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Dairy-free soy-free “butter” is here!

Posted on March 19th, 2009 by Alison Read 117 Comments - Add Your Own »

People often come to my website to read the article about dairy-free soy-free margarine. The bottom line was that palm shortening works well for baking and making frosting, but there wasn’t any dairy-free and soy-free spreadable butter or margarine — until now! I have very exciting news for the food allergy community…


Earth Balance, known for their dairy-free vegan butter substitutes, has created a soy-free version of their buttery spread. Yes, people, there is a dairy-free soy-free “butter” that can be spread on toast and used for baking!

Recognizing that soy is one of the top 8 allergens, Earth Balance took the soybean oil out for their Soy-Free Spread, using a natural oil blend of palm fruit oil, safflower, canola and olive oils. Rickard Werner, vice president and general manager of Earth Balance® states in a press release:

“We feel that there is a great demand for alternatives to traditional spreads that contain food allergens such as soy – one of the top eight most common food allergens according to the FDA*. At Earth Balance®, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and great tasting products for people who are vegan, suffer from food allergies or those simply seeking healthy alternatives. We feel confident that our new Soy Free Spread will be a hit with all.”

I’m pretty sure it will be a hit in my house. Thank you Earth Balance!

Here is what I am looking forward to:

  • Making a piece of gluten-free toast for my daughter with cinnamon, sugar and… “butter“!
  • Baking gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, egg-free cookies for my daughter with… “butter“!

Here is the full ingredient list of the Soy-Free Buttery Spread:

Expeller-pressed natural oil blend (palm fruit, canola, safflower and olive), water, contains less than 2% salt, sunflower lecithin, pea protein, natural flavor (derived from corn: no msg, no alcohol, no gluten), lactic acid (non-dairy source), naturally extracted annatto for color.

Whole Foods has picked up this product nationally! Can’t find it in a store near you? Request it!

UPDATE 3/30/09: Reader Chris has let me know in the comments that Earth Balance told him that the product will be coming out in May.

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  1. THIS IS SUCH GOOD NEWS!!! YAY!!! I can’t wait to see if my local store carries this!! Thanks for sharing, this is really wonderful news!!

  2. This is awsome! My family is new at eating allergy free (we are allergic to several different foods, and we thought butter was out. Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s on my shopping list for this week.

  3. Oh man, I’m soy happy!!! Even though my daughter’s back on soy, I’m happy for everyone else. Its really a big deal. We used to put imitation butter flavoring in vegetable shortening. It worked, but certainly this will be much better.

  4. This is a great step forward but more and more people are allergic to corn. We can’t use it because the natural flavors are derived from corn :(

  5. Thanks for the info. I am excited that this product is finally here!

  6. Okay, where did you get this??? I could not find it on the http://www.EarthBalanceNatural.com website and I called the stores that it distributes through in my area and nobody has or knows when they will get it. I love that you found it, now share your secret! 😀

  7. I haven’t actually had it in my hand yet. Earth Balance told me that Whole Foods can get it and they haven’t updated their website. I just got back from Whole Foods and requested it. They are going to see if they can get it tomorrow. I will let you know when I see it for real!

  8. I called Earth Balance (Smart Balance) and Joan told me it’s not coming out until May. Whole foods in Ann Arbor said, They can’t get it right now, and Didn’t know it even existed. If someone gets it please tell us what store. Thanks

  9. Why must there be pea protein in this spread? Why is there any protein in it at all? The thing that would make this spread absolutely PERFECT, would to be to get rid of the pea protein and corn derivitives. Imagine how many MORE people could use it!

  10. We contacted Earth Balance and they said it will be in Whole Foods Markets in early May. I can’t wait to try this product!! Finally… butter!!!

  11. i got really excited until the pea protein :( looks like applesauce in the cookies is a permanent fixture

  12. Well, peas (so far) aren’t a concern for me so Im very excited at a soy free and milk free ‘butter’. There has to be some kind of protein in butter to give it solidity and binding. Without a binder the oils and water will separate. Other than the palm oil (which is solid at room temperature) all the other ingredients are liquid. No protein added would leave it a greasy goo.

