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Alan’s Story

– written by his wife, Mercedes

On St. Patricks day after dinner, Alan felt sick and we thought he was having heart attack as he has had 3 already and a quadruple bypass. 911 rushed him to the hospital and they had to give him 3 units of blood. He had been bleeding internally. When Alan was dismissed from the hospital, the emergency doctor said he should have an endoscopy and colonoscopy to find out why he was bleeding internally.

Alan had been to a gastro-enterologist 6 years ago because he was anemic and it seemed like he had a slight bleeding which the doctor thought was from small veins in the stomach. When we got home from the hospital I called Alan’s primary doctor to tell him what had happened and that we were going to go to the gastroenterologist, Dr. Frank Farrell [in San Francisco]. Dr. Farrell is a wonderful caring doctor that explains everything in detail so you can understand. He told us that Alan could have had Celiac disease for many years without being aware. He also said it mostly appears in persons with relatives from Northern Europe. Alan is from Scottish and English decent. Alan is also an insulin dependent diabetic since he was a child.

His antibody test result was 186 and am happy to say we have it down to 20. The doctor would like to see it down to 10. I am very strict with him and he is very cooperative. We miss going to restaurants. At our age that was our fun thing to do. Go to nice restaurants for cocktails and a yum yum dinner.