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Gluten-free fig cookies – new from Pamela’s! Enter to win!

Posted on March 4th, 2014 by Alison Read 150 Comments - Add Your Own »

Did you grow up eating Fig Newtons? I did. They are one of those nostalgic cookies for me, like Nutter Butters and Circus Animal Cookies. I never did look at the ingredients panel until recently, and… yuck. Besides the fact that Fig Newtons are gluten-ous, they also contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, soybean oil (GMO) and partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Not what I want to be putting in my body or my children’s bodies!

But I have exciting news! Pamela’s Products has created a gluten-free version of fig cookies that is better-tasting and healthier than the original. They are called Figgies & Jammies and come in four flavors: Blueberry & Fig, Mission Fig, Strawberry & Fig, and Raspberry & Fig. If you miss the taste of those good ol’ fig cookies because you are now gluten-free, or if you want better ingredients, you will be happy to have these.Pamela's Figgies & Jammies

I like these cookies much better than the original — they are soft and full of flavor. And, they have no corn syrup, no artificial flavors or additives, and no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. I tested them on my kids, who have never had a Fig Newton in their lives and think the concept of fig in a cookie is disgusting… and they loved them! They will make a great lunchbox or after-school treat.

They are not yet on store shelves, but will be soon. In the meantime, would you like to be one of the first to try them? Pamela’s has agreed to give away the new Figgies & Jammies to three of my lucky readers! All you have to do is make a comment on this post answering the following two questions:

  • What type of cookie was your childhood favorite?
  • Which TWO flavors of Figgies & Jammies would you like to win? (Yes, you will win two packages of cookies!)

Contest will remain open until March 12, 2014 at 5:00 PST (I extended it). You may add extra comments for extra chances to win, telling me you shared the contest on Facebook or Twitter. Three winners will be randomly selected and I will contact you via email. Good luck!

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  1. My favorite cookie was a nutter butter.
    The mission fig and strawberry fig look amazing

  2. My favorite kind of cookie was a tie between peanut butter and mexican wedding cakes. I would love to try the strawberry and the mission fig.

  3. As a child I guess I would say my favorite cookie was chocolate chip.

    I have Celiac Disease and miss all the cookies. Fig Newtons has always been a cookie in our house. My husband and grand children love Fig Newton and Strawberry Fig Newton. They eat them in front of me all the time. Would love to have some of my own. I would love to try the Mission Fig and Strawberry Fig. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  4. chocolate chip always! blueberry & mission!

  5. chocolate chip! mission & blueberry!

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  7. OH WOW! Fig Newtons were my favorite cookie pre-diagnosis! I miss them so!! I even attempted to make some once… once… I cant wait to try these, even if I don’t win, I’ll be getting some, but sure would love winning!!

  8. OOps, I would love the mission fig, and a blueberry fig if I win.

    Also, I shared to Facebook!

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  10. Growing up, I used to make Mexican Wedding Cookies. Those were my fav…Absolutely delicious! Now if I won, I would love Mission Fig (I LOVE figs!) and Raspberry & Fig. Thanks! Wish me luck!

  11. Homemade chocolate chip and soft sugar cakes were my childhood favorites. I think I would like to try mission and blueberry.

  12. I love cookies, period! Cannot pick a favorite, there are too many! Since needing to live GF/DF about 5 years ago, Pamela’s Products have been a mainstay, ever since my mom discovered the awesome & versatile pancake & baking mix, just by keeping an eye out for foods that I could eat & would enjoy. I’d love to win some blueberry & raspberry Figgies & Jammies!

  13. My favorite childhood cookie was chocolate chip cookies. I have always loved them.

    The 2 flavors I’d love to win are the Blueberry & Fig and the Raspberry & Fig. These look amazing! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  14. When I was little my grandfather use to make the best chocolate chip cookies. To this day they are still my favorite. After having to go gluten free I miss eating a lot of my favorite deserts. I would love to try the Strawberry fig and the Raspberry fig. They sound so yummy!

  15. My favorite cookie’s growing up are snicker-doodles and basic wafers. I wold love to try strawberry and blueberry. Thanks

  16. Fig Newtons were one of my favorites — and I liked coconut macaroons. I’m so glad that Pamela’s is adding gluten free fig cookies to it’s already awesome line up of products!! I would want Mission Fig and Raspberry Fig. Thanks so much for the good news!!

  17. My childhood favorites and even now are Pecan Sandies, wich I don’t remember when I had them. I would LOVE to win the mission fig and raspberry varieties!

    Thank you!

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  19. Shared on FB – as a young boy I never liked them – it wasn’t until my 20’s that the originals grew on me – loved them… too much perhaps… πŸ˜‰

  20. As a kid my favorite cookies were white chocolate macadamia nut and froZen fig newtons.. If I win I would like the mission fig and the blueberry fig variety… Yummy

  21. My favorite cookie when I was a kid was Nutter Butters because they were my dad’s.
    I would love to try the Blueberry & the Raspberry ones. Thanks!

  22. I shared on fb.

  23. Would love to try them all, even if it’s just one package and all the different kinds in one package! I am a true Pamela fan and love her brownie mix as well and her Biscottis too!!

  24. Pamela makes great products. I have been buying them for years, starting with her muffins at diet center years ago!

  25. My favorite cookies as a child were almond crescents. Mmm, the yummy memories.

    I’d love to try the Blueberry & Fig and Raspberry & Fig!

  26. Happily shared on Facebook

  27. My favorite fig-newton cookie when i was a child
    was the Strawberry & apricot flavors!!

    But since i found out about a yr & half ago when i was having
    problems with my tummy & suffering from severe Migrains i began
    Changing foods in my diet. I even contacted my Dr. & had several
    test done, including Celiacs Disease test. Turns out that i have a Sever Allergy to foods containing gluten/ “wheat flour” in them :'(. I am now on a 100% Gluten Free diet & it’s helped tremendously!!