    Soy has always been a good alternative to casein because it has similar properties and mild flavor. I really can’t think of another vegetable besides beans/peas that would work for non-dairy applications. Peas are a lentil and not everyone allergic to or avoiding soy need omit it from their diet.

    Some people use Palm Oil by itself. However, this is really only for baking as it is very heavy and greasy. You would not want to use it for toast. I personally dont even like it for baking. I think it is highly indigestable. So, Im hoping the Earth Balance spread will only include a small amount.

  13. Excited! My son was tested for allergies because of severe asthma that continually put us in the hospital, turns out he’s allergic to MILK, EGGS, WHEAT, SOY, PEANUTS, DOGS, every type of GRASS except salt grass, every type of MOLD, HOUSE DUST, all types of TREES, mild to moderate allergy to COCONUT, ALMOND, HAZEL NUT, and severely allergic to Box Elder ( ? not sure until we see an allergist what this even is ) So at the age of 4 eliminating these foods is hard and we are on day 6 of allergen free foods, cant wait to add the butter to our food and his “special cabinant and special shelves in the fridge and freezer “

  14. I just found out I’m allergic to milk and soy at 27. It’s been really difficult finding products that are truly dairy-free and soy-free. With the really nasty cheeses I’ve tried so far, I was really skeptical about trying this butter. I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the taste. I kept toasting bread just to add the butter.

  15. Just want to let everyone know I found it at Whole Foods two days after I posted here. It tastes terrific, just like butter to me. I’ve only used it as a spread, but you tell by the texture that it will be excellent for baking and making faux ice cream. Very happy since I haven’t really had anything close to butter in a decade!

  16. So happy!!!!! My 3 year old is allergic to dairy and soy. I cant wait for him to try a piece of butter on toast!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My mom and I have recently been trying to stay away from soy. We both LOVED Earth Balance, so it was really hard to try to without it. We’re both SO HAPPY to see you’ve come out with such a thing! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  18. I have just discovered I am allergic to soy and dairy (at age 53) and I was excited to see this margarine, UNTIL I discovered the corn flavoring. I have been allergic to corn for over 10 years now. It was hard enough finding food without corn products in them, now I have to eliminate dairy and soy. This would be perfect if they removed the corn.

  19. I’m looking for a butter substitute to make my son’s first birthday cake. He has severe eczema and that leads to more than 10 types of food that he’s allergic to including milk, soy, and potato. I’m so trilled to find this product until I read the ingredients and found out that there’s “corn” in it. Unfortunately, it is the number one of his food allergy. I wish Earth Balance make another flavor without corn.

  20. Yahooo!!!! Finally someone made a spread. I look forward to trying it out in my baking.

  21. I was so excited until I read that they used pea protein. My son is allergic to soy, dairy, peas, peanuts and eggs. I can’t find a cheese anywhere and I can’t seem to find a butter substitute. It’s so dissappointing!

  22. Great to have a dairy-soy free margarine on the market, although as a mother of a 2 year old who is also allergic to peas (among many other things) I find the pea protein addition disappointing. In Australia (where I am from) there is a great margarine product called Nuttelex which contains (all from vegetable sources) Sunflower oil, Canola oil, vegetable oils, water, salt, emulsifiers (471, 322 sunflower lecithin), flavour, vitamins A, D2, E. Unfortunately this Aussie company has found it too expensive / difficult to break into the US market – but if they can make a product suitable for people with allergies (and they have been doing so for about 30 years) then why can’t one of the big US brands do the same!

  23. Hey I just bought the Earth Balance soy free spread for my son I got it in my favorite health food store in Berlin Ohio. My son is allergic to just about everything and this was a major blessing for my house. I made homemade bread for him last night and this morning he had it for the first time I got the biggest hug what a reward.

