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Ask the Doc: Are follow-up tests needed after being gluten-free?

Posted on March 17th, 2010 by Alison Read 1 Comment - Add Your Own »

questionmarkgreen1.jpg Q. What needs to be done or watched for once living gluten free, 4 years in my case, with nothing more than an occasionally accidental ingestion of some gluten?  Are there any tests that we should have, assuming everything else appears to be fine?

A. If you are well, then an occasional accidental gluten exposure is safe. Each individual has an unique reaction to gluten depending upon their genetics, the bacterial and viral environment of their gut,and many other factors.  To check for inadvertent gluten exposure, get an IgA anti tTG test.

Health and happiness,
Dr. Aron

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  1. My GP is adding some tests (every 2 years?) for anemia.

    Iron / TIBC to confirm the diet fixed that chronic problem. (20 years of unfixable anemia)
    B12 and Folate.
    Sodium and Potassium
    (I don’t know the exact list linked to gluten – I was tested for a whole set of other tests as well).

    I don’t know the exact meaning of those tests, but my GP simply concluded that the diet was indeed effective and well conducted and that my nutrient absorbsion was fine (which I agree is the ultimate goal even if the intestine might never completely heal).