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Quaker’s new cereal: “Take that, celiac!”

Posted on September 17th, 2007 by Alison Read 8 Comments - Add Your Own »

Okay, the Quaker Oats Company’s new hot cereal is not really called “Take that, celiac!” but it might as well be. Perhaps “Gluten-filled Gluten-y Hot Gluten” is a better name. The new cereal, which is really called Simple Harvest, is made from oats, wheat, barley and rye! Here is a graphic from their new website (created just for this cereal):


I mean, seriously, is Quaker trying to buck the gluten-free trend? Did they aim to create a cereal whose every ingredient is toxic to up to 12% of the population? Just when you think that people are starting to get it… oh well.

If you are looking for gluten-free hot cereals, here are my favorites:

Be sure to top with any combo of the following: maple syrup, brown sugar, honey, dried fruit (like raisins or cranberries), frozen fruit (like blueberries, which thaw when they hit the hot cereal), nuts, a little milk or milk substitute.

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  1. Gluten-filled gluten-y hot gluten! Made me laugh, anyway. But it’ll never sell, you know … ‘gluten’ just is a deeply unattractive word.

    I’ll have to look out for this cereal on the shelves here in the UK, just for the entertainment value. We won’t buy it, obviously – too much gluten.

  2. So, buckwheat… I had a health food store guy tell me that buckwheat IS distantly related and that there is research saying super sensitive GF folks should avoid. Any thoughts?

  3. I have never heard of celiacs needing to avoid buckwheat. It is in all the literature and advice that buckwheat is fine unless it is contaminated with wheat.

  4. like you said 12%- i have celiacs but come on why should they have to make it gluten-free. i even wrote my own cookbook and give it away. my next step is to make my own gluten-free granola bars.
    we can’t expect everyone to make all their products gf- there are people that are allergic to what celiacs are not. I know a child you can not have corn syrup- should everything not be made with corn syrup then. (maybe lol)
    I for one hate the new corn syrup commercial- my sister is a nurse and they study the effects of corn syrup and hfcs and they are bad for us. the commercial is misleading

  5. jen- also buckwheat is a fruit not a grain and it’s good for your heart and helps to lower choleserol and is high in protein and fiber. so not sure who told you that but they are mistaken

  6. I agree about these products on the shelves at the stores, I have just had to go Gluten free and have many food sensitivites, so when you shop you have to read , read read! The corn syrup is almost the worst!!! It is in everthing and it can really hurt me! Some of the commercials should be ban from TV they are very misleading.
    It has become a major job just to buy and prepare meals for myself and some days it is overwhelming!

  7. I have also been told to avoid buckwheat…

  8. Cream of Rice with 1 package of hot chocolate to make chocolately is my favorite hot cereal.