  24. I appreciate the news and may try getting a tub for my husband who is allergic to dairy and soy. I am somewhat concerned about the “pea protein” as my husband along with many others allergic to soy is also allergic to other members of the legume family (peas? limas, kidney beans)….so close.

  25. I am so happy to see that there is finally a milk free and soy free butter substitute!!!! My 11 month old is allergic to milk and soy and I am still nursing, so I can’t consume these either. I want so badly to bake him a cake for his 1st birthday next month, but was unable to find a frosting recipe that was soy free. I am going to Whole Foods tomorrow. I hope they have it.

  26. For everyone who said that they or their children can’t have pea protein either, you might try the palm shortening in your baking and frosting recipes.
    Read more here:
    Palm Shortening

  27. I have been allergic to milk and gluten for years. For baking, I use light olive oil or coconut milk to make pecan pie. For cakes, a combination of light olive oil and whipping up a mixture of an apple, banana, zucchini, 1/2 an avocado and some carrot juice in a blender makes a great mix with flour or a mix of rice and sorghum flours for us celiacs to create a moist cake.

  28. This stuff is heaven. I stock up on it an bake with it. Wish they had it in sticks.

  29. Pea Protein! Bummer! You have to wonder why they would even add this, as peas are a legume, and so many people are allergic to peanuts…Guess we’ll stick with the butter flavored shortening.

  30. I was so excited to finally find a soy free, dairy free margerine that I ran out to the store and bought some immediately. Well, I should have read the label more carefully – Pea Protein! If you’re allergic to soy, the odds are that you’re allergic to most legumes, including pea protein. I was a sick puppy for a couple of days. So it’s back to the drawing board for me.

  31. Thank you Thank you Thank you — our youngest has EE and prior to this product, could not have bread & “butter” This is so delicious, I can’t wait to try and bake with it!

  32. This is a really great and tasty product. My daughter loves it! My husband was using not even realizing it wasn’t the normal margarine he uses. If you’re in doubt regarding this product….don’t be. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!!

  33. I just found out that Ghee (clarified butter) is a great butter for all of us dairy, corn and soy intolerant people! It doesn’t contain the lactose or milk protein. The only down side of it is it’s cost, but it is very, very good!

  34. Ghee is made from milk and those who are highly sensitive to dairy protein will react to it, I know my son does. Anyhow, it’s a shame that Earth Balance uses pea protein as those who have peanut allergies react to pea protein 1/2 the time. And my son is allergic to sunflower seeds so he can’t have this.

  35. where is this product available…my grandson needs gluten free, casion free and soy free. they suspect a slight case of autism

  36. I’ve been suffering for half of my life with food allergies, and like everyone else on this page, was SOOO excited about this product! Unfortunately, like some of the others, the only problems are the pea protein and CORN! Thank you so much for the much needed effort, though…. I know lots of people can use this with joy (just not me! major bummer!) c’est la vie. IF you CAN figure out a way to maybe use garbanzo bean protein and some other way of flavoring, I will buy crates of it for LIFE!! Thanks for listening :)

  37. So sad to see corn on the ingredient list, my daughter is allergic to soy, wheat, corn, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, and milk that we’re aware of so far. I was so excited by the start of the article I emailed it to my husband right away and then had to follow up with “oops” because of the corn. :(

  38. I get this and love it! We use it to make a great grilled “cheese”

  39. Sounds great. Wish I wasn’t allergic to PEAS!

  40. Well, as a very dairy-,soy-, and corn-free person, I was told by my docs to avoid all legumes. So the pea protein in the Earth Balance Soy-Free margarine makes it a no-go for me.

  41. I use this product and this line all the time, and I have liked everything in the Earth Balance line, with the exception of the peanut butter. That I disliked, but their shortening and butter substitutes are terrific. As an added bonus, you can eat some without overdoing it. Nice flavor and consistency.