    The two Flavors i would just Love to Win and try are your Strawberry&Fig and Raspberry&Fig!! Hope i Win & Thanks a Lot for this give-away.

  28. Actually snickerdoodle was my favorite…I would very much like to try the Blueberry Fig and the Mission Fig. Thank you !

  29. I loved vanilla wafers

    Love to win blueberry and strawberry

  30. My favorite childhood cookie was chocolate chip! (Chocoholic For Life!!) My grandmother, a type 2 diabetic, thought fig newtons were the best thing west of the Mississippi.
    These, I do feel confident in saying, will be at least a trillion times as good.
    I have put the Pamela’s Products at the top of my shopping list many times πŸ˜‰ Can’t think of any variation that has turned out with a single flaw.

    If selected please reserve strawberries & figs and mission fig πŸ™‚ Cannot WAIT until they hit stores!!

  31. My Favorite cookies as a child when we were allowed to have them. Was the little red box of animal crackers that we packed around pretending to be our purses . We weren’t allowed to eat the other grown up cookies those were reserved for dad As we pretended to be mommies and passing out rewards. wearing moms high heel shoes.
    If I was chosen to win I would chose Raspberry &Fig or Fig & Mission Fig. I hope i win . that would be awesome Thank you for having the contest.

  32. I love peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and snickerdooldles growing up, i would really like to try the blueberry and strawberry figgies, I miss soft cookies like that. πŸ™‚

  33. I loved loved loved Gingersnaps as a kid….and still do. Thank you for making a flour blend that make my baking taste as good as I remember it as a child.
    My selection are Raspberry and Fig, and Strawberry and Fig.
    I’m excited to see them in stores!

  34. Wow. A lady after my own heart…. Circus animal cookies, Nutter Butters and Pogen Ginger Snaps (they were rolled and cut in the shape of animals) definitely stand out in my mind as my very favorites.. I was JUST thinking I should try my hand at making a GF fig newton cookie because I loved those too (I really liked the apple ones also…Maybe Pamelas will consider adding another flavor) πŸ™‚ Id love to try ANY of those flavors and Id be a happy girl.

  35. I loved all of my mom’s homemade cookies, especially oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, ginger-molasses, and a snickerdoodle – type called Sand Tarts. Girl Scout Samoa were also a favorite. Would love to try the fig and fig & strawberry varieties! Sharing on Facebook too. πŸ™‚

  36. I actually used to buy a box of fig newtons and a box of nutter butters and eat both at the same time switching off. I didn’t realize that my bodys reaction of craving more and more was a result of a reaction.
    Ò€’Which TWO flavors of Figgies & Jammies would you like to win? strawberry and blueberry.
    I am so excited!

  37. My favorite childhood cookies were the frosted animal cookies with sprinkles on them. Have figured out how to do them GF for my kids. I would love the blueberry and strawberry!!

  38. My favorite cookie growing up were my grandma’s snicker doodles. She always had an ice cream pail in here freezer. I can bake these gluten free now!

    Of all the cookies I have missed the most since being gluten free, 10 years now, has been fig newtons. I just LOVE them. I can’t wait to try them all but am most excite for the Mission Fig and the Blueberries and Fig!

  39. My favorite childhood cookie was iced molasses.

    I would love to try the strawberry & fig and the raspberry & fig!

  40. My favorite store bought cookies when I was a kid was the iced animal cookies. I frequently shared them, (before I knew better),with my German Shepard dog. My favorite home-made cookies with my Grandmother’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I did like Fig Newton’s a lot too. I remember frequently having them in my lunch.
    I would love it if we won especially home much better Pamela’s is making them. Our daughter has Celiac & has never had Fig Newton’s up & would love to try them. I cook solely gluten free. We would like to try the Strawberry and Mission Fig.

  41. My favorite store bought cookies were Christie fudgeo’s and Pirate Peanut butter cookies, I also enjoyed turnovers and fig newtons too. Favorite homemade cookies were chocolate chip chewy cookies. Looking forward to trying Pamela’s fig newton cookies especially with better ingredients.

  42. My favorite childhood cookies were alway’s the Animal Cracker’s with the pink and white frosting on them! If I win, I would love to try the Blueberry & Fig, and the Strawberry & Fig cookies. Thank you so much!!

  43. I shared on Face book. πŸ™‚

  44. My favorites were definitely Oreos. Still miss ’em…

    I’d love to try Mission fig and Strawberry fig.

  45. Favorite childhood cookie was called a Jam Jam. Would love Mission fig And Raspberry fig !!!! Good luck everyone so excited to try these!!!!!!!

  46. My childhood favorite was a homemade chocolate chip cookie, thankfully making those gluten free isn’t hard.
    But oh my goodness we miss Fig Newtons in our house since going gluten free. I’d love to try the Mission Fig and Strawberry Fig.

  47. My favorite cookie was shortbread . Loved fig newtons as well..So glad you have made these . We just bought a pack of the Raspberry they were AMAZING ..the only problem is you just cant eat one !!!!! would love to try the others as well

  48. As a child Shortbread and Fig newtons were my favorite . Tried your Shortbread !!!Wonderful flavor
    Just tried the Raspberry AMAZING !!!!!
    Would love to try the others as well .
    The one problem is you can’t just eat one !!!! πŸ™‚

  49. Thank you for entering everyone! Comments to enter the contest are now closed. I will announce a winner tomorrow!

  50. Congratulations to the three winners chosen at random: Emily, Lauren S., and Karol! I will contact you via email to get your mailing address. -Alison