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Dairy-free soy-free yogurt

Posted on October 29th, 2008 by Alison Read 24 Comments - Add Your Own »

Last year my sister Leslie wrote a post about Ricera, a rice-based yogurt that was the only dairy-free and soy-free yogurt available at that time. After a reader disagreed with her opinion that it was “good,” she wrote in the comment section “I must admit that my excitement at finding a soy-free yogurt probably tilted my review toward the positive.” My own allergic daughter really did like the yogurt, but my problem has been that it is hard to find. I definitely have to make a special trip to an out-of-the way market to find it.


My sister called the other day to tell me that she found a NEW dairy-free soy-free yogurt — made from cultured coconut milk! It is so creamy and delicious, anyone would want to eat it. Not only that, but it comes in 6 flavors: Blueberry, Passionate Mango, Plain, Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, and Vanilla.

Made by Turtle Mountain under the So Delicious brand, this yogurt is:

  • Dairy Free Lactose Free

  • Soy Free
  • Rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids
  • Excellent source of Vitamin B12 (vegetarian friendly)
  • Formulated for maximum calcium absorption
  • Contains Pre- and Probiotics for enhanced intestinal health
  • Cholesterol Free
  • No Trans Fats
  • Certified Vegan

Sound good? It is! My 4-year-old daughter is crazy about it. And I mean crazy — she gets wide-eyed, gasps and raises her arms in a V for victory when I offer it to her for a snack. And, it is available in Whole Foods. This really is a victory for moms of allergic kids!

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for posting this! I am crazy about coconut milk and have been looking for a good soy and dairy free yogurt alternative. I do live in a small town so I will probably have to drive a ways to find it, but this is sooo good to know about for people who are allergic to dairy and soy products.
    thanks so much,

  2. does anyone know if they make this in the UK. desperate to find something

  3. You are awesome! My son and myself are lactose intolerant and soy is really bad for males to have so he can’t have yogurt even though he loves it. Thank you so much!

  4. I live in Entiat WA. Where can I find this?

  5. Edna,
    If you live near a Whole Foods, try there. Call any natural foods stores in your area and see if they carry it or if they can get it for you. Good luck!

  6. Hallo,
    wish to buy none dairy, none soya yogurt! your site does not
    tell me where you are! also, do you sell, veg sausage!s
    Please advise!

    thanking you,
    marion belgin-penny(mrs)

  7. Is this Gluten free or do you know of any yogurt that is.

  8. Yes this is gluten-free!

  9. Do you know if they have this at central market?

  10. Wendi,
    Sorry – I don’t know Central Market.

  11. Pease tell me where I can find this dairy soy free yogurt I live in the Central valley, and I can not find this product at Saveway or Raley’s can you help my E-mail address is Thank you very much.
    terry Laffin

  12. Terry,
    Check natural foods stores in your area, or request it from Safeway or Raley’s. Sometimes they don’t realize there is a demand for a product until you ask!

  13. Edna,
    Fred Meyer carry’s the coconut yogurt

  14. Be careful,it’s a good idea but it contains carageenan which is used to induce ulcerative colitis in rats…We as humans should not ingest it. It also has many more ingredients than ricera does, which says to me it’s not very good for you. :-/ I’d look into all the ingredients in the product first

  15. i c’nt find any store in polokwane that provite dairy free yoghut please help where can i go

  16. please help me where in polokwane can i find dairy free youghut or which websites must i put an order

  17. Rebecca,
    I had to look up where Polokwane is — South Africa! I don’t know if dairy-free yogurt is available there. Sorry!

  18. I have Fructose Malabsorption along with lactose intolerance. Does anyone know if this is high in fructose? I have trouble finding foods I can tolerate.

  19. Hi, this product sounds great, I’d love to get some for my son he’ milk protein and soy intolerant. Is it available in the UK?

  20. My 5yr old g/son, Isaac, has bahaviour problems so we had him tested for 5 foods, soy and dairy came up. Then he was sick a lot and tummy pains so we took him off wheat and yeast and he seems a bit better. We need $600 to test for the other foods but in the meantime we are dealing with what we have. I need help for foods for him, especially yoghurt, bread and icecream. If you cant help me can you direct me to someone who can? I thank you for your help however it comes.

    Yours sincerely,
    ps: We live in Australia, I dont know where you are from.



  21. I want to second Jess. This product has a lot of weird additives in it and makes it a non choice for me. Have not found a healthy alternative to yogurt or milk on the market.


  22. Thanks for all your ever so helpful posts on dairy and soy free things, my 2 year old has allergies.. and this really has help us!!


  23. Your welcome Corene! I’m always on the lookout!

  24. I am looking for a protein free yoghurt please. Also looking for a protein free icecream as well. Would be grateful if anyone can assist me with this. I am in Victoria, Australia

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