  42. My son is allergic to milk and soy, i found this at my super walmart

  43. Alison, I would like to say it is a pleasure reading all of your info on the products. I’m sensitive to so much and I’m hungry! Sometimes Going gluten free is the easy part and then the harder part is to then take away dairy, soy and corn.
    I appreciate all of the work you do in sharing your knowledge. I am grateful. God Bless.

  44. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for the nice comment! I agree — if it were only gluten, it would be a piece of cake (gf of course)! It’s the multiple sensitivities that are hard. I am hoping for the day my daughter outgrows her egg allergy. To be able to bake gluten-free WITH eggs! It will be so easy. :)

  45. I would like to know how could I buy this product since I live in Barcelona, Spain and I think this trademark only sells in US and Canada, but not in Europe. Do you think I could buy this product on line?

  46. Well known and respected board certified cardiologist Steven Sinatra MD warns that while canola and safflower oils are advertised as being trans fat free, when you heat them (as in baking and frying) they convert to trans fats. So I guess it would be OK to use Earth Balance soy free spread on toast, bagels etc. as long as you didn’t use it in baking. That is not a problem with olive oil but baking cakes with olive oil does not yield an entirely satisfactory result.

    Thanks for your web site. Those of us with multiple allergies need all the help we can get.

  47. Wow Selene,
    I have never heard this! I will look into it. Thanks.

  48. Yes, I agree, thrilled to find this without milk and soy, this works for my daughter, but I am allergic to peas??? Any chance another type is on the way to market without peas? I know it is impossible to “please” everyones issues. But I thought I would ask….beg!! Thank you!!!!!!

  49. Laurie,
    I have spoken with the company about taking the peas out of the recipe… they said they would try!

  50. Is it possible for the spread to be made corn-free and soy-free? Do you know of any spreads that are corn and soy-free?

  51. I too need a soy, wheat, and the big one CoRn free spread! Everytime we find one that just about fits the bill… Corn derivatives are everywhere… If a product doesn’t have one (soy) it has another (corn)… and vice versa!

    But I am happy that companies such as this one are trying their best to help!!

  52. Can you tell me if this soy free Earth Balance spread is available in Ontario, Canada yet? If not, will it be & when? What stores carry it? Can I order it online? Is it a margarine? I read that any margarine is very difficult for the kidneys to process, is this true? I am alergic to butter fat & soy, among other things. Before I found out about my allergies, I was using the Earth Balance organic buttery spreads. I didn’t realize injesting them where causing my headaches. When did this new soy free product come on the consumer market & is it organic? Thank you.

  53. I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes. Thank you so much for posting this! Being allergic to casein and soy I have been looking around for a very very long time for a butter I could use. I wish more companies would begin to cater to those with allergies. I guess it is just not as profitable to them. Congrats and many many applause to Earth Balance for taking a step in the right direction!

    As a side note: Furniture and car companies are now adding soy to their seat cushions because it is cheaper to process. I only found out about this when I went to try out some sofas and began to itch all over. When I asked what the cushions were made out of, they said soy (ugh!!!)

  54. So glad to find a milk and soy free butter because my 20month old daughter was diagnosed with a milk allergy about a yr ago and has now developed a soy allergy! Her school is very helpful with making sure she doesn’t eat anything she is allergic to but not being able to find butter she could consume made it very hard to feed her something different everyday of the week. Our local stores don’t carry this but I have requested it and they should receive some next week!
    Thanks to this page for letting me know I can request it instead of driving an hr to the metro to find it.

  55. This is a great tool for Thyroid Cancer Patients as well! Im in my second week of my low Iodine diet which restricts the use of iodized salt, dairy and soy products. I called the company and they did confirm the salt in the Earth Ballance and other lines they make is NOT Iodized nor is the equiptment used to make it cleaned with iodized cleaning products!! Good news ThyCa patients! Made my all scratch made diet much easier to stomach, no pun intended..lol

  56. I was so excited by this until, like others, I came to the corn in the ingredient list. I can tolerate small amounts of soy, so the other spread that does not have corn may be better for me. I avoid soy because it can suppress the thyroid and I had half removed and half to be careful about that.

