurate diagnosis. It is important for health care providers to understand the symptoms and the testing procedure in order to avoid ruling out a serious but very treatable disease.” — Cait, MS Clinical Health Educator, Kaiser Permanente, Department of Pediatrics, San Francisco

“Dear Alison, Thanks a lot for coming and giving so much important and useful information. Your speech is just so wonderful and fun.” — Charlene, Dietetics student at UC Berkeley

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us! You have such a positive attitude about celiac disease, and it was great to know that by being positive that you can live your life and have fun with it. It was inspiring and keep sharing your knowledge with other people.” — Eva, Dietetics student at UC Berkeley

“Alison graciously shared her knowledge of celiac disease with our group of dietitians [at the Bay Area Dietetics Association Conference]. She is a dynamic speaker who has a gift for translating the complicated world of celiac disease into usable knowledge for healthcare practitioners”. — Katie Clark, MPH, RD, Private Practice Dietitian in San Francisco and lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley (

“Alison’s supermarket tour was awesome. She helped us understand how to identify gluten-free products, and had a lot of suggestions about which brands are the best. Anyone beginning a GF diet in the Bay Area should take advantage of this valuable service.” — Monique & Dale, San Francisco

“Alison knows where all the dangers lurk at the supermarket. There isn’t a label she hasn’t read, a shred of gluten hiding where she can’t find it – and she’s both serious and hilarious about it. A tour with her is fun and an adventure – and most of all brings gluten out in the open where you can see it.” — Carol, San Francisco