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Glutino Pretzels new formula

Posted on December 30th, 2008 by Alison Read 6 Comments - Add Your Own »

I am happy to report that Glutino gluten-free pretzels no longer contain soy flour, which was a main ingredient before. There is still soy lecithin, but many soy-sensitive people do not need to avoid soy lecithin as it contains low levels of or no soy protein (check with your doctor).

Glutino pretzels come in many shapes: Sticks, Twists, Unsalted Twists and Sesame Rings. All are delicious!

The ingredients of the Pretzel Sticks and Twists are: corn starch, potato starch, palm oil, sugar, sea salt, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, sodium bicarbonate, yeast extract, sodium acid pyrophosphate, citric acid, sodium hydroxide. The Unsalted is without the salt and the Sesame is with sesame added.

Another gluten-free pretzel that is very good is Ener-G’s Wylde Pretzels, which also comes in salted, sesame and poppyseed flavors.

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  1. I recently discovered that eating too much corn causes my skin to break out on my hand, so I am now avoiding corn as well as gluten and dairy, etc.

    But I hope others can take advantage of these pretzels. Good thing is I’m not really a pretzel person. But I am really glad they eliminated the soy. It is not the health food people think it is and can become an allergen pretty easily if someone eats too much of it.
    thanks again,

  2. My kids are allergic to corn in all forms as well. Can’t potato or tapioca starch be used instead of corn starch. Most people who have a problem with gluten can’t have corn either so it baffles why product after product that is gluten free contains some form of corn. Very frusterating!!!

  3. I have celiac disease, and I love these pretzels so much! I have shared them with my non-celiac friends who also love them and couldn’t even tell they were gluten free! These are my favorite GF snack yet!

  4. Would you know if the Yeast Extract they use is similar to Autolyzed Yeast Extract which is the primary source for MSG?

  5. Jennifer,
    I don’t know whether the yeast extract they use is autolyzed yeast extract. Try calling the company.

  6. I just checked the “truth in labeling” website. “yeast extract” is another form of MSG. Yikes!

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