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Jovial gluten-free pasta (Win Stuff Wednesday!)

Posted on March 30th, 2011 by Alison Read 30 Comments - Add Your Own »

There is a new gluten-free pasta on the market called Jovial.


Imported from Italy, the brown rice pasta is 100% organic, made from rice grown in Italy. I am so excited about this pasta! It not only tastes great, but it has a wonderful texture. It doesn’t get sticky or starchy or crumbly like other gluten-free pastas, and it truly has an al dente bite to it if you want it to.

Their website tells a great story:
“Jovial gluten free products were developed out of a heartfelt compassion for all of us who have had a food intolerance critically effect personal health and wellness. We believe eating gluten free should be pleasurable and not feel like a sacrifice. It is not that products formulated without gluten can’t taste great; it’s how relentless you are in developing them.”

From their packages:
“Jovial Brown Rice Pasta is as close to traditional pasta as possible because it’s made in Tuscany by master artisans who have been crafting pasta for over a century. It is pressed with bronze dies and dried at low temperatures for the most authentic flavor.”

jovial_brownrice_caserecceAllergen info:
“Jovial brown rice pasta is certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group at a level less than 10PPM. This product is made in a dedicated facility free of gluten, casein, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts, but may contain traces of soy.”

The pasta comes in five shapes: spaghetti, capellini, penne rigate, fusilli and caserecce (pictured at right). The biggest problem may be finding it, but I suspect that will change as more and more people demand this product — ask your natural foods store if they can get it. And be careful — Jovial also makes an einkorn pasta, which is NOT gluten-free. The brown rice pasta comes in green and white boxes.

win-stuff-wednesday1Want to win some gluten-free pasta? Leave a comment about which shape of Jovial pasta you would choose if you won and your favorite way to prepare or eat it — we can all inspire each other with some new ideas! You can even link to a recipe that you created or that you like. There will be SIX winners who will receive, courtesy of Jovial jovial-fig-cookiesFoods, a box of pasta and a bonus prize of a box of Jovial gluten-free Fig Fruit Filled Cookies. Contest ends Friday, April 1 at midnight PST.

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  1. I would have to say spaghetti slathered in pesto – yum!

  2. I would have either the fusilli or the caserecce, because it would be something different than our usual gf spaghetti and penne, and we would smother it in homemade spaghetti sauce with italian sausage. 🙂

  3. I would love to try the caserecce. I would just saute some some sweet onions and red peppers, and maybe add some cherry tomatoes, herbs, and a little olive oil and eat it like that. Simple but good!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Penne has always been my favorite, and I love spaghetti! Loads of onion and garlic are a must. 😀

  5. I would love to try the penne rigate. We’re just starting the gluten free diet (my mom was just diagnosed and my sister and I are awaiting testing). My kids are not thrilled about it, but they are warming up to it everyday. It would be nice to have a yummy pasta, with a good marinara sauce and some meatballs!

  6. fusili with fresh mozarella, pesto and cherry tomatoes

  7. Oh, that caserecce was always a favorite of mine before I went GF and I have yet to see it in a GF variety. I’d add lots of pesto and cherry tomatoes!

  8. I would have to make spaghetti with a bit of sauce and a sprinkle of shredded cheese…cause that is Miss Abigail’s favorite! 🙂

  9. Caserecce with brown butter and sage. mmmmm… it’s been a long time since I’ve had really good pasta.

  10. I would love the caserecce! I think it would make a great grown up mac and cheese!

  11. I would just enjoy the simple, but yummy, spaghetti. We enjoy a quick spaghetti and meatsauce supper with a slice of Udi’s sandwich bread and a little garlic salt….MMmmmm.

  12. I would have to say spaghetti. With them I would make what my kids call slurpy noodles. Basically it’s similar to Vietnamese bun noodles.

  13. I’ve never tried the caserecce, so I’d like to try that. I’d eat them with the tomato sauce we froze last summer, alon with some Italian sausage.

  14. I would definitely say the penne. I love when a little bit of the sauce get trapped inside. Then you get the nice bite of al dente pasta with a surprise inside 🙂

  15. I would love to see Fusili, dripping with 4 different kinds of cheese and baked to perfection. YUM! Those curly pasta shapes would grab that cheese and every bit would be amazing.

  16. I would like the fusilli. I make a recipe for mac & cheese in a skillet with tomatoes that is delicious.

  17. Fusili for sure. It goes with everything!

  18. I would get the penne pasta and make the Tomato and Olive Penne recipe from the Everyday Food – Great Food Fast cookbook. It is sooooo good! Penne, garlic, black olives, tomatoes, olive oil, parmesan…delicious!
    Those fig cookies look so good! I have missed my Fig Newtons since discovering I have celiac!

  19. We would like the spaghetti. Ever since our daughter was little we’ve had “Wednesday is Spaghetti Day”, following one of her favorite books. Now she’s grown up & we can’t always do it each week but, we have spaghetti as often as we can. She even chose it for her birthday meal.

  20. I would have the Penne. I love how the sauce fills the cylinder of pasta.

  21. As a newly diagnosed Celiac, I would love to try traditional spaghetti with a nice marinara sauce! Thanks for the info!

  22. First I would make the fusilli into a Fusilli Jerry:

    Then I would make some homemade alfredo sauce, and toss it with shrimp, broccoli, and red peppers! Lots of fresh parsley and cracked black pepper are a must 🙂

  23. I would love to try any, but the fusilli with crab, green olives, cheese, red pepper flakes, etc. sounds wonderful!

  24. I’d probably try the caserecce because I’ve never had it. There are so many ways to use it but with some fresh veggies, olive oil, spices and a little parmesan cheese would be yummy!

  25. A favorite of mine is tomato sauce, penne and ricotta cheese…after you drain the pasta add the ricotta and then top with sauce and parmasen cheese…yummy!

  26. I think the casereccde with a little olive oil, garlic, roasted asparagus and roasted organic chicken would be delicious!

  27. I would like the penne. My husband and I like “stab-able” pasta. His father and sister are both gluten free due to celiac and I am always looking for new receipes to try.

  28. Would love to try the caserecce with shrimp scampi. My family is new to this gluten free diet and a good pasta is one thing that is very hard to find.

  29. AND THE WINNERS ARE, chosen at random:
    Janis S. – the caserecce is great!
    Jennifer – love the mac n cheese idea
    Phyllis – good luck with the new diet – let me know what you think of the pasta
    Paula – try the caserecce for something new!
    cindy – your recipe sounds yummy!
    Anna – I was so glad your number came up because your Fusilli Jerry comment cracked me up!

  30. I would love to try the caserecce, with some garlic and olive oil, tossed with fresh mozzarella and halved grape tomatoes!

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