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Gluten-free donuts in 5 minutes

Posted on January 24th, 2012 by Alison Read 14 Comments - Add Your Own »

The other day I had a gluten-free donut emergency. There was a birthday in my daughter’s class and the kid brought donuts to share. I am always prepared for birthdays with cupcakes in the freezer and I can make a fast brownie, but donuts? That is not in my repertoire.

But then I remembered that my mom had just given my daughters a Babycakes Donut Maker. At the time I wasn’t that excited about another appliance in the house, but now I was ecstatic!  All I had to do was come up with a batter that was gluten-free and egg-free (daughter is allergic to eggs) and I would have mini donuts in about five minutes! I decided to use a pancake and waffle mix as the base and work from there. I always have The Cravings Place All Purpose Pancake and Waffle Mix on hand because it is a mix that does not call for eggs at all and somehow the waffles always defy gravity and come out fluffy. I sort of used their recipe (on their website) for Shortcake to make the donut batter. I can’t be certain I followed it exactly, because, like I said, it was a donut emergency and I was in a hurry! You can probably use any gluten-free batter with success.

When I brought the mini-donuts to school, I peeked in the donut box that held the “regular” donuts and to my pleasant surprise, there were donuts with vanilla icing and chocolate sprinkles, just like I had made! My daughter and another allergic girl in the class that I brought donuts for were very happy, and I have to admit that I felt like Super Mom that day!

Here is (approximately) how I made the gluten-free dairy-free egg-free donuts:



Cut the butter or shortening into the dry mix, using a pastry cutter or knives until the the butter or shortening is blended in, or resembles small pebbles. Add the sugar and water and mix until fully blended. Batter should be somewhat thick.

Take a ziplock bag and cut off one corner so there is 1/2 inch hole. Spoon the batter into the bag, and following the directions on the donut maker, squeeze the batter out of the bag into the donut rounds when the donut maker is ready (hot). Fill it pretty full (even though the directions say to fill each with two tablespoons, don’t bother measuring). The bottom side of the donut will brown more than the top, but if you turn the donut over before icing, no one will see the less-cooked side.

Let the donuts cool a little bit before icing them or the icing will melt down the sides. For a quick icing, I mixed a little Pamela’s Vanilla Frosting Mix with a little water until it was the consistency I wanted, but you can also just use powdered sugar and water or milk, and add some vanilla too if you like. It’s up to you how you want to ice them — you can dunk the whole thing to get a glaze all over, or ice the tops like I did. There are also several frosting recipes in the recipe booklet that comes with the donut maker.

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  1. You know, when I saw these in the store I could not imagine myself wanting one. You actually have me re-thinking that now. Crazy. What a good Mom.

  2. What are you talking about? You ARE a Super-Mom! So awesome!!

  3. I tried these and they taste awesome. You could also get more gluten free recipes suitable for diabetics or allergy sufferers from an ebook which can be accessed from Click Here!

  4. That’s an awesome recipe. They look wonderful!
    I, too, have an egg allergy. Thanks!
    Linda M.

  5. I giggled at these when I saw masses of them on sale over the holidays, but now I’m totally jealous! I could use a donut right now!

  6. hello–i have sooooooooo been there! i continue to believe unless you are the parent of a food allergic child–people just don’t get it! it would have only taken the parent of the donut birthday girl a minute to give you a heads up! i have been preparing last minute surprise treats for 13 years–my son is (anaphylactic to wheat). the fun never ends:) i love the way your donuts look–thank you for the tip!!!!

  7. I have been looking at the babycakes appliances but was hesitant to purchase one as I wasn’t sure if gluten free mixes would work the same in one…good to know they will!

  8. Have I told you lately how awesome you are? Let me say it again – YOU ARE SO AWESOME! My daughter could not stop talking about those yummy donuts. Thanks for sharing! We are so lucky to have you and your family in our school community. Thanks again for saving the day!

  9. This is great. I bought one for my Gluten-free cooking classes abut this is another wonderful use for them. You can use any gluten-free cupcake or muffin recipe it just might take longer to bake. I have used Zemas’ in a pinch–recipe
    on my blog
    website not up yet

  10. Hi Alison
    You are a marvel! Thanks so much for this recipe! My son is highly allergic to egg and dairy and I thought this was not possible, but you have marvellously demonstrated that it is! Would it be okay if I re-blog this?
    Best wishes

  11. Hi Charmaine,
    Blog away! Let me know how it works for you!

  12. Making these tonight for my son for school tomorrow. I did notice that your recipe says 1/4 cp. water which didn’t seem right and when I went to the website for the shortcake recipe it called for 1 1/4 cups of. Water and that seemed much better. These are delicious! He is going to be SO excited!

  13. I had no idea donuts could be so quick and easy! I’m gonna have to get me one of those machines 🙂

  14. Hiya, could you find some recipes that are egg-free, nut-free and wheat-free?

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