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Your Stories

A diagnosis of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or food allergies can occur at any age and in a variety of ways. Here are some stories readers have decided to share in hopes of helping others in their diagnosis and recovery. If you would like to share your experience (name optional), please email me at

Lynn – went gluten-free at age 60

Lan-Ping – she and her husband went gluten-free in their 40s

Leslie – her son is dairy-free

Lily – diagnosed with celiac disease at age 18 months

Ellen – diagnosed with celiac disease at age 50

Andrea & Josh – on a gluten-free diet

Kristin – on a dairy-free, gluten-free diet while breastfeeding her baby

Alan – diagnosed with celiac disease at age 78

Kurt – went on a gluten-free diet at age 37 (after 11 years of seeing doctors!)

Becky – took colicky baby off of dairy formula

Annie – diagnosed at age 28 with non-celiac gluten sensitivity after suffering from many symptoms