    I would love to find a great dairy, gluten, Corn, and soy free alternative to butter and it looks like I’m not alone. Of course, I’m grateful for this company’s attempts to help those sensitive to certain foods.

  57. I just came across this website whilst looking for a dairy/soy free spread. I currently live in the UK and will be moving to America soon. Over here we have a great spread called PURE-made of sunflower oil water, veg oils, salt, emulsifier, vitamins E,A, D2 and B12. The texture is like real butter and my daughter loves the taste. Too bad it is not available in the states!

  58. Has anyone tried using this as a substitute for butter in a boxed cake mix? I made the new Betty Crocker gluten-free brownie and chocolate cake mix. I used Ener-G egg replacer equivalent measurement to substitute the eggs and did the same with Earth Balance soyfree butter substitute. Both the cake and the brownies came out super greasy. The cupcake papers were oily and the brownies were hard and greasy. I know I have a lot of variables with the no wheat, eggs, soy or milk situation, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with using this product to replace butter. Should it be 1 to 1?

  59. Earth Balance needs to come to the UK! Since I have moved here from the USA I can not fine a suitable replacement for my dairy allergy. All of the vegan spreads here taste like oil and add no flavor to cooking. Please come to the UK!!!

  60. My son is two and a half and was just diagnosed with allergies to milk, wheat, soy,and peanuts with more testing to come. I am shocked how many things he could not have but thankful that I found this butter and it relly does taste good. Now if I could find a free of everything cheese that taste and smelled okay.

  61. Melissa,
    Cheese is the hardest thing to replace!

  62. Thank you sooooo much! my daughter has dairy & egg allergies, but my son has serious allergies to all top eight so cooking -baking is so hard.. and I love earth balance butter already now I will just have to find this soy free version!! Thank you so much!!!

  63. Sarah,
    Request that your store bring it in — that’s what I had to do.

  64. Was very excited… Until I saw “Pea protein” and “derived from corn”. UGH!
    We can’t do any of the legumes, corn, soy or dairy.

  65. I am so excited that some company has come off the soy wagon and noticed their is a real need for products free of the 8 allergens . Between my families allergies i have to find foods without soy, milk, penuts,tree nuts, and no surgars. It has been a struggle to find allternatives to the main stream products. Reading the comments i am so glad i am not alone. Gluten free products have been great because most of them have no soy or milk in them either.
    Thank you for passing on the info!!!
    So Deliousious cocunt milk makes a great yogurt i found at whole foods soy and dairy free. trying to get it in the whole foods section at raleys.
    Have a great day and a pat on the back to us moms to have to make everything scratch for our families with allergies :-)

  66. Nicole i use canola oil in all my bakeing and it has not failed me yet . I use coconut milk in place of milk and my family loves it. I am going to try safeway version of coolwip for it dose not list soy in the ingrediants to make some jello salad for a change. I use the recipe for chocolate cake on hershey coco and my extended family loves my coconyt chocolate cake for they can not taste the coconut in it. hope this helps.
    Still not found a chese subsatute.
    Anyone know of a book of recipes that dose not use the 8 common allergies? Where is Rachel ray where you need her:-)

  67. we should all contact earth balance and ask them to take out the peas and corn from the spread the more the better, unite :-)

  68. THe Earth Balance Soy Free is very hard to find. i live in charlotte, nc and the only place i have found it at is Bloom. Trader Joes “supposedly” carries it but I’ve never seen it at any of my local stores.

  69. YEEESSSSS!!!!! butter i can finally have! i think, i havent had it yet and im sure with my luck im illergic to something else in it but im still excited :) i found it in middle town NY walmart

  70. Canola oil is one of the least healthy of all the oils. You might want to consider using coconut oil or creating some other spreads entirely. Butter has a wonderful flavor but canola is bad news and the other oils (except olive) shouldn’t be heated.


