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My Starbucks Idea: gluten-free food

Posted on April 21st, 2008 by Alison Read 5 Comments - Add Your Own »

starbuckslogo.jpgYes, it was my idea that Starbucks should carry gluten-free foods… mine and a thousand other people’s!

I’m sure that every gluten-intolerant person has gone into a Starbucks and thought, “they should have gluten-free stuff here — they would get so much business!” Well, enough people wrote into the My Starbucks Idea website that the idea is now either “coming soon” or “under review” according to the latest post on the website on April 18.

You too can vote for the gluten-free food idea! And if peanuts are a concern, you can vote for the peanut-free food idea. If dairy or eggs are your problem, vote for the vegan food idea, and if you need to avoid it all, vote for the allergy-free baked goods idea.

Maybe soon we will be able to pick a muffin from the case, just like all the normal people! If you do see something gluten-free at a Starbucks near you, please report it here!

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  1. agh! this is great! But how could it have been *your* idea when it was *my* idea?


  2. Gluten free food would make Starbucks more appealing to a lot of gluten sensitive people who would love to be able to get a snack with their coffee.

  3. I live in London and the Starbucks around the corner from me does offer gluten free chocolate cake. It’s not always available, but at least they are trying! And several other coffee shops here offer gluten free baked goods as well.

  4. My Celiac daughter is a college student in Canada and her local Starbucks carries GF baked goods. I think the company would be amazed at the positive response here!

  5. Why is the U.S. so slow to catch up with this gluten-free stuff?? Argh!

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