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Celebrate freedom with an allergy-free BBQ!

Posted on July 1st, 2008 by Alison Read 8 Comments - Add Your Own »

The 4th of July is near. This makes me think of freedom… which makes me think of being allergy-free! Believe it or not, thinking of freedom from food allergies makes me joyous. Even though at times I feel a loss of freedom when I have to avoid gluten, or when my daughter can’t partake in the dessert being offered at a party, I prefer to think of the freedom from all the health problems we experienced before being allergy-free:

redstarsmall.jpgfor me, it means freedom from stomach pain, fatigue, leg cramps, asthma (and lots more)

starwhitesmall.jpgfor my husband, it means freedom from migraines (dating back to junior high), burning stomach, and acid reflux

starbluesmall.jpgfor my daughter, it means freedom from hives, rashes, a bad tummy and sudden tantrums

Now go celebrate your freedom with a good ol’ allergy-free barbecue! Here are some tips to make your summer BBQ a hit:


Barbecue sauces
If you like your meat saucy, just be sure to read labels for allergens — manufacturers are required to list the top 8 allergens in plain English on their labels (and Kraft brand will also list if there is barley, rye or oats for gluten-free people). My personal favorite barbecue sauces are

  • Daddy Sam’s (gluten-free and free of all top allergens) — spicy and delicious
  • Bone Suckin’ Sauce (gluten-free and free of all top allergens) — it’s got a sweetness along with a spiciness that is so good. Go ahead and buy some!

Gluten-free hamburger and hot dog buns
I can’t say I have found any pre-made buns that I think are very good (please enlighten me if you have). My favorite buns I have made out of Pamela’s Amazing Wheat-Free Bread Mix. If you have English Muffin rings, you can use those for hamburger buns. If you don’t, just use tin foil to make a ring to fill with the bread dough.

I made hot dog bun molds out of aluminum foil and they turned out great. My advice is to make them skinny — mine turned out a little too big. I followed the bread directions, filled my molds and let them rise. I sprinkled sesame seeds on before baking and baked until they were done (normally this bread takes 60 minutes, so I think I baked them for 30 or 40, but it depends on the size of the buns). The result was a soft, not crumbly, bread-y bun.

Side dishes
For a refreshing and unique side dish try making a quinoa salad – it’s easy, delicious, and nutritious! Check out a quinoa salad recipe.

Roasted potatoes are a satisfying gluten-free side dish that everyone loves.

Gluten-free cornbread or biscuits also make a great accompaniment to the meal. Here are some I recommend:

glutenfreeapplepiesmall.jpgDon’t forget the gluten-free apple pie!

Have a happy 4th!

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment! Your site is very helpful!

  2. Hi there – great tips!!!
    I was recently diagnosed with multiple food allergies, so finding your blog was a godsend!!
    I am combing the archives now, but do you have any suggestions for baking? I have tried several brands and they all have a funky smell and aftertaste.

    Keep up the good work!!
    Author, Domestically Challenged

  3. Glad you found me Melissa and Alana!

    You tried baking mixes that you didn’t like or baking flours or already baked products? I could certainly recommend something in each of these categories, and have throughout the blog. I will say to be careful when using bean flours as some people really taste a bittery beany-ness, while others aren’t so sensitive to the smell and aftertaste.

  4. Thanks for the reply!

    It was a prepackaged muffin mix – it was Namaste. It had great texture (not grainy), it just had a funny aroma to it. Maybe it was because I added blueberries, but I just couldn’t stomach it.

  5. Alana,
    I agree that sometimes Namaste mixes have a little bit of a funny smell and taste… I have wondered myself if it is arrowroot or something else that they use. But I will tell you that their chocolate cake and spice cake is sooooo good, so you should definitely give those a try! I also love their blondies (even though I sometimes get that funny smell/taste).

  6. I love this dairy-free, soy-free coleslaw recipe from Go Dairy-Free: I made it again this past weekend to go with my 4th BBQ, and it worked out great, as always.

  7. Thanks Sally,
    That website is great. I will have to try the recipe sometime at a family bbq — sounds like something everyone would like!

  8. Kinnikinik has great hotdog and hamburger buns. sold frozen at stop & shop. they also have pizza crust, breads, donuts and bagels. check it out. gluten free has never been so easy…..

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