    I have multiple food sensitivities and have decided to just skip eating grains and other foods (legumes) that perpetuate a leaky gut in addition to including more foods that promote healing for my gut – such as homemade bone broths. :) Here’s an article about grains: http://nourishedkitchen.com/against-the-grain-10-reasons-to-give-up-grains/

    As far as spreads go – macadamia nut butter might work sometimes. Or a sugar-free organic fruit spread you might find at a farmer’s market or on Tropical Traditions (http://tinyurl.com/3sutvrt). Also, Tropical Traditions has some really cool stuff that are pure and great for people who need to pay attention to the food they’re eating.

    Zukay Live Foods makes nice dressings and dips too. Not a spread – but still good.

  71. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you! I haven’t had toast with butter for a long time. This will be great!

  72. Is there a store or website in the UK that stocks this? My son has recently ( he’s 3 now) been diagnosed as allergic to soya and Wheat on top of the already known dairy, egg and nuts allergies. This soy free butter means we can till bake his cakes etc and make sure that his diet does not make him totally moved away from a “normal” diet……

    Hope someone can help. Any ideas of Facebook or social network pages as would be really good to talk to people with same issues……..I will start one if there is not one yet.


  73. Hi Phil,
    I don’t know if they sell this in the UK, but I would email the company to find out!

  74. Well I emailed the company and they don’t have distribution rights in the UK yet! So , if anyone knows of any other companies to source then feel free to let me know.

    Hope you all have luck


  75. It still contains: sunflower, safflower, and corn ingredients = FAIL!

    I need something free of dairy, gluten, soy, corn, AND all oils that are insanely high in Omega 6…. it doesn’t exist yet. So, I’m still waiting… waiting… waiting for food manufacturer’s to smarten up and make food without harmful ingredients!

  76. It is so hard to find stores that carry this product. It took me months for my local raley’s to order it and then one tub cost me $6.00. The company site says trader joes carries it but the local trader joes can not order it. UGG,Has anyone else run into this problems? Makes me so made finally a product more people can use and it is so hard to find. It is so easy to find the crap we can not eat. Thank you for letting me vent :-)

  77. oops I ment to type Mad not made, lol.
    Thank you Allison giving us a site to share with each other . I felt so alone with my allergies no one in my families have them so It is so hard at Family events.
    My Poor family has to bring our own food all the time and I am always in the garbage looking at labels everyone forgets about. Just sucks! I have to admit somedays are better then others :-)

  78. Hi Alecia,
    I know your frustration. I know I have it easier than most because I live close to many grocery stores and can find the products I am looking for. I really feel for those who don’t — it would be so much harder.

  79. @starving2death – Me too! It seems that when a product is dairy-free it contains either soy or corn. And I was so hopeful about this one, too!

  80. Does have sulfites in it, Market basket has it.

  81. Unfortunately, it still contains corn.

  82. It is so hard to find products that are safe for those with multiple food allergies, so I feel for those with corn and pea allergies in addition to dairy and soy allergies.

    I can eat everything in this spread (finally!) — but I try to avoid things with Palm Oil in them. I believe palm oil has become the go-to oil for manufacturers who want to remove partially hydrogenated oils/trans fats from their labels. Yet, it’s not good for your body or for the earth. See the Rainforest Action Network’s info on palm oil production: http://ran.org/palm-oil

  83. I so hoped this was a genuine product that my daughter could use. But, Alas! I do hope you recognize that if you have an allergy to soy/peanuts, you have an allergy to pea’s and pea protein especially. All legumes in fact!

  84. Does anyone know of a Soy free, Dairy free, Corn free butter. We love the Soy free and Dairy free, but Corn is an issue too.

