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Gluten-free sugar cookie mix giveaway

Posted on February 4th, 2009 by Alison Read 30 Comments - Add Your Own »

“Valentine’s Day is just around the corner” my 4 year old told me about 10 times yesterday! Well, she’s right as usual, so what better way to show my love for my readers than giving you the chance to win TWO gluten-free sugar cookie mixes so that you can make your own beautiful Valentine’s Day treats!


One of my favorite gluten-free mix companies is Laurel’s Sweet Treats in Tigard, Oregon. Laurel makes her mixes in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility. Laurel has offered to give away 2 Roll ‘Em Out Sugar Cookie mixes to one lucky reader of Sure Foods Living. The picture above shows cookies that I made with her mix – they were delicious!

All you have to do to win is make a comment that answers the following question: what is a gluten-free treat that you LOVE (or LIKE if you aren’t feeling so passionate)? I will start: I LOVE frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. OK, now your turn. I’m looking forward to what you all come up with!

I will randomly pick a winner from the comments and notify you via email. You have until 9 pm PST Thursday, February 5 to make a comment. Good luck!

Roll ‘Em Out Sugar Cookie details:
Gluten-free and dairy-free
Easy to mix and roll out!
Ingredients: sugar, white rice flour, sorghum flour, baking soda, baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate), vanilla powder (natural vanilla bean extractives, evaporated cane juice, silica, cellulose), xanthan gum.
You will need shortening (or butter) and eggs to make this mix.

If you don’t win, you can order the Roll ‘Em Out Sugar Cookie mix online from Laurel’s Sweet Treats.
Or, try Cause You’re Special’s Classic Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Mix.

UPDATE: Lisa, comment #6, is the winner of this giveaway, picked by the Random Number Generator. Congratulations!
Thanks everyone for your comments — it was great to hear about your favorite treats!

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  1. I love GF pancakes!

  2. My absolute favorite treat so far, as i have just started going gluten free, is GF granola (vanilla caramel flavor from nonuttin foods) mixed in to vanilla yogurt.

  3. I have recently come out of denial that I am gluten intolerant. I wanted to blame the rash, GI problems and malaise/mood changes on stress. After a short time off gluten all that has cleared up. The problem is I am just not much of a cook. I am a Registered Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit and there are food temptations around me all the time. i would love to try these cookies and bring them to work so I am not tempted to eat tainted food. I need to take care of myself and this intolerance.

  4. I love Shabtai Gourmet’s Ring Tings – I buy them for my two GF kids and I wind up eating them all!

  5. I LOVE gluten free homemade Butterfinger candy. Here are the ingredients:
    1 cup chunky peanut butter
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    2 cups granulated sugar
    1/2 cup water
    3/4 cup light corn syrup
    3/4 tsp baking soda
    3 cups crushed gluten free cornflakes or frosted flakes
    1 pound chocolate candy coating

    I am drooling over my keyboard…………..

  6. I love GF stain glass heart shape sugar cookies.
    Great treat for Valentine’s Day.

  7. Sensitive Baker Cinnamon Sugar donut holes. Just one satisfies the “gotta have sweet bread type junk food” craving.

  8. I love that us “celiacs” are able to get food that taste “real”, not like cardboard!!
    I would love to try these cookies even if I don’t win free ones. How do I get them?

  9. we love the Tropical Chex Mix recipe on the Chex website. We just substitute as needed, but thankfully, Chex are now GF, so that has been a nice addition!

  10. My fave all-time GF treat is Namaste’s chocolate cake mix. It is so moist, but not heavy. Top it with my homemade chocolate mint buttercream frosting and I’m in heaven!

  11. I love Picasso’s GF Pizza in Arizona…sadly I live in Pa or I’d be eatting there all the time!

  12. Heron Foods’ Gluten Free Muesli. Made in Ireland and sold in the EU. Friends and family bring it back for me and we keep hoping one of the US distributors will start carrying it. Not too sweet, very satisfying.

  13. I love GF pancakes, gnocchi, chebe rolls!

  14. I would love to make these cookies for my daughter who was diagnosed a year ago. They look delicious. Cookies have been a tough treat to substitute but we keep on plugging along with different varieties. Is it possible to order these cookies online? Thanks for your support.

  15. I love Kinnikinnick’s Vanilla Glazed Donuts! So sticky and sweet!

  16. I have only been gluten free for a short time,(I am loving how much better I feel) I am just thrilled to have found gluten free wraps and gluten free bread! Every time I eat a nice tomato and lettuce wrap, it feels so luxurious.

  17. I love the gluten-free brownies at Pizza Fusion!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dairy Queen has gluten free treats my favorite is the MooLatté

  19. I love gluten-free apple strudel from DaVinci’s Bakery and Cafe in Seattle. Unfortunately, I live in Montana, but I’ll be back this summer!

  20. I love Purely Decadent chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It’s soy based, so might not be for everyone. I’ve been known to devour one pint in a single sitting.

  21. I LOVE the gluten-free pizza they now serve at Steve’s Pizza! I’m not really supposed to have dairy but once in a while I just can’t resist having “real” pizza again!

  22. I love GF brownies made from Barefoot Contessa cookbook simply substituting Sylvan Farms flour and xantham gum for the flour. I also love Joseph cinnamon graham crackers and Cherry Brook Farms pancake and waffle mix for waffles!

  23. I love Kinnikinnick’s chocolate glazed donuts.

  24. My son, age 6, loves any kind of GF cookie…store bought, homemade, doesn’t matter. He loves them all!!

  25. I can do without the sweet stuff, it is a good piece of rye bread that I would love to have. Anyone know where you can get a gluten free loaf or mix?

  26. My favorite treats are: Reese’s peanut butter cups (thank heavens I’m not allergic to PB!) and The Gluten Free Pantry’s Spice Cake. I top the spice cake with my homemade vanilla frosting (powdered sugar, milk and Smart Balance) when the cake is still hot from the oven. YUM!

    Oh, and ice cream. Just about any flavor as long as it is GF. 🙂

    Dang, now I’m hungry.

  27. For everyone looking to order this mix, I updated the article to include ordering info at the end!

    Sylvan Border Farms makes a great dark bread mix. When you add caraway seeds as the package suggests, it tastes like rye! It is really good.

  28. mmmm. buckeye’s (PB chocolate treats-naturally GF). I cant wait for next christmas so I can gobble them up like there is no tomorrow!

  29. We love the Gluten Free Pantry’s Quick Mix because it substitutes for Bisquick. We can use all our old Bisquick Impossible Pie recipes that make their own crusts and enjoy savory dishes as well as desserts! Very versatile.

  30. I love Trade Joe’s GF Pancake mix, now I can have pancakes with my family on Sat. Ps. Add some GF dark chocolate chips and you have a sweet treat!!

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