  85. I think the woman’s name was skye from Australia, I was surprised that you have had a product among you for 30 years and the us company’s are just starting to create something. Disapointing- and now the us company’s don’t stock it in every store just the crap. I am starting to be believe the comment our food supply is killing us. The perservatives that cause cancer,bad fats, addicting addivtives like Corn syrup(high fructose corn syrup can be labeled now as corn syurp),and everything you can not read on the label man made. Even Mcdonadls , I found on the web food lasting for months before dissolveing and molding. These big monolopy food companies.
    I can not find a allternative sunbutter not made in a facility without treenuts, soy, or peanuts. You kidding me , any one with allergies can tell you it can not be processed on the same equipment for it is not 100% clear.
    Ok thank you all for letting me vent.
    I started to use this product for my daycare and family and
    found more problems with the corn and pea protein. I am back useing a mixture of canola oil and olive oil made by a company Pompeian. I would love to buy cocunut oil like the woman suggested in the comments. Here in california the price for heathy foods is twice sometimes three times more then the regular foods. I can not afford to buy it. A Gallon of regular milk is $3.89 a half a gallon of lactaid milk is $4:19 one quart of Rice milk is $3.89 –I have 5 childrren on Lactaid milk, 3 children on Rice Milk, 2 children on Regular milk. I am a part of the food program of California I have to serve three cups of milk a day with each meal. Add it up – It is a crazy food bill.
    Any how I will stay posted to anyone who will have any ideas or websites with extra help navigateing the food supply :-).

  86. You have done well to get the dairy and soy out of your product! BUT! Pea protein! Peas are a legume. People, If you are allergic to peanuts, you are allergic to soy and visa-versa. If you are allergic to peanut and soy you are allergic to ALL legumes. Period!

  87. I am concerned about the kind of corn you are using because most corn is sprayed. It is the pesticides that cause havoc in our bodies. Also, most canola and safflower oils do not do well if used at high temperatures….they become toxic so I gather this product is not meant for cooking but there is no reference to this on your website. Please advise.

    Blessings, Tricia

  88. Tricia,
    You will have to contact the company. I do not make or sell the product.

  89. I was excited until I read that it contained safflower oil. That’s also and allergen. I guess butter/margarine is out for good for me. Bummer.

  90. Does anyone know of a dairy-free, gluten-free, CORN-FREE margarine?

  91. Waaah! I wish they would get rid of the corn ingredient then it would be perfect for my kiddo with wheat, corn, soy and peanut allergies :o(

  92. So excited about this! My cousin just turned 8 and has sadly never had cake. She is allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat, and soy. I’ll be going to the whole foods store to pick this up tomorrow so I can make her her very first cake! YAY!

  93. OK, everybody, I’m posting my EASY-TO-MAKE RECIPE for making BUTTERY SPREAD at home — NO CORN OR SOY. I DID use a very little bit of butter flavoring, and almond milk (but you could use anything, even water.) The butter flavoring hasn’t seemed to bother my husband, maybe because it’s basically butter oil without the milk solids.I am SOOOO excited to make this at home!! Now we can have “butter” on our baked potatoes :) And it’s PROBABLY cheaper than store bought, too! I order stuff from Azure Standard in the U.S.
    In a small glass mixing bowl, melt together:
    2 Tbsp. coconut oil
    2 Tbsp. Spectrum organic Shortening (palm oil)
    2 Tbsp. virgin olive oil, or rice bran oil (I use this)
    1 small pinch turmeric powder for color
    1 tsp. almond milk, unsweetened (can substitute other)
    1/8 or 1/4 tsp. salt (I like it saltier,like butter)
    1/8 tsp. butter flavor (Frontier does have canola oil,
    clarified butter oil, “natural flavor” & ethyl
    alcohol in it. Maybe there’s an organic butter
    flavoring somewhere, I haven’t looked)
    whisk until smooth & blended.
    Half fill a larger bowl with ice cubes or crushed ice. Place small bowl into ice bowl & keep whisking oil mixture until it cools & starts hardening up- 2 to 4 minutes. Keep refrigerated in lidded container. Makes about 1/2 cup.
    Please leave feedback on this & say how you like it!

  94. Canola oil is so unhealthy and unnatural; is there a healthy, organic, vegan, gluten-free butter replacement sold that doesn’t contain canola oil?

  95. Thanks for posting that, Kathy. The corn derivatives are a deal-breaker for the Earth Balance so I’ll give your recipe a try. Here in the Chicago area, the Olive Tap has olive oil with a natural (not infused) buttery flavor. I imagine using that in your recipe might make the “butter flavor” unnecessary :-)

  96. Scott, I’ve also re-made this recipe using more almond milk, since it’s cheaper than the oils, and also using ghee for buttery flavor instead of butter flavoring. It turned out just as well. So you can alter it as you wish.

  97. Hi, I’m dairy and soy intolerant. I live in Australia, I wonder if earth balance margarine is available in Australia? Thanks for your help and hope to hear from you soon. Cheers

  98. Stay away from Canola, folks….not good stuff! It’s not even a plant name. It originates from ‘Canada’, hence the Can-ola! Health sites warn staying away from this and almost all products use this as a cheap, imitation filler! I can’t stand how much our food is toyed with and without us knowing! The fact that it contains ‘corn’ derivatives leads me to also believe that it is a GMO product! Well hidden, again! No thanks, I’ll wait until someone comes up with a totally clean and natural product, free of artificial ingredients and GMOs. Those who are needing to stay away from these products shouldn’t be mislead.

  99. Jelena and Mary, try making your own! See my easy recipe on October 26, 2012 post. Then you can leave out canola or anything else you don’t want!

  100. I tried it…I loved it! It spreads, it melts, and it tastes so great!

  101. Corn is allergenic/problematic for a lot of people…keep looking.

  102. Sylvia – I’m so glad it worked for you. LS, did you see my recipe from October 2012? No corn involved!

  103. @Sylvia…no but I’ll check it out, never thought of making it, but when you can’t find what you want, and coconut spread makes your greens taste like, coconut flavored collard greens…I’ll try anything. The coconut spread is good if you’re into gluten free bread though.

  104. @Sylvia…BTW, thank you!

  105. Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread has soybean oil! I am so frustrated because I cannot find a buttery spread that is free of corn and soy. Any ideas?

  106. try making your own! See my easy recipe on October 26, 2012 post. Then you can leave out canola or anything else you don’t want!

  107. Thanks Alison, I’ll check that out for sure.

  108. Please!!!!! Can you find abutter substitude without dairy,soy,andpea protain ???

  109. does anyone know if you have sulfites allergies can we have this butter.

  110. I would like to add a downside to this product, which is that it includes GMO ingredients:


  111. I think this stuff tastes really good- normally I hate margarine. I wish they had it in sticks.

  112. Hello, I have just been put on a milk, egg, wheat and soya free diet. Do you sell to UK? Thanks, Nicola


    lecithin=egg yolk

  114. Niecie,
    Lecithin in this product is sunflower lecithin.

  115. We live in Ky.42701 My granddaughter needs this where can we buy ?

  116. It has the dreaded “pea protein” which my son can’t have. He can’t have soy or dairy as well so there is no product on the market he can use.

  117. WOW I am so happy these days after my daughter has been told she is allergic to Soy and Dairy products as well. I am from ChillIcothe, Ohio and sometimes it’s hard to find the right foods that don’t have these two in them. One thing I could not get over was how the peidiatrican here that took care of her did not see this when she was younger. She could NOT drink milk then so they put her on Soy formula then milk. Now she can’t have either one. She has a Epi Pen for emergency cases. “Talk about one mad mommy!” yes I was I can’t lie to you. But I can’t thank
    Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio enought they are the ones that found this and are treating her for it. They have me many things to avoid and where to find foods that don’t have these two in them. I also checked online and found this about things she loves to eat. Thank so much for this information!

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